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Amumu Build Guide by Spacemn5piff

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spacemn5piff

All-Around Amumu Guide

Spacemn5piff Last updated on November 5, 2014
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So I am Spacemn5piff, a Silver III level player (i know i suck). Despite my low rank i consider myself quite knowledgeable when it comes to champions and building; I blame a lack of mechanical skill and the fact that I play at ~20 fps for my rank. But nonetheless, I feel I am quite qualified to write a guide on how to Amumu in the jungle ( then again where else would he be played :P ). So, let's get to it!

Please note that this IS my first Mobafire guide, so leave any ideas and constructive criticisms you have!
I play this game to have fun and encourage others to do so as well. This does not mean troll all the time and ESPECIALLY not in ranked. Your little revival of ap yi (god help us all) can wait untill you are playing a normals premade of ALL friends. Please don't ruin another player's experience by picking a bad time to play a troll build, there can only be one Solwolf.

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Let's Be Friends Forever

Amumu has been my main jungle pick for a while now, I fall back on him when i want a reliable tank that has decent early ganks and can mesh with almost ANY team composition.
Another reason I love amumu is his build flexibility. Unlike other AP-Based tanky junglers (sejuani, zac, malphite) The Sad Mummy has a massive array of effective build paths that allow him to thrive in several different roles.

Two roles stand out from the rest: APmumu, and the forever-freelo Tankmumu.
Both are rather self explanatory but i feel the need to say that APmumu is NOT Full-AP. He is still reasonably tanky, enough that he isn't shrugged off by an enemy AD Carry.

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Forever-Freelo you say?

Tankmumu is just fantastic midgame against heavily ad based comps ( he works against mixed and ap comps as well but Anti-AD is his thing ) for 3 reasons: Tantrum Passive, Quill Coat, and Sunfire Cape.
-Tantrum: Amumu passively takes a flat damage reduction from physical damage dealt by auto attacks, this reduction scales with levels put into tantrum ( sorry AD Carries ). As an added bonus, every time Mumu is hit with an auto attack ( be it from champion or minion or neutral creep ) his tantrum gets 1 second knocked off its Cooldown. this makes amumu exceptional at clearing.
-Quill Coat: What? Armor and health / mana sustain built into your CORE BUILD PATH!? Yes my friends, this item here is a goldmine for amumu as it makes him tanky, and gives him MASSIVE mana regen in the jungle meaning that even though you are an AP jungler, you can give blue to your midlaner (or whomever may require it) Oh yes, and the armor is nice for ganking those pesky Botlane AD Carries.
-Sunfire Cape: Oh the synergy! Amumu deals some pretty sexy AOE damage with his despair (which i think should be bound to q rather than w so he can ACTUALLY QQ on enemies) and his tantrum. so why not add more AOE and some sexy fire? health, armor, and more aoe damage make this item a must for amumu against early-midgame ad comps.

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So what do I build?

-Spirit of the Ancient Golem: This item gives Amumu wonderful sustain in the jungle, starting as soon as you buy its little brother, Quill Coat. When completed, this item gives you armor, health, CDR, and more health based off of your maximum health value. Oh and this thing is stupidly cheap, awesome value as an item.
-Mercury Treads: Back when Ancient Golem gave you tenacity, Amumu was a bit more beastly because you could stack Ninja Tabi with the flat reduction from tantrum. But now, these are your only source of tenacity as zephyr does not really fit this mummy's kit. Since you are diving into their whole team mid-lategame, tenacity is a must. (oh, and the Magic Resist is nice too)
- Sunfire Cape: MMMMmmmmmmmmmm this item is nice, perfect both in the jungle and in combat for Amumu. The health scales nicely with the % increase from Ancient Golem\, and the armor is always good.
- Banshee's Veil: Yes, Spirit Visage is a bit better as far as stats are concerned, but CDR is not as important on Amumu as it is on other champions. The reason I pick banshee's Veil as a primary MR item on Amumu is because people do NOT want you jumping into their team, so they will try to stop you. That spellshield from Banshee's can often save you from getting flayed our of your Bandage Toss and save the teamfight for your team. Also, the health regeneration passive is nice to have, it may not be very noticeable but it gives you TONS of health as you go into a fight and when you get away with 50 health, you can thank Banshee's Veil for regenerating that 50 health for you.

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APmumu? That's Crazy!

Now before you judge, hear me out. This is a much more situational build and is never to be fully comitted to at champion select (unless you are in a premade 5 and just want some laughs). This is purely a win more build path that i only head down if i have participated in at least 2 kills before my first back. The first back is a critical turning point in this build because now is where you decide between Spirit Stone and Quill Coat (hence Ancient Golem or Spectral Wraith). Both of these items provide amumu with enough sustain to clear the jungle without blue buff, so your mid will still love you. And even with this build you wont be one-shotting squishies, but if you catch an ADC at half health they can kiss their KDA goodbye cuz THEY DEAD.

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Oh boy, when can I buy a Rabadons!?

No Deathcap for this mummy.
For APmumu i go with:
-Spirit of the Spectral Wraith: This item is just good for AP junglers, it has sustain, and it scales up a bit more ap than it quotes in the stats, encouraging you to go burn those conservation stacks. Overall the ONLY choice for AP junglers.
-Ninja Tabi: Since you are not taking on the role of tank this game, and you dont have armor from the Ancient Golem, we can get ninja tabi. The damage reduction on auto attacks stack nicely with tantrum when you get on top of an AD Carry.
-Abyssal Scepter: Amumu may not have the best AP ratios on the rift, but he does have some nice % health damage with his W. So to maximize this damage, we get AP for us, and reduce the MR of nearby enemies, causing the % damage to amplify nicely. It is also nice to have some MR, as we will almost always encounter magic damage SOMEWHERE on the rift.
-Zhonyas Hourglass: There are many amazing things about this item. First is the Seekers Armguard: this item provides both AP and Armor, which will stack up with unit kills. Since this includes jungle creeps, you can stack this quite speedily. The armor is great as the enemy team should have at least one or two AD champions. Last, this active, the famed golden boy mode. This active can save you in so many situations, and your w keeps ticking when you go gold, which is nice.

At this point you should be doing a pretty respectable amount of damage. Personally i like to follow these items up with health, as we have none at this point, and resistances scale very well with health. Often times I will grab a warmogs armor for the 1k health, making my resistances that much more useful. Another nice item to couple this build with is a Liandry's Torment, because more % Damage cant really hurt, and magic penetration + health just does more of what we are already trying to do here. Don't just listen to me, after you have your core, get creative! If you are APmumu it is because you are already winning. Just DO NOT let me see you building a Rod of Ages at 50 minutes.

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Honestly, there are not many champions easier than Amumu is mechanically. To farm, turn on w and spam the hell out of e. That's it, all game. Be cautious of invades, especially by the likes of Jarvan IV, Lee Sin, Evelynn, and other aggressive early-gamers. This is a bigger issue when you go to get your first red than at any other point in the game. Just ask the sidelane closest to red for a 1:40 ward and ward it yourself when you arrive. By the time you come back around for second buffs, you should be tanky enough to survive untill mid and / or sidelane arrives to help (assuming they invade 2nd buff at all).

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Amumu is, again, not the most difficult jungler to gank with. His kit has a wonderfully long range stun engage, and at level 6 has great follow up; but he is best played with laners that have a good setup cc, like ryze, xerath, leona, varus etc. Ideally the laner can drop a cc on the target to allow you to walk up and dish out damage, then you can bandage q to them to keep them in range as they begin running.

Obviously not every gank is ideal, and your job gets much easier at level 6. Your ultimate can allow you to bandage toss into lane from the fog of war into an ultimate. Be cautious with this tactic however, and be wary of escapes or flashes before you ult. Good ganking judgement is really only gathered through experience, so just keep trying! Also remember, the more the enemy attacks you, the more tantrum procs you can get off!

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This part is short and sweet:
-Initiate the fight by bandage tossing straight to the midline, putting you in easy access range of their whole team for w and r.
-Cry on as many FOOLS as you can. If they don't want to be your friend, they are your enemy.
-Land as many unloving monsters in your ultimate as you can.

By hitting the midline, you can DPS almost everybody on their team, and it allow you to lock down their whole team with your ultimate. This allows your team to use their own judgement when deciding who to take out first.

Some examples of when ulting the frontline can be better than ulting the backline:
- Your katarina can now shunpo in and obliterate the backline without their alistar / leona / thresh getting in her way.

-your kogmaw can get off some dope AF snipes with living artillery

-your riven can chain up her cc off of your ult for maximum bronzeslaying effectiveness.

-literally your entire team can do their jobs better if all the enemies are standing still.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will not always be winning. At your own discretion, Curse of the Sad Mummy can be used to stop a fed enemy frontline from engaging on your team. Just keep in mind that you do not always have to fight.

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Okay so this guide is uglier than whatever is under Shaco's mask. But for what it's worth, i think there is some good information in here, and i would like to hear what you guys all think! This guide is equal parts meant to inform you, and to help me learn how to make better guides! I hope that as season 5 unfolds, I learn much more about the jungle and the rift as a whole, and while i may not rank up, maybe you guys will see my guides for what they contain, and not the qualifications of the creator.

I hope you guys learned a thing or two from how I play the Sad Mummy, and best of luck on the rift!