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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaozbrother

All Mid All Random / ARAM Guide

Chaozbrother Last updated on September 2, 2012
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***PLEASE READ!!!: This Guide is for the traditional ARAM on Summoner's Rift. I will create a new Guide for ARAM on the new Map, The Proving Grounds, soon. You can still use the tips from this guide, they are still useful.***

Welcome to my All Mid All Random Guide. This is a guide for All mid all random games (ARAM) and will not show you how to play a specific champion. It will show you the rules and some basic information about what is important to note when playing ARAMs.

In ARAM games you get a random champion and will play a 5vs5 on Summoner's Rift without leaving the midlane.

You can join an ARAM in the Custom Games section. Their names will be like "All random all mid" or "All mid all random lvl 30" or something.

I'm german so excuse me if my english is bad.

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The Rules

Here I will show you the rules. Some hosts have different rules but these are the usual rules.

* All mid and All random. (means everyone gets a random champ from the champs he owns and from the Free Champion Rotation and means never leave the mid lane to enter the jungle or go to sidelanes) *See map

* No returning to spawn unless killed.
-> Most hosts allow to go back (only heal. not buy) after your mid Inhibitor is down.

* No suicide (means executed). If you get executed accidently, don't buy any items. (At some few hosts this may be allowed)

* No leaving at champion select.

* No Promote.

* No Teleport.

* No Revive.

* No stack/snowball items. Means:
-> No Mejai's Soulstealer.
-> No Leviathan.
-> No Sword of the Occult.

* No Guardian Angel.

* No farming sides with ultimates etc.

* Only def Inhibitors at sidelanes.

* No killing of neutral creeps.

* No entering brush.

* No leaving the red zone (mid lane) *See map.

* No flaming or shaming, stay polite (like always).

* No leaving until game is fully finished (also like always).

* No attacking other buildings than mid buildings and Nexus buildings.

If you can't see the map, go here:

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Some Tips

Here I will tell you some tips for ARAMs.

* One of the best starting items is the Regrowth Pendant, since you can't go back for healing.

* Consider taking Heal and Clairity for Summoner Spells for the same reason.

* Consider getting Gold per 5 items (I know, they are called gold per 10, but gold per 5 sounds cooler :P) because you won't be able to farm much.

* Try to find out which enemy is good at dodging Skillshots and which one is bad at it and focus the ones who are bad.

* Play Master Yi on AP - without minions Your Alpha Strike will hit 4 of 5 enemy champs and if you kill one with Alpha Strike while your ulti is on, you can Alpha Strike again - You will often get a Pentakill.

* Care if the enemy has one or more champs with bouncing skills - you can't dodge them so try to stay away from your teammates when they use them (most dangerous: Fiddlesticks).

* Look at the damage your team and the enemy team deal - if you got Brand and your mates only got mages too, consider playing him AD. If the enemy has only AD chars, only buy Armor and forget about getting Magic Resistance.

* Since you are always vs. five enemies, buy at least one defensive HP item, Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Rod of Ages for AP and Frozen Mallet or Warmog's Armor for AD champions.

* A strong CC is often better than "Dealing tons of damage" - consider putting two instead of one points before level six into your CC's if they get stronger when upgraded.

* Don't worry if you get a melee champion - they are most times better than ranged champions when it comes to teamfights. Just play defensive and try to cs as much as possible and maybe buy one or two Gold per 5 items and you will carry them all.

* Building the recommended item build is often a good choice in ARAM because they give you a balanced build between tankyness and damage.

* If you want to buy The Bloodthirster as your first item with an AD ranged carry: Forget it. Only buy a Vampiric Scepter and then build an Infinity Edge as fast as possible. This gives you 2 times more damage than a The Bloodthirster would give you because since you can't farm much you won't get many stacks on your The Bloodthirster so the flat 80 bonus AD plus the 25% Critical Strike Chance of the Infinity Edge plus the 250% Critical Damage buff together with your Vampiric Scepter's 12% Lifesteal are way much better than the ~80 AD and the ~16% Lifesteal you can hold on your The Bloodthirster.

* If you get a team full of melee chars against a team with 2 AD ranged carries, 2 AP carries and one tank or support (healers are very strong in ARAMS) don't worry - if you don't feed them you will be stronger in the later game if you build a bit tanky.

* Don't waste too much Mana - even five Clairities can't give you all Mana back.

* If you and your team have the 50% heal debuff of the Heal Summoner Spell try to not use your Heal Summonner Spell before the debuff is gone. The debuff lasts 30 seconds.

* Consider getting Aura items, especially when you get a tank or support, such as Aegis of the Legion, Will of the Ancients or Abyssal Mask because they will always hit at least 4 players so they are much stronger than all other items.

* If you get a support champion and have at least 2 other Mana dependant champions in your team, buy a Mana Manipulator as your first item (you don't have to upgrade it).

* If someone from your team leaves: Don't worry. Your team will get a level advantage which means that you are in a superior position until you and your enemies have reached level 18. Try to play a little more offensive after being at least two levels above them so you win before level 18.

* Here are some ARAM shortcuts:
WotA = Will of the Ancients
MM = Mana Manipulator
GA = Guardian Angel (forbidden item)

* Care if the enemy has Blitzcrank - one Rocket Grab will put you into a 1 vs 5 and if one of them has a stun you're definitely dead.

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You maybe will notice that there are also some All mid Draft Mode games and some All bot all Random games. The first one is the same as ARAM, only with draft pick instead of random pick. The second one is on the Crystal Scar on the bot lane. I never played an All bot all random and don't know the rules but i think they will be similar.

All mid all Randoms are especially considerable to learn dodging Skillshots so maybe some Clans could make some ARAM training too. ;)

Also one of my mates (Tripzor) has made a Blacklist for EUW with people who were cheating, trolling, insulting or leaving at champion select. You can trust his list and you should kick the people from the list if they join your ARAM.
Here's the link:

Thanks to Turtality for the Banner. Check out his Shen guide here.

I hope you enjoyed my guide. If you have some tips for improvement, tell me.

I will update my guide when i think there is something to add.

If you liked this Guide, +1 it. If not give it -1 and tell me what is missing. After I added it you can give it +1.

This is the end of my guide - I hope it was satisfying.

And NEVER play Janna AP, right Aresia? ;)

Aresia0 (9:44): Janna AP ROX



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