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Malzahar Build Guide by Reptar_Gaming

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reptar_Gaming

All Your Malzahar Are Belong To Me!

Reptar_Gaming Last updated on January 23, 2013
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Solo-Mid Malzahar

Hey guys, This is a build on how to solo-mid with Malzahar! First thing about Malz is that he's farily squishy early-game so you're going to want to stay back a little and let your range do the work. Take your E; Malefic Visions, first and max it first. This will allow you to put up some decent poking and harassing. You're going to want to focus on magic resist first, as Malz doesn't have much starting off. Get the Force of Nature and then follow it up with the Warmog's Armour. Malzahar needs to have a lot of mana, as his abilities are best used in a combo. First cast Null Zone under your opposing champ. Second, cast Visions onto the champ. Third, use your Ult Nether Grasp (A.K.A., Laser Eyes of Death). Finally when they try to escape, lead them on and cast Call of the Void. Voidlings are very effective despite the hate they get. If you time your Visions and Nether Grasp right, then you can get a 'Ling out on Visions and have it nuke down the enemy while your Nether Grasp is doing it's work. If that doesn't finish them, then lead them with call of the void. Remember to follow the build but adapt to the situation when needed. This is just a compilation of info that I've gathered for Malzahar. Hope this build helps!