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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Gnar Build Guide by BlurryJon

AD Offtank [Always Updated] [TOP] The Top Lane Gov-gnar! [Bruiser | AD

AD Offtank [Always Updated] [TOP] The Top Lane Gov-gnar! [Bruiser | AD

Updated on September 16, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlurryJon Build Guide By BlurryJon 8 4 182,724 Views 25 Comments
8 4 182,724 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BlurryJon Gnar Build Guide By BlurryJon Updated on September 16, 2014
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Gnar
  • LoL Champion: Gnar
    The AD Rang-slinger (For Fun)
  • LoL Champion: Gnar
    Tank Gnar. Strong. Like bear.

Patches and Updates.

UPDATED: Wednesday, Augest 27, 2014. 5:30pm.

Patch 4.15 gives us all who loves Gnar some love with QoL fixes and some minor buffs.

Check out the whole patch here.

Summary of 4.15 Patch that affects Gnar:
Base Health Regen: 3HP PER 5 SECONDS ⇒ 5HP PER 5 SECONDS

Rage Gene:
Fixed a bug where Gnar wouldn't get his bonus health immediately on transforming.

Boomerang Throw:
Boomerang's return logic has been improved to better track Gnar.
MINIMUM SPEED 1000 ⇒ 1400
Boomerang's return particles have been improved!

Boulder Toss
Boulder now checks to see if any enemy champions are standing really close to Gnar's center point when he casts (and it now hits them)
Boulder now does its area-effect damage in a small radius on landing if it hits no enemies
BOULDER SPEED 2000 ⇒ 2100
Gnar can now pick up his thrown boulders off the ground after 0.5 seconds ⇒ 0.3 seconds

Fixed a bug where enemies could sometimes cast spells when Wallop's stun was overlapped with GNAR!'s stun

Now scales with 0.0 AP0.5 AP
Fixed a bug where GNAR!'s knockback ministun (not the wall stun) would sometimes be removed too early
Gnar now moves and perform actions after casting GNAR! in 0.5 ⇒ 0.4 seconds

Overall Summary:
What does this patch mean for Gnar really? As soon as I came home I jumped straight on and started patching, I played one game to test it out. This was my first game of the patch.

What i've learned from the patch is that Gnar feels so smooth (Like Butter.) to play now. His abilities flow really well. His Boomerang Throw is easier to catch, hit enemies easier, faster, and aren't wonky anymore. His Boulder Toss is easier to hit, detect enemies better, and won't miss if you're right on top of them. His ult, GNAR!, scales with AP to help out with a bit more dmg (Pls. No AP Gnarorino.) BEST OF ALL. IF YOU CHAIN COMBO THEM WITH TONS OF CC. THEY CAN'T ESCAPE. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. //cough cough //clears throat Anyways...We all knew how annoying it was when you hit them with 1 stun ability they can just flash away, NOT ANYMORE. Overall, these QoL fixes and buffs help Gnar become a better champion and much more viable pick. Try him out for yourselves! Good luck in the Field of Justice, summoners!
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Hey-lo there! Welcome to my Gnar-ly guide! This will be the first guide I ever made so please with me! My names Jon but I go by BlurryJon on the NA server. I've been playing League since Season 1 but was never interested in rank until now! BlurryJon is my 10th account! Enough about me lets talk about Gnar!
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The Learning Curve.

Gnar definitely has a BIG learning curve. I remember when I picked him up on his release date and I lost so hard during the first day. As I kept playing him over and over again he got easier. I got better at him and I started WINNING! He's a pretty unique character in the way he plays. He's pretty much all I play right now since the day he arrived in the store. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and lose games when you first pick him up. Some words I live off of a really good friend of mine,
"You can only get better!" - Johny Harakidas.
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Pros & Cons

+ Great early/mid game.
+ Mini Gnar has great mobility.
+ Once transformed, Mega Gnar gains HP, Armor, MR. Turning tides in battles.
+ Insane CC with both forms.
+ Great poking capabilities.
+ Insane burst with both forms if built DMG.
+ You're super adorable and have a dinosaur onsie.
+ Really fun.
- High Learning Curve.
- Easily kited when in Mega Gnar due to slow mobility.
- Mini Gnar is squishy.
- Mistakes = Death
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When Gnar's rage bar fills to 100 he transforms to Mega Gnar.
// This is your other half. Your initiate. Your tank. Always watch your rage bar. Mastering your rage bar and timing with auto attacks and abilities is what separates a bad Gnar and a good Gnar. Master the Rage and you'll make amazing plays and unlock Gnar's potential.

You throw your boomerang and it comes back. WOOOOOOW MUCH COMPLEX.
// This is a really long range ability that requires good positioning. Always use to farm and harass. Make sure when you throw the boomerang, STEP BACK (unless chasing), to catch it. That way you don't risk yourself putting yourself in a bad position. Easy free damage. It also slows the enemy so make sure to take advantage of their slowness.


// Since you're maxing this skill first you do not want to waste the skill with a super high cooldown. You do not wanna throw this boulder out and put yourself in a bad position. Make sure you're using your boulder when you're farming, close to an enemy, or trying to catch someone running away on low health.

Every third hit you do a % of the enemy's health.
// This is what I think to be Mini Gnar's bread and butter. Every time someone steps too close you wanna poke them down with your auto attacks. You always want to proc this for more major burst dmg. Since it deals % dmg a few procs = a dead anyone. Paired up with Boomerang Throw it's a deadly skill.


You slam the area with your head. WHO WHYDDA THUNK?!
// Since this stuns enemies. Anytime anyone is close use this ability to stun them, get free damage off with your auto attacks and spells.

You jump a certain distance or over someone.
// This is what you want to imitate any kind of conflict with. If it's a 1v1 where you can kill them hop on top of them and position yourself between their escape route and you. Since this also applies one of your Hyper marks it's especially good if you're 1v1ing someone. If you're about to turn into Mega Gnar jump on top of something and get into the fight!If you're stuck between a rock and a hard place jump over the wall, buff, minion, and champion.


You leap into an area doing AOE dmg and slowing enemies.
// This ability works if you're stuck behind a skinny wall. It's best used when theres a lot of enemies or stragglers trying to escape a team fight. Use this ability to catch up to them and slow them down for the kill.

You have an AOE swipe that knock everyone in a direction.
// AOE TONS OF DAMAGE. TONS OF STUNS. OP. GG. SURRENDER AT 20. NO RE. TYRANASARUS REKT. Okay seriously though, this is what either demolishes a team fight or turns the tide of fights if played out right. It'll only knock enemies aside if you don't throw em into a wall, BUUUUT IF YOU LAND THAT LEGENDARY GROUP WALL STUN. The team fight is basically won.
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Ability Sequencing

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Boomerang Throw is top priority because of its high poke, farming, chasing, and kiting potential. It can also proc Hyper which makes it even that much more essential to get first. Boulder Toss deals a lot of damage but be careful on where you throw it. One wrong move and its on cool-down for a LOOOOOONG TIME. It does tons of damage as well as slows so make sure YOU HIT THAT BOULDER!

Next is Hyper! Gnar's bread and butter. It does % of the enemies health on every 3rd proc with either autoattacking, using Boomerang Throw, and Hop. Wallop chunks people for a lot of damage and also stuns the enemies caught in the radius. Best used right after your Boulder Toss for tons of DMG and CC.

Lastly, we have Hop. It's your jump skill that allows you to either jump a certain distance or if used to jump on top of an entity(buffs, minions, champions, dragon/baron) in the game you will do a second jump in the direction you're facing. Best used in a 1v1 situation so you can position yourself behind or in front of the enemy while applying a mark. Also if your Rage Bar is 100% this is very useful as a initiation. Meaning that your Hop still works even in transformation but be careful cause the window that you can still use Hop during transformation is really low SO POSITION AND TIME YOURSELF CORRECTLY!

GNAR! is your ultimate and it's a given that your ult needs to be upgraded whenever you can! It's passive gives your Hyper a speed boost. While it's active, if used correctly, can stun all enemies that it hits by knocking them against a wall as well as give them a big chunk of damage.
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Why these items?

This item is the whole deal. AP, AD, CRIT CHANCE, HP, MANA, AND MOVEMENT SPEED! Plus the passive works wonders with all the damage you have with Infinity Edge!

This item is really great because it compliments both forms. Mega Gnar scales on health and attack dmg. While Regular Gnar relies on attack damage but the health boost makes him more tanky and he can last in fights/duels a lot longer. The longer you can stay in a fight means more Hypers you can pop for tons of damage. The passive is also really really really good for kiting as well as chasing. It's really funny when you kite/chase them and they can't do anything but get slowed to death, literally.

A passive that deals 8% of target's CURRENT HEALTH each auto attack with an active that steals 25% of their movement speed and 10% of their health?! That's a pretty solid items for chasing and dueling which Gnar excels in! Very useful for 1v1 dueling and when you need to chase someone down escaping from a team fight.

While Blade of the Ruined King is a good item for Gnar. I feel as though he doesn't need the lifesteal(because you have the 2 Doran's Blade and Bloodthirster later on.) or the passive with all the mobility he already has. Of course, I'm not saying it's a bad way of building him just not the way I think is best.

With all the damage you already have. Having 20% life steal along with it? Your sustain is amazing and unless you can't reach minions, buffs, or champions around you will hardly die.

Whats the point of having damage if you can't get any off heavy armor stacking tanks?
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

- Greater Mark of Armor Penetration -
Top laners are generally tanks. Be them AP or AD they'll still get a great amount of armor against you. Being able to bypass it with Armor Pen makes your auto attacks and other spells besides Wallop do a lot of damage. Since your Wallop scales of AP already they'll be taking AP damage as well as a lot of AD damage that'll actually hurt since you can bypass their armor.

- Greater Seal of Armor -
Usually Top Laners are AD. So the extra defense against them is always good!

- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist -
The reason for using Scaling instead of just pure magic resist is like mentioned above in the Seals of Armor, your top laners are usually AD. So you would want to build against them earlier and then the scaling magic resist will come in use during mid/late game when you start having team fights or gank for your APC and whatnot.

- Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage -
Same as mentioned for the Marks of Attack Damage. All around great for Gnar as it helps scale off every single one of his abilities 1:1 except Mini Gnar's Hyper which scales off AP 1:1.
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Great extra boost of mobility for when you're in those nitpick situations such as chasing for a kill and running away. Just in case your Hop/ Crunch is down flash is always around (or every 3 minutes)!

I really love this spell on Gnar. It gives him more dueling power and it's great for when you need to kill someone with a sliver of health left but you can't reach him and all your spells are on cool down. It's great on enemies that have healing abilties or a lot of life steal like Tryndamere, Dr. Mundo, Swain, and so on.

While a lot of people bag on me for using heal I think it's one of the best summoners for Gnar. There was so many countless times where it's saved me in a 1v1 either helped me kill them or helped me run away and survive. It grants movement speed in case you need to chase someone down and heal team mates.

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1v1 Sitation
Hop on top of them to position yourself in front of them and cut off their escape route. This should apply a mark. Try to Boomerang Throw at the same time you jump on to them so that way you catch it on your way over them, damaging and applying a 2nd mark. As you land Gnar will automatically throw another auto attack and applying a third mark and popping the Hyper. Congratulations you just popped your Hyper in half a second if you did it right. Don't forget you have your Phage or Frozen Mallet so they won't be getting away. Now just proceed to chase him down with Q and auto attack him to death. You just killed someone. Congratulations, you murderer! (:

Team Fights
Your job in team fights is to get your Rage bar to 100% and position yourself correctly and time it to the point in where if you Hop in you'll transform into Mega Gnar into the middle of enemy team. Make sure to focus the APC and ADC. If you do this, then you're in the position to IMMEDIATELY FIND A WALL AND ULT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN INTO THAT WALL. After using GNAR!, follow up with a Wallop, into a Crunch, and finally a Boulder Toss. Doing this combo allows you to stun them, slow them, by the time they get out of the first stun Crunch knocks em into another stun, and if they somehow escape with low health Boulder Toss to finish the job. If you get at least 3/5 people, your team won that fight. You'll transform back into Mini Gnar and with your new found speed and high mobility you can go and chase down the remainders. Don't forget about your Phage and Frozen Mallets' passives that help with the chase.

Same thing you do in Team Fights. Except on one person. If Rage isn't 100% when entering the lane you're ganking. Just do the 1v1 combo, it'll do the same job.


Early Game
In my opinion, this is where Gnar is really strong. You generally want to play safe from level 1-3. Just poke with Q and farm up. If they get to close you would auto attack them till Hyper pops. Then you just keep on farming farming farming. Till you go back and buy a Phage, Vision Ward, x3 Health Potion. Before walking in your lane make sure to pink ward the river bush on top. For some reason people forget to clear the ward sometimes. Also, spending 25g extra for a pink ward is better because if they clear it, it's fine you back up and farm. I'd rather lose 30g than risk giving them 300g for my death. From then on you would want to be aggressive in lane and poke hard. This time if they come in too close you would Hop onto them, throw your Boomerang Throw and start whaling on him/her with auto attacks until they die. Repeat this and farm up until you can get your Trinity Force.

Mid Game
After you get your Trinity Force. This is where I would think starts Mid Game for a Gnar. You should have around 115 AD and you will start to hurt. Just keep pushing out top and farming up. If your lanes are pushed out, your team mate needs ganks, or your team wants to team fight, this is a golden opportunity to help them out. Just poke from far away until your Rage builds up and then when it's 100% you go if the team already haven't. Farm and push objectives. You should start trying to get Frozen Mallet and start building tanky.

Late Game
Now you should be doing well over enough to kill them with just your auto attacks. If their team is more AD than AP. Build Armor. If their team is more AP than AD build magic resist. If it's equally both, build one armor and one MR defense item. You should be able to burst down just about anyone. So get barons, dragons, towers, buffs and push hard for objectives.

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Match History

Win or lose. This guide works. (Games played on Patch 4.16)

Feel free to try out any of my builds and show me how well you guys did! I'll put em up on here for everyone to see!

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Thank you!

Thank you everyone who has taken his/her time out of their day to read out my guide. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate everyone one of you who read my looooooooong guide. Special thanks to those who helped me.

Omi, for helping me advertise and being an awesome possum!
Kristien, for keeping me company and helping me proof read!
James, for tips on runes!

Thank you everyone. I hope this guide helped/taught you play how to play Gnar better than you did coming in.
Sincerely, Jon. (BlurryJon)

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlurryJon
BlurryJon Gnar Guide
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[Always Updated] [TOP] The Top Lane Gov-gnar! [Bruiser | AD

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