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Amumu Build Guide by AwokenDreamer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AwokenDreamer

Amumu: Dominion MVP

AwokenDreamer Last updated on April 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright, so this is my first guide I've posted on here. It might be a bit lacking, but I plan to keep adding things as I see fit. Any suggestions would be gladly accepted.

Now, first and foremost, you need to know that Amumu has the potential to absolutely wreck on Dominion. That said, if you can't land his bandage toss with exceptional accuracy, then I suggest you find a different champ. Your job is to land your stun in order to save teammates or to chase down other people until a teammate can come and dish some burst damage (the one thing Amumu kind of lacks).

Also, recognize that you can sit in the middle of a fight for quite awhile and be dishing out loads and loads of AoE damage without the other team really taking notice until it's too late. By mid-late game your AoE damage will allow you to 1v1 shockingly easily; assuming you've built him according to the situation of course.

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Pretty basic. You want the CDR and magic pen in the red column to help out your overall damage output. The other 21 points go in defense column to add to your tankiness and survivability.

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This ends up giving you 25 armor and 22 MR to start the game off with and carry you for awhile while you rush RoA so that you have some health to back up your fairly high armor and MR. Because Amumu is kind of a squishy tank I feel these runes are vital.

Movement speed quints would be an acceptable alternative if you really find speed to be an issue, but it's not an issue I encounter.

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Skill Sequence

I get two levels of Tantrum and one level of Bandage Toss when the game first starts off. After this I max out Tantrum first because this is really your bread and butter move for the game. The lower the cooldown and the more damage you do from it, the better.

When Tantrum is not available to level up, I focus on Despair since it is constant AoE damage that constantly whittles down the surrounding enemies' health. People seem to under-estimate the amount of damage this does to them while they are standing their auto-attacking and not doing much damage to you, plus each hit makes it so Tantrum is up sooner.

Obviously level up your incredible ulti, Curse of the Sad Mummy , whenever it is available to rank up. Awesome AoE damage and a nice snare too. What's not to like?

I choose to not focus on Bandage Toss because I don't really on it for most of my damage. It's a utilitarian spell in my opinion. It has a great AP ratio and decent base damage, but more than anything the stun is what makes it so valuable and you only need one rank of it to get that effect.

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Summoner Spells

I get Flash and Ghost for maximum mobility which is vital on Dominion.

Heal would probably be a decent summoner spell also, but I find mobility more important.
Both Exhaust and Ignite would be fine too, but again, it's all about mobility for me.

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This is really your core build each and every game. Start with the catalyst because on Dominion you are constantly gaining XP, which of course causes you to level. Upon leveling you get health and mana back, thus allowing you stay out on the map much longer than you otherwise would be able to. Also, combined with the runes I recommend, you will most likely be the beefiest champ in the game at the start.

Next comes Rod of Ages (RoA from here on out). You still get the passive health and mana regen upon leveling, so it's fantastic. Much more importantly though, it starts stacking health, mana, and AP--everything Amumu needs since the runes are still providing adequate armor and MR. Since Dominion is a fairly short game I rush this item even before boots (a pretty unique strategy on this game mode) because I want max stacks (10 minutes) as soon as possible. (Note: grabbing basic boots may be worth it if you have to go back or die before you have enough gold for RoA.)

Next comes Boots of Swiftness. Amumu is kind of a slow moving champ, and because so much of your damage depends on them being in your pool, you need to be close to the enemy. Same goes for your AoE move: Tantrum. Plus, if you plan on being a key player, you need to be where the action is at.

Lastly, we build a Sunfire Cape. This item adds some armor, which is probably needed at this point in the match and since AD is VERY common in Dominion, this item will always be viable. In addition you'll be gaining even more health and adding to your already beastly AoE damage.

Situational Items

After those three items, odds are pretty good you'll need some MR. If you find that you're doing pretty good score-wise, then I'd recommend going Abyssal Scepter. It'll really help out your damage out-put and add to your beefiness. Also, if you notice the other team's tanky champs building MR, then definitely get this item.

If you seem to be dying a lot (and they have an AP heavy team of course) then I'd recommend Force of Nature (FoN). Tons of MR should really help you out. Plus the movement speed boost will help you get away more easily and the passive of FoN will help you maintain your health while out and about.

And if the team your facing has lots of AP damage, then build both items. You will royally screw them.

If the other team is AD focused (Vayne, Yi, etc) then I cannot stress how important Thornmail is. When coupled with Despair and Tantrum, you'll amazed at how fast these squishy AD die--practically committing suicide since you have so much health at this point).

Zhonya's Hourglass is potentially another excellent item, although I must admit I have never built it on Amumu in Dominion. Why? Honestly, it's because I can never remember to activate an item's active effect. If you can remember, then this item can really be great. Armor, a nice AP boost, and an active that makes you invincible for 2 seconds. It really can be an awesome item in the build--just have to be someone who can remember to use it. And really, if their AD is really wrecking your day, then the armor from Thornmail may be better.

Odds are that you'll end up building your next two items out of the four I listed above, putting us at 5/6 item slots. Your damage is good enough, that you'll realize by being more survivable and being able to continuously dish out that AoE damage for longer, it's likebuilding more AP.

End Game Items

Now, these next items don't necessarily have to be built last. If you find yourself being plenty survivable, then I'd suggest building on of these items as your fourth or fifth item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is an absolutely incredible item on Amumu. It adds a nice chunk of health to your HP bar, it adds a considerable amount of AP, and it slows 35% of your bandage toss and 15% off of everything else. I tend to build this when people keep coming close to death, but manage to get away. Rylai's = no escape. It's just a wondrous item. I usually make this my 4th or 5th item.

Rabadon's Deathcap definitely has a place in this guide. It'll make everything hit super hard, especially if you already have RoA and Rylai's. Your bandage toss will hit like a truck, as will your ult. And your two AoE moves will be very effective. I just find that the other team notices how much damage this more AP focused Amumu does, and thus try to take you down more often--something easy to do due to lack of armor and MR with this build route. Still viable though; I just prefer a tankier build.

Deathfire Grasp makes Amumu capable of burst if you feel you need it (odds are you're playing the wrong champ if you feel the need for burst, but in some situations I'll concede that this item is viable). The cooldown is nice, the AP is by no means a small amount, but not as much as other items, and once every minute you get to instantly take away about 1/3 of an enemy's health. Again, you need to remember to active it which I'm not good at doing. Overall, I just find other items to be more worth the space.

Items To Not Build

Guardian's: Dominion is a short game mode. You might get two procs of this item, and once you revive you'll get focused down all over again. Just not worth it.

Randuin's/Warden's/Frozen Heart: They may seem good. They're not. Trust me. You don't want to decrease an enemy's attack speed because it'll make the CD on Tantrum longer. The more you can spam Tantrum , the better.

Archangel's: You have plenty of mana regen due to playing a Dominion game. So you don't really need more base mana, especially with RoA. Also, you don't really spam moves enough to get it stacked. Better items can be built for a heavily AP focused Amumu.