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Amumu Build Guide by TheAnythinger

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAnythinger

Amumu: Tickled Pink

TheAnythinger Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Welcome to my build/guide for Tank Amumu. I've named this guide "Amumu: Tickled Pink" because the phrase "Tickled Pink" means to be delighted and from my experience with this build I created mimics that result flawlessly. Now I don't expect this to be the best build or guide for Amumu out there, I don't even expect the guide part to be all that long or all that in-depth, all I know is the build order, runes, and masteries I use always call for a good game when a pro is behind the wheel.

Throughout this guide I'll go over some of the more important items even though the most important ones should be pretty blatant. I'll talk about the Skill Order and how it may differ from other Amumu tank builds. Also I'll talk about how to lane and who are some good lane partners, and maybe some pros and cons.

Lets Get It Started

PS: You might see the "Items" section differ a tiny bit from the above item build.

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Alright, to explain the items I'm going to go in a level 1-18 bases and set this chapter up that way so you know where you should be at.

Level 1: Faerie Charm Health Potionx4 Mana Potionx2 Sight Ward

Level 2: You should be laning with a possible ranged dps/carry like Ashe or Miss Fortune

Level 3: You should still be laning with possible First Blood.

Level 4: I still like to stay in lane at this point with somewhere around 1.2k gold at this time.

Level 5: This is where my friends would go back, because I asked them to try it out.

Level 6: With just under 2k gold, this is where I go back buying Philosopher's Stone and Boots of Speed

Level 7: At this time in the game the laning phase should be over and ganking should be taking a larger role. And as Amumu its your royal duty to make sure ganks go off without a hitch.

Level 8: Still ganking I found my average assists and kills to be 5 assists with 1 kill (The stats were taken from 5 games.)

Level 9: I like to go back here if I haven't already to pick up my Mercury's Treads a few more Health potions and a Sight Ward or two.

Level 10: Just hit the double digits congrats

Level 11: Level two ultimate, you know what that means, better and faster ganks and team-fights.

Level 12: I go back here as well if I can and pick up my Kindlegem and Regrowth Pendant the total cost of both is 1235, I usually just go back when I get that amount of gold.

Level 13: At this point in the game people might start raging, thus it being your team or theirs you know if your doing the build right.

Level 14: Saving

Level 15: Saving

Level 16: Buying a Force of Nature

Level 17: Now your ultimate is maxed, you should have a high level or maxed level of Bandage Toss, so go destroy with your team.

Level 18: At this point you just want to save and continue the build but, your game shouldn't last this long anyway.

I hope this layout of levels 1-18 helps some people, because in the editor it looks stupid. Don't knock it till you try it I guess.

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Skill Sequence

I don't know why I'm going over the Skills because, they are pretty much exactly how you should do tank Amumu anyway.

But if you don't, do not fret because I'm here to make sure your on the right track.

Now Bandage Toss level 1 is perfect for going for First Blood. and a First Blood kill is worth how much? That's right, 400 gold, and an assist is~~~? Yes 200 very good. (aka 600 gold lead right there)

Once you get your Tantrum don't spam it all the time just for minions, let your dps/carry get the minions for right now. Do every now and again take a minion or two but, don't steal them on purpose cause you could very well screw the game up.

Another reason you don't want to spam Tantrum is because its extremely mana hungry, it will eat your mana faster than your Aunt will eat the mashed potatoes at Thanks-Giving.

Here is a down side to having Amumu's W on all the time. It's annoying crying sound, it literally sounds like someone is taking foil and pretending their "Going through a tunnel and losing signal." And by that I mean don't leave it on all the time, because that's rude, and annoying to the people around you and even you after awhile.

This chapter was more or less what to do and what not to do with his skills more than the skill order. Going to have to update it later.

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Summoner Spells

I wanted to add just a very short chapter about the Summoner Spells that I choose and why I choose them.

Now, you can see I go with Fortify and Ghost

Fortify is easy, I obviously do it so I can clear minions away from a low tower faster and the same goes for a champion. Or even if the tower dies but, I know I can kill that champion or I know someone else can I can at least hold them there over half the time and buy the person running there time to catch them as they make their escape.

Now with Ghost, it kind of speaks for itself. Have the ghost mastery, use ghost. Ya'know? Anyway, with all of Amumu's stuns and what not he is naturally slow. Meaning, even with boots you are more than likely to be slower than a Master Yi or a Singed later on in the game.

So what ghost allows you to do is maybe throw a stun down with your ultimate, than chase some more, stun again with your Bandage Toss than chase some more. Now your team should be following you so they can get CC and damage off as well. But once you use both your CC you need to use ghost so you can keep up. And while keeping up [[Bandage toss] is creeping off of its cool-down and that Yi or Singed is about to get screwed.

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Read This! Please.

Now This build is FAR from complete but, at the moment I don't have a lot of time to go around and make a full fledged guide. But I'm aware the build and skill order are very good and I figured id give that to the community. So don't be angry, check back from time to time and this should be updated occasionally.

Thanks to all that vote and comment