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Cassiopeia General Guide by x3Teddies

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League of Legends Build Guide Author x3Teddies

An In depth Cassiopeia Guide

x3Teddies Last updated on September 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Welcome to my Guide

This is my first guide so it might be a huge chunk of words. So.. For all of the people out there. Hi. I am Teddy and i am a Silver Player in SEA about Gold - Platinum in NA. I play mainly AP mid and Support and i would like to share some of the things that i think i should share. Well! Enjoy :)

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Cassiopeia, The Serpent's Embrace

Alright! So Many people now adays thinks that cassiopeia is weak and rarely plays her. In my case, i play cassiopeia for over a year now and i dont think that she is really that weak. Sure, the current meta may be killing her but i still see her as a viable option. Cassiopeia is and ap dps (Screw you teemo for blinding me) meaning that she could dish out tons of damage when she is able to. Cassiopeia's role is mainly to zone the enemy AP carry and to pursue and chase down others. At late game, she shines as she is able to take down tanks very quickly and also has an AOE stun. Hence she is overall a great champion to play with.

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Pros and Cons Of Cassiopeia

Well here are some of the pros and cons of cassiopeia.

- She has a 0.5 second cooldown on her Twin Fang, dealing a lot of damage
- She is a champion who does Damage over time, allowing her more room to make errors
- She is a fun champion to play with
- Able to Zone opponents out from their lanes
- Relatively easy to farm with compared to Ryze and Karthus
- Often mistook as a useless champion when she could hit hard
- Her Level 6 is where she shines and can gurantee a kill and run as well

- She is pretty Mana Reliant and over spamming can cause her mana to run out quickly.
- Is Susceptible to counters such as Fizz and Zed, High Burst damage
- Requires Proper positioning to make her really shine
- Her ultimate can stun all 5 players but she really needs people to continue on from there
- Single target champion (Except for poison and ultimate)
- Requires Tankiness and Items late game

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Early Game

When in Early game, this is where i think cassiopeia should be able to do a lot of trade potentials. As such, dont be afraid to get harassed by your opponent. If your opponent is playing Melee champion, constant harass with Noxius Blast and Twin Fang should be enough to scare them off. In other mage champions, by using Noxius Blast to push them back and freezing the lane, you will be able to stop them from farming while you can do the farming. When you are more comfortable with her, dont mind trying to Harass and Farm at the same time. If you see an opportunity in the timing, rush ahead and kill the enemy. As you are a poison user, when the enemy has 200 or lower HP, Flash > Noxius Blast > Ignite should be able to kill the enemy.

That is not always the case however, when you see champions such as Leblanc / Fizz , try to stay back and farm properly. Their burst is always guranteed to out burst yours and you will die trying to find out why you are losing trade.

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Mid Game

Start your mid game by using your Miasma (W) to push your lanes and start to roam. I dont see the need of taking teleport as you just have to make your way behind the enemy and ulti them when they retreat. They will mostly be facing you and your stun with your noxius blast and twin fang will be more than enough to kill them. Dont hesitate to ignite as your Q and E Combo is always Guranteed to have deal them over 700 damage at one time. Also, you should use your miasma as a source of slow and poison. This would allow the enemy to take damage from poison and as well as allow you to spam your Twin Fangs. Normally, the enemy would panick and it would gurantee you a kill.

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Late Game

This is where you shine. When you enter into late game, you should have items such as ROA, Zhongya's and Rabadons. With the items, you will be able to take some burst and as well as dish out damage. Dont hesitate to use your q as you have enough mana and mana regeneration to heal it back quickly. Some common Combos are (Q>E>E) (Q>E>W>E>E>E>E>E>E) (Q>W). Try to aim the carries as much, however when you see tanks, you can also take them on by just kiting and using ur Q and Es.
When you see the opportuinity just ultimate on the team. Your team will probably take it as a que and engage the enemy. Normally leading to a win.

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Skill Sequence

The skill order are made for the quickest burst in the book. When you max Twin Fang and Noxius Blast first, you will be able to harass and zone the enemy well with ur (Q>E) combo.
An Early point of Miasma is taken in order for you to be able to use the skill to zone the enemy by placing it in the middle where the turret and the walls, so the enemy will have limited space to work with and when they do come near, you just have to noxius blast in their face and stop them from farming. This will lead to you having a large farm while leaving them to have several deaths and lower farm than you.

When it comes to late game, You should max Noxius Blast first as it will be your primary poke damage due to its low cool down and mana cost.

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Items ha ha this is the most important place for all new cassiopeia users.

You should start of Boots + 4 Pots when your enemy has a lot of skillshots and that you have to dodge the enemy skill shots. Examples such as TF and Lux when you have to dodge their Q and E.

Start Dorans Ring with 2 Pots when you see champions such as Anivia. Even though she has a skill shot, it moves pretty slowly and you should be able to dodge it and poke her to death.

Why ROA? ROA on cassiopeia to some people may look simply stupid. However, when you want to zone your opponent that hard, you would have to prepare to take damage from the turret and even the opponent jungler. If you have an ROA and have a full stack, you will have a lot of HP and MP to play with and also an extra mana to harass with. Hence ROA is a good choice on Cassiopeia.

Following next you will need your Abbysal Scepter and Zhongyas. Preferabbly you want Zhongya's Hour glass first as it will come into use when you enter dragon fights and team fights but if you need to protect yourself from the AP burst from AP champions, Feel Free to buy Abbysal Scepter first.

Finish your build with the final items. If you are ahead great! Go with Magic Penetration, If you are not, buy Rylais for additional Survivability and chasing potential.

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Picks and Counters / Play Style :D

This chapter may take a while to finish as it is a huge list of champions I have to describe.
If you do not wish to read all of these feel free to head into a game and just play Cassiopeia^^
Rated (?/5)
Aatrox: (1/5)(Cloth+5Pots)(Boots+4Pots)
I dont see why you would face an aatrox mid, but if you are afraid of him jumping to you and instant killing you instantly, Go with Boots and Pots / Cloth Armor with Pots (Rush ZY Hour Glass) From there, you should be able to poke him with your Q>E combo and just prevent him from farming too much as you will be very scary after level 4.

Ahri:(3/5)(Boots + 4 Pots)
Vsing an Ahri mid means that it would be very hard for you to zone her. As she always has her skill shot passing through the minions, it will be quite difficult for you to dodge due to your large hit box. I would recommend going Boots and Pots as it will allow you to dodge her skill shot much easily and sustain in lane. Vsing ahri is all about timing and positioning. Using your Q,W and E you should poke her when you see an opportunity and ulti her as soon as she faces you and burst her down.

Akali: (4/5)(Ring + 2 Pots)
Akali is a generally okay lane, however she would really burst you down when she gets to level 6. As such you may want to win her in the very early game and you should normally take (Ring + Pots) to burst her down. The additional mana regeneration will allow you to keep in par with her energy base. Zone her from minions and to prevent exp from her. When you do that, you will prolong the time you can take to farm and to gain exp. Stay away from her when you are 6. Play safely unless you are very sure that you are able to burst her down.

Alistar: (1/5)(Ring + 2 Pots)
Technically If you see an Alistar mid, means an always win. (They are trolling lol) Go Ring build and you will win lane easy. Zone him away from the Creeps and you will win 200%.

Amumu: (1/5)(Ring + 2 Pots)
Another very easy lane. Probably only seen at low elo. When an amumu mid. You want to avoid getting near him and dodge his bandage shot. When you prevent him from ccing you, you will be able to counter him. Make sure he can not farm and harass him as much as possible. When he is level 6 you have to be careful not to get ultied under his tower or you will die easily since you might not have backed by level 6 to get your tanky items.


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