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Ashe Build Guide by accaca

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author accaca

An introduction to Ashe

accaca Last updated on December 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I thought I'd make a guide for my favourite champion, Ashe, the Frost Archer.
This is my first ever guide, so please give me some help improving this guide.

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Ashe is probably the best known champion on League of Legends, everyone has played with her at least once. She is often thought of as an 'easy' champion to play, and in my opinion she is very easy to play, but of course, the better you are at league of legends, the better you will be with her.

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Pros / Cons

- Easy to use
- Good early game harass thanks to Volley and Frost Shot
- Has good CC (Stun on Enchanted Crystal Arrow and slow on Frost Shot and Volley)
- Gets large amounts of gold due to the passive on Hawkshot
- Hard to gank due to Hawkshot
- Good attack range
- Her ult has infinite range, so you can easily kill that pesky Teemo running away with 200 health

- Quite Squishy
- Slow movement speed early game
- Low attack damage and speed early game
- Not much in lane sustain

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Thanks to Icecreamy and Gott der 7 meere for their help with this section

For the Marks and Quintessences, I take flat AD runes, for that extra punch early game. Alternatively you can take Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation for some flat AD penetration if you feel that you need that, although I do not reccomend it.

I take Flat Armour seals so that I have some resistance against the enemy AD carry who I'm laning against.

For my glyphs I take MR/lvl as you should not be being attacked by their AP carry until mid-late game, by which point these will have outstripped Flat MR glyphs

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I go for the 9 in Defensive Masteries to try and make Ashe less squishy, allowing you to deal a lot more damage, alternatively you could put them into the Utility tree if you have mana problems early game, but I find that they aren't as useful there.
The attack masteries I feel are self explanatory, as you are an AD carry, so, Life steal, Attack speed, Armour penetration, extra damage to wounded champions, more critical hit damage and more attack damage are all extremely useful.

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Core items: Berzerker Greaves, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, Bloodthirster

Early game, you need Dorans blade for the extra damage to make last hitting easier, as well as improving your harass. You can go with the boots 3 pots start but I do not favour it. An early game Philosopher's stone is often very useful, as it will be harder to force you out of your lane. Only get this if you are getting behind in farm!!!

You need lifesteal to be able to stay in lane for longer, so buying a vampiric scepter is very useful. This will eventually be turned into a bloodthirster, but that comes after your infinity edge.
Then the most important thing is to increase your attack damage, attack speed and crits, so your first major item should be an Infinity Edge then building an item like The Bloodthirster or can be very useful, as it will also increase your survivability as well as increasing your damage. Alternatively next you should build a Phantom Dancer to incrrease your crit chance and attack speed to really utilise the passive on Infinity Edge

After that it's pretty much your choice, other good items I didn't mention above include Malady and Wit's End as on-hit effects stack well with ashe.

If you feel you need more survivability against an AP heavy team, (particuarly one including people like Morgana as you can wreck their combo) add a Banshee#s veil, as the shield is amazing, and also, you will have more MR and Mana, so you can spam volley more.

As with most champions, a Guardian Angel is always a good item against a balanced team if you are getting focused a lot.

You also need an item for armour penetration late game, so either Last Whisper if they have 3 people with more than 120 armour, otherwise get The Black Cleaver for this job.

Other plausible items include: Quicksilver Sash if they have a lot of CC which is pissing you off

Madred's Bloodrazor if they are all stacking HP, and have low amounts of MR

The Black Cleaver if they have champions are not stacking much armour.

Zeke's Herald if you have multiple AD carries,and are feeling slightly too squishy, make sure no one else is building this if you're going to build it!!!

Warmog's Armour if the enemy team if focusing you and you are getting killed too quickly for your liking, this will give you a ton more survivability, howeverwill greatlyreduce your attacking power, and also does nothing against items like Madred's Bloodrazor

Hexdrinker for similar reason, but it is less effective I feel

Wriggles Lantern Get in the Early game for the freewards, and also for more lifesteal. Also useful for farming minions.

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Ashes skills

Focus:If you save your first shot by pressing "S" when you walk up to the enemy minions, and hit an opposing champion with it, the shot should do lots of damage, as after a recall, it is almost a guaranteed critical hit.

Frost Shot (Q): A toggle ability. Costs 8 mana per attack but once your attack speed goes up, you'll find it drains your low mana pool very quickly. You should only hit champions with your Frost Shot.

Volley (W): Your physical damage from your items is returned as damage with this move. That means if you stack damage items, your Volley will get stronger too. The level of Frost Shotis applied to Volley in terms of how much you will slow the enemies.

Hawkshot (E): Fantastic active, it acts as a free Clairvoyance. The cooldown for it isn't too high either. The passive is very nice on Ashe. As you should be last hitting as much as you can, that extra gold will begin to stack up.
As you level this ability up, the range of the area revealed gets larger.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R): Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a stun that can fly all the way across the map. It rocks!!!

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How to effectively use her skills

When you have Hawkshot, you need to be focusing on last hitting more than ever, otherwise you are wasting an amazing passive. If someone in a neighbouring lane calls mia, or their jungle is out of buffs, use your hawkshot to try and see if they are about to gank you, if so, just run for it, early game, ashe can't take 2 enemy champions on her own, or wait for your own jungler to arrive.
In late game use the active to see if the enemy is going for baron or dragon, so you can ambush them.

With ECA, aim in the direction the enemy is running, it greatly increases the chances of you hitting them for that all important stun.
As volley also applies frost shot, using it to initiate a teamfight can work, providing you are protected by your tank. However initiating always carries a risk, so it is better to leave it to tanks like Amumu.

Only use Frost Shot when you are attacking champions or buffs like Baron, otherwise your mana will disappear at a rate of knots.

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Skill Sequence

Fairly self explanatory, upgrade your Ult whenever possible.

Volley should be your top priority after that.

Put a point into Hawkshot early on for the utility, and then max Frost Shot second.

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Summoner Spells

I always take Flash because of its insane utility, escapes, chasing etc.

The 2nd choice:
Ignite is often useful for taking out weakened enemies late game, as it deals true damage.

Ghost for escaping, normally I would replace Flash if I wanted to use this

Teleport for the ability to get almost anywhere on the map in under 5 seconds

Heal has saved my life so many times, that I often use it, despite dubious effectiveness

Cleanse can also be very useful against teams which include people such as Warwick and Mordekaiser as it stops their ult.

Exhaust is the last viable option, as when you use it on any chamion, particuarly an AD carry, it will cripple them for 2 and a half seconds, in which your team should be able to kill them. Is very useful in teamfights.

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Gameplay with Ashe

Early Game:
-Harass enemies with Volley and Frost Shot
-Remember to last hit minions with basic attacks

Mid Game

-By now (about 20 mins in) you should have your infinity blade and be working towards a bloodthirster or phantom dancer.
- You are very slow, so if you are going to gank, use your teleport to a ward for maximum speed and surprise.
-If ganked, throw a Volley, then retreat, if they pursue, turn around every few seconds and fire a Frost Shot at them.
-Now you should start to be throwing out some serious dps if you have been fed, if not, don't worry.
-Gather your entire team together and try to initiate a teamfight, which with all your cc, your team should win, if everyone else is playing well.
-Never separate far from your group, as you are very slow, and thus likely to get ganked.

Late game
-By now, you should be able to slaughter all before you, if you aren't stupid. You have a good stun, and excessively high dps, if they survive the stun, they won;t be a be to close with you esaily, and you can easily chase them down. Your only weakness is when your Enchanted Crystal Arrow is on cooldown, and mages like Veigar can just nuke you. Thus you should now purchase one or two defensive items like Guardian Angel so you can survive being focused.
-You should hopefully from here be able to carry your team to an easy victory (with the help of buffs like Baron Nashor

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This section is mainly going to focus on positioning
Credits to ryudude for this, as he wrote this in his guide on how to build for the team.

Positioning is key. While you are the power house of the team during early game and mid you aren't that strong and your pretty useless dead. You need to play as though your a support in a way. stay far in the back with a nice safe shield of bodies in front of you and you should never venture out beyond that shield. You should never engage and you should consider coming in to a fight later. If they dont have sight you may just sneak in a few seconds after the engage and just get free hits on whoever you get ahold of. which brings me to my next point.
Sometimes its best just to attack the person thats within range. If their carry is way in the back if you try to run at them to get in range not only are you probably going to take damage from them first but you are putting your self in a terrible position and you will die fast and easy. Now obviously you don't focus the tank but it is best to size up the situation and maybe attack that bruiser and kite them around. they may not do serious damage but they are still a threat and you can attack them from a safe distance and still impact their team.

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Ashe is an amazing AD DPS carry. She has awesome CC and and is a beast at early game harassing.

Please leave some constructive criticism if you have a problem. I will always reply to a comment posted here.

Thanks to JhoiJhoi! Her epic guide on how to make a guide was really useful.

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List of edits

-Replaced Frozen mallet with guardian angel
-Added BB codes in places (continuing still with this)
-Added Colour
-Added Gameplay section
-Added Exhaust at 87alphaone's suggestion
- Updated for S3