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Anivia Build Guide by TheAsbj0rn

Middle Anivia Mid | How to Outplay

By TheAsbj0rn | Updated on December 13, 2017

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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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This guide is written as if you the reader has never played the game. This is not to make you feel like you're stupid, but simply to teach new players.

All chapters will be marked with this color, so you won't have to skim through all the text if you don't want to read it.

Abbreviations and "code"names:
This is just so you know what i am saying if you are new or unfamiliar with LoL terms. I also put other words to describe spells.

CS = Creep Score ( Farm )
Storm = Anivia's R
Cannon Minion = The big minion in a wave with a cannon ( Hence cannon minion )
Basic = Basic attack/ Auto attack
Wall = Anivia's W
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Why in heavens name should i go Teleport and not Flash?
You see, Anivia consists purely off spells that will help her escape, so if you can't escape with your spells, you probably wouldn't have escaped with flash anyways.
If you see your death coming from a mile away, do the following: Press the button of your teleport, click on an inhibitor or tower that is safe to teleport to and say "cya" in chat when at the destination. (See "HOW TO: CHEAT DEATH" for more info).

Why should i go with Ignite and not Heal, Flash or Cleanse?
You shouldn't. This second spell is entirely up to you, but it is a very good way to get first kill before level 6, since you don't have that much more damage than Q -> E. Do that combo to your enemy around 3 times, and then they will probably be low enough to Q -> E -> Ignite. And of course, for maksimum damage you can do: Basic -> Q -> E -> Ignite -> Keep basic attacking until he dies or escapes.
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Lvl 1-5:
Do what you would do with any long range champ, but be aware that your q does damage on it's way to the enemy, so if you are skilled enough, you can last hit minions while poking the enemy.

Lvl 6 and after:
With your storm you can really get CS quickly. Place it with the Cannon Minion in center, and E the Cannon Minion when the others are dead.
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Poking sequences:
Lvl 1:
Q -> Basic
Lvl 2-5:
Q -> E -> Basic
Lvl 6 and after:
Q -> R -> E -> Basic -> R (when the opponent isn't standing in the storm anymore)

When going for the kill:
Always initiate your attack with Q or R. Q is the smartest way, because then if you don't hit your Q, which will happen a lot, you can run away again.
If you hit your Q, use this pattern:
Q -> E -> R -> W (He'll try to run) -> E -> Basic -> Ignite (If you'll get the kill) -> E

When chased by opponent:
If you know that you can kill the opponent, run towards a bush. When you get inside the bush, Q towards the enemy when he is just about to enter bush, and then use your combo. Save your wall, so you know if you should use it to block the enemy away from you or inside the storm. This method will leave them afraid and wanting to run, because of the surprise momentum.

If you know that you can't kill the opponent, check "HOW TO: CHEAT DEATH"
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Anivia has a lot of ways to cheat death.

When being chased:
If you have mana, but you're low on health, or they're just too many for you to handle, here is what to do. Begin running as soon as you sense danger. If they are already close, Q before you run. If there is enough distance between you and your enemy, wall between you, even if they can run around the wall. You will probably have created more than enough distance to run away now. If not you can always place the storm because it has a slowing effect. But! If you are low on health, be aware that enemies will be willing to flash through your wall to get you. That is why you should always stun first.

If you don't have mana.. you're screwed..

When in a fight and bout to lose:
If you are in a close 1 on 1 fight, and you're about to lose, begin to run backwards. If he follows you, do the sequence Q -> E and now you'll probably be the one winning the fight. If you don't have mana and have no time to run, use Teleport.

If you have neither mana nor Teleport and Eggnivia.. you're screwed..

The reason this is useful to survive, is because when your passive is active, you will teleport as the egg, and revive wherever you teleport to. This will be interrupted, though, if the opponent has either one or more of abilities that either stun, knock up or aside.

If you don't have teleport, you'll probably just end up watching yourself get killed, being unable to do anything about it.
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This is a really awesome thing about playing Anivia. You don't have to make a custom rune page for her. With the new rune-system, just pick Sorcery: The Calamity.

If you do want to make your own page for her, though, i would suggest taking a starting point in the Sorcery: The Calamity page and switching Relentless Hunter with Cheap Shot.
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAsbj0rn
TheAsbj0rn Anivia Guide

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Anivia Mid | How to Outplay