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Anivia Build Guide by Erycson

Anivia support: Queen of crowd control (6.1)

By Erycson | Updated on November 16, 2015

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Welcome Summoners in my Anivia support guide!

It's my really first guide, because I have felt brave after pre-season 6 patch.
Anivia is one of my main champions. I'm playing her both on mid and bottom.
Many people don't know that this Ice Bird is a great support, but it needs a lot of experience.

Take a seat and let me show you why it's worth to pick anivia to the bottom line!

This guide is new. Check for updates!
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Pros / Cons


+Huge amount of CC (2 slows, stunn and wall)
+Great AoE ability Glacial Storm
+One shot kill potential (Late game)
+Great wave clear or def after 6
+Good poke
+Incredible passive Rebirth


-One of squishiest champions in the game
-Very slooooow~
-Need a lot of mana
-Hard to master
-Your W Crystallize can kill yourself or your teamates if you use it wrong
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Sorcery gives you extra 2% damage.

Double Edged Sword gives adictional 2%
damage which helps you poking.

Natural Talent for more Ability Power at start.

Oppressor gives extra 2,5% damage
to slowed or stunned enemies.

Piercing Thoughts increase your Magic Penetration by 7%.

Deathfire Touch ability which helps you whole
game. Increase your abilities damage by 20%
of your Ability Power.


Wanderer gives you extra 10-11 Movement Speed.

Secret Stash transform Health Potion into Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation which helps you survive line phase.

Meditation gives you some Mana Regeneration which let you stay without return longer.

Bandit gives you 1 gold when your ally kills minion. Great ability to increase your gold.


Masteries explanation

Why have I choose masteries like that? Cunning tree is a necesary, because it contains Bandit and Wanderer . Those two abilities are very useful on Anivia thanks to bonus Gold and Movement Speed. Cunning also contains Intelligence , but any of final abilities are not useful. Bond of Stone from Resolve isn't that useful on Anivia, because she should avoid taking damage. Of course it gives bonus to ADC too, but other abilities in Resolve tree are mostly providing Health or Armor and Magic Resist bonus. As I said Anivia should avoid damage, so they are not useful. And now if we compare Resolve tree bonuses with Ferocity tree bonuses, we can see that Damage bonus is more useful than Health and Defence bonuses. Deathfire Touch as a ability makes your poke more effective in line phase and increases your damage in mid and late game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Erycson
Erycson Anivia Guide

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Anivia support: Queen of crowd control (6.1)