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Anivia Build Guide by F2000sch

Anivia - The Cryophoenix

By F2000sch | Updated on November 13, 2017

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I´m an low-elo (Season 7: Gold 5) Anivia Main (F2000sch). I hope the guide can help you a bit :D
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Pros / Cons

- great early all-in, if you hit the stun
- great wave-clear post6: you can store games very long
- her egg: many players forget about it and go for a dive
- great scaling
- early game waveclear and hard tower-last hitting
- her stun is easy to doge if you do not combine it with your wall or/and ult
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Passive: You egg gives you the possibility to play aggressively with a low risk. Additionally many forget about it and dive you for an easy kill.
Q: Gives you the ability to protect yourself against assassins who jump onto you. Additionally, her Q and E combo can burst the enemy very hard.
W: This Wall makes anivia to anivia because it gives you so many possibilities:
- interrupt dashes (you have to hit the enemy while he dash.
- you can close jungle ways to catch enemies or keep them away from a fight
- you can wall someone and make it easier to hit your stun
- keep the enemy in your ult
E: This spell is your main damage spell, that you should always use if the enemy is chilled by your Q or ult (after 1.5 sec). The Q/R and E Combo does much damage that many enemies does not expect.
R: Your R is a great AoE-damage and zoning tool.
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I hope this guide was useful for you. I would be happy if you leave a comment with feedback :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author F2000sch
F2000sch Anivia Guide

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Anivia - The Cryophoenix