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Anivia Build Guide by Wyby45

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wyby45

Anivia The Goddess

Wyby45 Last updated on November 17, 2011
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I remade this guide because i have found a better way to use Anivia
Most of this is just copy and paste from my old guide

One thing I would like you guys to take into account before reading this guide is that i am not a pro player, this is basically my build on how i play anivia. I stand at around 1400 elo in solo queue

Anivia is not easy to master for beginners, people might say that using your Ult along with frostbite is easy to do free damage and well thats true, but you'll die without getting any kills because you are not bringing any other utility to ur team if u can't use her other skills properly

But reading this guide might help beginners and experienced people to probably be better at using Anivia. I have supplied 2 builds for just that occasion.


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Powerful nuker
Wall can change the tide of battle greatly when used right
Has a stun
Ultimate along with nuke is free damage
Ultimate can farm or push creep waves quickly
Wall has sight
Egg can be used as a bait and give u full hp again

Too slow
No real escape mechanism - other than a slow and a stun
Egg is useless when no teammates are around and when you are outside of a turret
Needs alot of farm to maintain her damage mid-late game
Blue buff hungry

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Great ability, it allows you to be a little aggressive early game because when you die(UNDER YOU TOWER AT LEAST or with TEAMMATES AROUND] you will be able to come back at full hp and continue farming, but after that you will have to play less aggressive because you won't be reborn after you die until 4 mins later


This skill should always be gotten at level 1
This skill is a skillshot that is actually really slow which means that it cud be hard to hit
In order to hit with this skill, you would either need to be really good at prediction or when you see an opening to hit the enemy because the farther the enemy is away from you when you use this skill, the harder it is to hit them

After shooting you skillshot, you can press [Q] again after to detonate it to cause a stun to any enemies hit by it. Press [Q] again after the flash frost hits and passes through the enemy champ or minion to stun them and do double damage.

This skill is also great for farming when u can't get multiple creeps at once, but be careful because it leaves you open for an attack by the enemy. Max this second.


I made a whole section for this skill near the end of this guide. Max this last.


Your nuke, use this whenever you land your stun on the enemy because you will have to be close to the enemy so that they won't hit you back. Max this first

Note: The double damage only applies when they are slowed by either your or and not when something else slowed the enemy


The most mana burning skill ever. Your ultimate can clear creep waves like crazy and also slow anyone inside the circle. If you have blue buff, you can use your ultimate and flash frost to clear creep waves in an instant. This ultimate also works with frostbite to send in free damage without needing to aim your skillshot

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Summoner Spells

I use the spells Flash and Ignite to help her net early kills. Anivia is a late game champion and if she can get a good early game she will no doubt be feared in lategame with her enormous nuke.

Best Summoner Spells

can be used offensively and defensively to flash through walls or to get that last autoattack or flash frost or frostbite for the kill.

can net alot of early game kills because u will have nothing left to hit the enemies with when u have used up all ur spells and they run away. Trust me this happens alot.

Optional Summoner Spells: (replace Ignite with one of these)

- I used to get this alot on Anivia but realized ignite can help my early game into lategame soo much that u wud be getting much moar kills in lategame. Ghost is basically to help u get away when ur out of position, but flash can do that much better

great when you need to buy something and come back to farm, great for new players

- it works, but it teleport can do much better than this

Not Viable Summoner Spells:

Everything else

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - This rune is pretty much Core on Anivia for the magic Pen

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration - The mana regen will help alot when you are laning, which helps Anivia's mana problem

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - This is just preference for more AP on Anivia

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Helps great with early game damage all the way to late game, i mean its 15 extra AP
-I grab this quint because i rather do more damage instead of more survivability becuz ino most of the time i will not lose in laning.

Optional Runes:

Greater Seal of Armor - The armor can help when laning against an AD carry

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - Helps with your skills early game when you also have blue buff

Greater Quintessence of Health - Hp can help alot for anivia early game due to her extremely low 420 hp lvl 1 base hp
-Get this if your not confident against laning early game.

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I choose the standard 9/0/21 masteries to fully utilize its effectiveness on Anivia.

I shouldn't really explain much here except a few

- Why this over perseverance? Well perseverance isn't actually useful at all even though it sounds great for Anivia because in reality you won't even gain alot of mana the whole game whereas reducing your time dead cud be very helpful when you need to hurry and push a lane or defend your base

- Exp is just so much better especially when you have catalyst/rod of ages

[Utility Mastery] - Just a must for that blue buff which is mentioned later in the guide

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Build 1

I have two builds: The first one is basically for Anivia users who knos how to play her well and manage her mana wisely and the second one is better for newer anivia players but can work almost just as well.

This build maximizes her damage earlier to do more powerful nuking

Starting items: X3
Core Build:Catalyst the Protector
Final Item Build:

and X2 are my standard items I start with Anivia. The reason i get this is because you can't get outlaned early game against champs such as brand or annie who cud dominate you. If you feel safe that you won't get outlaned you can go the standard X3

After farming in the lane and getting about 1300 gold(enough for a catalyst), immediately (depending on the situation) blue pill back to base and buy Catalyst the Protector, this way using catalyst's passive, you can continue laning making your laning much safer and stronger. Don't be afraid to blue pill bak early if u are getting harrassed alot and unable to farm, just buy the items to make catalyst.

Next on your item build would be a because Anivia is very slow and the mpen is valuable.Get because the Ap is soo valuable from it.

Buy for the AP, by then you should be doing a nuke tons of damage to any squishy or even tanks

Next Get even if the enemies aren't rly building mr becuz either way they will eventually or they just suck alot that they don't kno how to stack mr, becuz the ap that void staff gives is already great.

After that get to be safe becuz u will usually be prioritize on teh enemy team, get this before void staff if they have too much cc or you aren't doing too well

Get helps greatly when their focusing you with its awesome active as well as giving armor and ap. Everything you need with ur banshees against a balance enemy team.

Optional Situational Items:

- Great cheap item against malzahar,mordekasier,warwick, or others

- Get it if the enemy team is heavy in AD or one of their AD players are fed, get glacial shroud first when building this item because the cooldown can help alot

- Get only when your doing really well early game, but don't get it in ranked/competitive games because you will easily be focused by the enemy team

- I don't really suggest this item because you will have to be pretty close for its passive to take effect and void staff is just better because it doesn't require you to be close

- I haven't actually tried to consider this, but i realize its a great last item, although i haven't ever gotten to a game that i finished my build yet in a long time that i haven't tried this out, but when u have that one last teamfight that wud be break or lose it, GA will cut out better than ur passive becuz you will be able to do something once u come bak while ur passive although cna be great if no one focusses u, can't 100% be relied on to contribute towards a teamfight. Synergizes well with the passive though.

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Build 2

NOTE: Its kind of a copy and paste here so srry

Now i don't rly use this anymore but this is more of a standard anivia build - note this build can work without the need of getting a tear/archangel if u kno how to handle ur mana.

This build is more safer than the previous build

Starting items:
Core Build:
Final Item Build:

and 2 are the standard starting items you should be always getting for Anivia

After farming in the lane and getting 925 gold, immediately (depending on the situation) blue pill back to base and buy Catalyst the Protector, this way using catalyst's passive, you can continue laning and solve a tiny bit of your mana problems for a while.

Next on your item build would be a because Anivia is very slow.Get because now its more efficient for anivia to get it early. Then proceed to build a which will solve yor mana problems, but this doesn't mean to spam your skills like crazy because you are still Blue Buff dependent.

At this point i can buy myself or and since the core build is done, you can start buying some which helps immensely and buy 1 or 2 Sight Ward, but prioritize wards over the elixir when u have the gold

From here you can buy in any order you wish from the build and adapt to the situation.

I recommend my route:

Buy for the AP, by then you should have around i think 400 AP with your Unique passive being maxed out by then.

After this, it becomes more situational:

Get first if the majority of the enemy team is building Magic Resist

Get if the enemy team is not stacking Magic Resist against you

Get when the enemy team is Crowd Control heavy or when your against a AP heavy team, but usually you should get this last.

Note: If you decide to upgrade your Catalyst into a Banshee early on instead of Rod of Ages, then do not bother getting Rod later in the game because there are better items out there by the time you reach late game.

Optional Situational Items:

- Great cheap item against malzahar,mordekasier,warwick, or others

- Get it if the enemy team is heavy in AD or one of their AD players are fed, get glacial shroud first when building this item because the cooldown can help alot

- Get only when your doing really well early game, but don't get it in ranked games because you will easily be focused by the enemy team

- I don't really suggest this item because you will have to be pretty close for its passive to take effect and void staff is just better because it doesn't require you to be close

- Get this if you decided not to get Archangel staff because this benefits u in every way

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Yes it needs it own section here because it is THE BEST Non Ultimate SKILL in the whole game and also could be the worst

This skill in the jungle can block a whole entire path starting at level 2 or 3

We max this skill last because the majority of teamfights in the jungle will be lategame where baron/dragon and roaming the jungle to other lanes become more important

This Skill needs ALOT of practice to be used effectively because it can destroy the enemy team by cutting off their teammates from each other, block an enemy path, or block out your own teammate against the enemy team.

This skill also gives you vision in fog of war such as placing a wall when the enemy team is doing baron, blue golem, or red lizard, and might also lock them out until they use or wait until the wall melts, which is a good thing for your team.

I add a point at lvl 8 because i believe when your mid u shud be cautious that u might be gank and shudn't be wasting the mana on vision. It can help early on in blocking enemies in ur glacial storm a little longer but that point in flash frost can help a lot better early on imo. But nevertheless u don't have to follow my skill order and can grab a point of crystallize at lvl 4 instead and add a point in flash frost at lvl 8.

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Anivia NEEDS TO BE IN THE RIGHT POSITION to be effective


always be in the bak and w8 for your team to initiate, becuz u are most effective if u can keep using ur spells and ultimate. This is y Flash is required on Anivia because she needs to position herself well and if shes out of position, Flash can do that for you

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Pre lvl 6, Anivia will have a hard time last hitting.
Even if your an experienced last hitter, you will still have somewhat of a trouble compared to other champs due to her weird autoattack animation.
Anivia's autoattack at the beginning is also quite weak so don't be scared when you miss a couple of last hits and are being outfarmed.-just don't miss too much

Use your flash frost when u have to, usually to get 2-3 creeps at once becuz u can't get them both.

When you reach lvl 6 ur farming shud be alot easier with ur ultimate and getting blue buff would makes it so much easier. Use ur ult on a creep wave and use flash frost to go through the minion wave and hit the caster minions will ensure u farm faster.

Be sure to keep getting Blue buff which is mentioned in the next section.

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Consumables/Blue Buff

Anivia is the MOST blue buff dependent champion in the whole game.

That is why when you reach lvl 6, you should be asking your jungler to give the blue to you. - actually in every game its basically A MUST TO GET IT

Reasons to get Blue Buff:

1) Increased mana regen

2) Cooldown reduction so that you can burst more often

3) Farm like a boss


1) Every trip you return to base after you have bought rabadon's or even void staff with a little extra gold to buy an

2) Every time you blue pill back and when you have a little extra gold, buy some, preferabbly till you have 2 of them in your inventory so that you can lane better.

3) After you finish your core build, i would suggest and prioritize in this order if you got the gold: Sight Ward , , and but don't keep buying them becuz it will slowly delay ur build to ur main items.

Skip Exliir if you don't have the gold to afford it

4) Mid-Late game: continue buying 1 or 2 Sight Ward and Exliri of Brilliance depending on situations

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Laning against very aggressive champs

There is one thing Anivia cannot win

And that is laning against some of the best early game champs in the game

Although Anivia is a powerful laner, there are just some that are more powerful at laning.

Against these champs i would suggest playing passively and ask your jungler to gank them quickly if they try to zone you out. Because Anivia requires heavily on landing her skillshot, it makes it very tough for her if she misses the skill.

Note: This is only if your using the standard Sapphire Crystal route. With the boots route you have a higher chance to dodge enemy attacks

Though like i said at the introduction, i am not a pro and you guys might be able to find some way to be aggressive against these best champs and if you do find that out, i would like you guys to share this info for me to improve my guide.

Some of these very aggressive early game champs are:

- A good annie would probably be the worst matchup against you, because unlike you, she is not slow and has a passive stun. Get your jungler to help you when she starts zoning you out of gold and exp, and once she gets to 6 is when shes the scariest. - Go boots route if you know your laning against an Annie

- Another tough one, mainly pre-level 6 because you are too slow to dodge his pillar. You should be a little safer than laning against annie because his stun can't go through minions or other champs unlike yours. But be aware that he can spam his abilities alot which deals alot of damage to you. - Should go boots route if you know that ur laning against a brand

- Some people might have trouble against morde but try to burst him when there are no minions around or before he can hit any minions to do some damage to him

- A good orianna will be a very hard much up against you with her control over her ball it will be difficulty to beat orianna in lane because of her harrass and zoning against u. THis is where i think the 3 pots would be very handy until you can get your catalyst for better laning sustainability.

I think there are a few other champs that might be difficult to handle but as of now these champs are one of the most annoying to lane against as Anivia

If your facing an AD carry mid, which ur not suppose to in this metagame currently, then it shud be an easy laning even against a caitlyn u shud not be losing.

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Questions and Answers And Ending Notes

I am currently floating around 1400 elo and while that is not great I can know that this works at a decent level. But at the same time, solo queue shouldn't mean much at all becuz its all random players.

Anivia is not a great solo queue champion. She needs a good reliant team that knows what their doing and in fact even better for premades who can fully utilize her wall to its greatest potential.

If you have any questions, I will try to answer it in order to improve my build.