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Anivia Build Guide by incenerate101

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author incenerate101

Anivia, the Icy Chicken

incenerate101 Last updated on April 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Who's your chicken?

Anivia is an AP mid champion designed to force the enemy team to move out of position and disrupt the flow of fights. Through the use of her skill set in a teamfights good Anivia players will do many things split the enemy team into more manageable groups using her wall. Prevent the escape of fleeing champions through her slow effects and her wall and force the enemy to move when it is not wise to do so. I will discuss Anivia's skill sequence later in the guide.

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Pro's and Con's

- Pro's -
Great Farmer
Amazing Crowd Control
Amazing team fight utility
Can snowball hard if played correctly
Anivia = Articuno (Because playing as a pokemon is badass)
- Con's -
Slow attack speed
Hard to farm with pre level 6
Useing her skills take finesse and are not easily learned
Squishy early to mid game
Relativly long cooldowns

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Runes. The do's and the dont's

I run Magic Pen Marks Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, MP5 Seals Greater Seal of Replenishment, and Flat AP Glyphs Greater Glyph of Ability Power with MP5 Quint's Greater Quintessence of Replenishment.

The reason i run this setup is because Anivia is a very mana hungry champion meaning you must make smart decisions on when to use your skills and where to use them. If you do not optomize your mana you will run out mana fairly quickly and be forced to play passivly and miss out on much needed farm.

Now I am not saying this is the only way to run your runes. This build is based on Anivia as a full carry meaning you will be getting kills. Others prefer a more support kind of Anivia running health runes along with armor and MR making it harder for our favorite bird to die.

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Masteries. The many different way to do it right.

Like i mentioned earlier this is an AP carry Anivia build and guide so i run my standard AP mid offensive masteries. BUT! Some of you may be wondering why i did not go the full 21 points in the offensive tree. Executioner is NOT worth the point to take with Anivia and i will explain why; Anivia's auto attack damage is extreamly low and her skills have generally long cooldowns therefore if you didnt get the kill with your skills and 3-4 auto attacks then you most likely will not secure that kill.

Other ways to do Anivia's masteries would be 9/0/21 and go for a more supporty bird thats there for her wall and things of that nature. I find that a support Anivia really does not work.

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How to equip your bird!

I have tested the starting item multiple times and the Tear of the Goddess that builds into an Archangel's Staff works quite well for early mana problems but i find that the Rod of Ages provides much more sustainability and makes you that much harder to kill when you do drop into your egg.

Next are the Boots of Speed. Anivia is a AP Carry and needs the Magic Pen Simple as that. These boots paired with your Void Staff will shred even the toughest MR (excluding Galio).

The Rylai's Crystal Scepter is just annoying on Anivia. All of her skills cause the slow effect for a short amount of time but pair the Rylais passive with your skills natural slow and not even a Kennen will be to fast.

Your Rabadon's Deathcap of course for the massive AP boost. Doesnt really need explaining.

Void Staff will push your damage through most MR enemies will buy. Paired with Sorcerers Shoes you will be set for Magic Pen.

Zhonya's Hourglass is quite the perfect item for Anivia. First off she has a good amount of health with the RoA and Rylai's plus a built in Guardian Angel. Why not add in a little invulnerability? Zhonya's is for when you do start dropping in health and come to a health percentage you arent comfortable with. You just activate it and shift the attention off of you for a split second allowing you to make a escape or live long enough to turn the tide of team fights.

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Yes, Anivia requires skill...

Anivia's skills are really straight forward but require a little finesse to get them to work just right.

Q:Flash Frost Flash Frost. This is a skill shot that travels through minions in a straight line and explodes at the end of the range stunning anything caught in the explosion and also applies a slow debuff to anything touched in the path.

W:Crystallize Crystallize. Your W skill creates a wall of ice that can not be moved through. Though people can still flash and use other skills to go over it like Shyvanna's Dragon, Fizz's Playful Trickster, and Tristanna's jump. As your rank up the skill the length of the wall gets longer allowing you to wall off bigger areas.

E:Frostbite Frostbite. Frostbite is Anivia's nuke spell. It deals a flat amount plus your AP in damage to targeted units (Thank God it's not a skill shot right?). But if the target is slowed by one of your other abilities then Frostbite does double damage.

R:Glacial Storm Glacial Storm. This is possibly the most annoying skill Anivia has in her arsenal. Glacial Storm is a large AoE effect that is toggled on and off in an area by pressing R and clicking on the spot you want it. It does continuous damage to anyone caught inside and also applies a slow debuff. This spell is also why Anivia excels in mid lane. Once she gets this spell you will farm every wave and not miss a single one.

Anivia's skill sequence is generally the same for every situation
Q - E - W - R
You want your Q Flash Frost to land somewhere BEHIND your target because most people in league will run straight back from your ice ball due to the fact that if they try to strafe away you just wall them to where they cant go anywhere but backwards so they will run right into it and be stunned. Now if you do not get the stun do not worry the goal of using the Q is to apply your slow that way your E Frostbite will deal the double damage. Now if you didnt have to use your W Crystallize for other things before this point then you wall them in towards you and drop your R Glacial Storm which will deal more damage to them the longer they stand there and also apply the slow and by this time your W Frostbite should be ready for use again along with your Q Flash Frost.

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Up Against the Wall

Playing Anivia is all about your ability to predict the paths enemies are going to be taking to engage or run from teamfights. This is the optimal time to use your wall. Most teamfights will happen in mid lane or in the jungle. And im going to tell you exactly what to do with your wall.

Teamfights in the jungle is where Anivia shines! When initiating a teamfight your goal is to drop your wall in the middle of the enemy team preferably splitting their squishier champions from the tanks. You want to drop you wall in a spot where both ends of the wall are up against the edge of the jungle walls forcing the people on the other side to either wait it out or risk walking into a trap by walking around another route. BE CAREFUL THOUGH YOU CAN WALL YOUR TEAMMATES IN WITH THE ENEMY!!!!

Teamfights in lanes are a little trickier. Your goal with the wall is to create a V shape against the wall of the lane making the champion you walled off from the team turn around and run back through your own team almost ALWAYS guaranteeing a kill.

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More Spells? Dafaq?

I take Flash Flash and Teleport Teleport on all of my AP Mids just because I like the ability to escape ganks and get back to lane quickly to continue farming.

Other choices could include exhaust, ignite, promote, heal, or clarity.

Exhaust Exhaust: Exhaust is hit and miss on Anivia. It comes in handy against champions like Kennen or other high mobility champions. Exhaust can be used to lessen the damage output of your opponent or for your own offense. Offensivly I have used Exhaust to keep them stuck in my ulti for a little bit long.

Ignite Ignite: Ignite is a one trick pony summoner spell on any role in my opinion. Its only use it to counter healing over time effects ( mundo, Volibear, ect. ) and to get those last few hit points to secure your kill.

Promote Promote: Promote can be useful to Anivia players making it easier to push your lane leaving you free to roam and assist other lanes or steal enemy jungle camps.

Heal Heal: Heal is useful to most every champion, but the only use I can find to use heal on Anivia is to pop it when your passive Rebirth revives you.

Clarity Clarity: Clarity is useful for obvious reasons. I stated earlier that Anivia is rather mana hungry and Clarity can come in handy early on but should not be a problem if you use the Archangel's Staff build.

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Bring the Bird to the Big Leagues

Anivia is a strong AP carry but is still rarely seen on the solo que circuit. Many of the Flavor of the Month AP mids out there will scoff at the sight of an Anivia in lane with them.

Now in ranked play Anivia is a great tool to have on the team if played well. Basically as Anivia in ranked games you want to focus on keeping your opponent in lane fighting back your minions because post level 6 when Glacial Storm comes into play you should have your minions on the turret continuously. Anivia is AMAZING at putting preasure on lanes simply by pushing the minion waves with minimal casualities.

Just be smart about where you place your wall and be safe while in lane because Anivia is quite vulnerable to ganks early on from champions such as Lee Sin, Skarner, Nocturne, ect simply do to the fact that Anivia does not have a get away other then a well aimed slow/stun and the AoE slow coming from her ulti.