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Annie Build Guide by Richard Roma

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Richard Roma

Annie - let the bodies hit the floor and BURN!

Richard Roma Last updated on November 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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It smells like... burning.

Wow, so you decided to go Annie. As for today with 21.49% of popularity rate on LoLKing it is one of the cheapest midlaners vastly picked on tournaments and ranked games. But why?

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Pros / Cons

+ Out of this world damage in early game
+ Great early game ganks, can snowball team
+ Decent CC early and midgame
+ Very tough thanks to Molten Shield
+ Very easy to play, very easy to master. Recommended for first char.

- If you miss ulti - you are doomed
- Falls off lategame
- Needs a little bit of game knowledge.

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Phase 1st - Annie Mechanics.

If this is your first game Annie or any AP carry, you must turn on Co-op vs AI. Otherwise, I am telling you, those things are some "next level ****".

To play Annie you need some music. Either it is Techno, EDM, Gangsta Rap or any Rock genre - you need it.


Every spell cast gives stack. On 4 stacks - next spell stuns the opponent. Simple as that.




Are gonna load your stacks.

Trick: Before fight don't load it to 4 stacks. Get 3 of them, then quickly cast E and any of the spells to stun. Take that you pesky "click and look at stacks" players!

The "Q"

One of my favourite spells on Annie.
It is used for:
    - Lasthitting - because you have mana refund when you kill with it
    - Loading stacks - because you have mana refund when you kill with it
    - Harassing - because it has got nice range
    - Taking blue - because it has got nice range
Remember, DON'T STUN WITH THAT. It FLIES letting your opponent to run/flash.

The "W", AKA THE STUN DMG spell

You may not have read that so I will repeat again.
You STUN and DEAL DAMAGE with THIS spell.
You must practice stunning stuns with this spell.
If you can't stun at least 2 bots at once with this spell - practice more. This is VERY important one to master!

"E" - Shield

The only thing that keeps Annie alive most of the times and gives her stuns + chances with hard ad's like tryn.
In teamfights - keep this spell spammed. It gives you stacks, survivability and it's cheap on mana!

The Tibbe"R"s - your almighty bear

Bear is a great dmg. Still, remember what I told you?
Ye, you STUN with W, coz...
Really, use your tibbers ulti to stun only if your opponent is on the tip of the tibbers EXTRA range.
If you want to be even better, try to move with your tibbers. You simply hold Alt and Click right mouse button.

Hidden spell - Right mouse button.

As you may have noticed - right click makes your char move and when clicked on monster or opponent...
It deals damage! Yeah, that's right. That extra damage, along with epic range many times gives you the kills. Ye, people tend to run away with low HP and you need that slight amount of dmg to finish them off.
Boom, here it comes.

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Phase 2nd - Picking tips.


If you are picking Annie you want someone to be able to counterjungle. You don't need ganks, you don't need much of help on lane early either. If you need - you need to practice vs bots, trust me.


There are some AD's that fit Annie more than others. Those are:

1. Miss Fortune
2. Varus
3. Twitch

Basically, they deal lots of AOE damage and have those Circle-Casted (like annie's ulti) spells. They play with Ann really great.


Definitely, coz they can protect you pretty well:

1. Leona
2. Blitzcrank
3. Thresh


I didn't find any corelation, though I tend to lose more when I get Lee Sin in my team on toplane or some heavy dmg without tanking capabilites.

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Phase 3rd - Time to FARM!

Farming is easy. Click, kill, Q, kill, click, kill... etc.
The best way to master it iss to Left-click on monsters before killing and checking their HP. Now, check your dmg's and try to kill. Once you will get familiar with dmg of Q and your basic attacks - you will have a good farm.

What I am calling a good farm right now is ~100 creeps in minute 17. Why that low, one would ask?

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Phase 4th - most important - GANKS!

You NEED to gank botlane. Many times botlane is winning and they seem like they don't need it, but think of it that way - You will get kills/assists, they will get kills/assist. Why not to do it?
Not to fail it, try to go in when you see they are near your team's tower. When they are there and you start coming, use your stun and finish the job.
During ganks, don't spare any of your spells. Use ignites, ultis, whatever. Just get the kill!

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Phase 5th - Teamfights

Annie is a great teamfighter. You still need to know the sequence of spells.
Basically it is:

1. Look for Deathfire grasp. If you don't have one, proceed to step 2.
2. Check your cooldowns, if your R is on CD - DON'T ENGAGE. Tell your team to wait.
3. Try to position yourself behind Tank and in front of ADC.
4. Look for when their ADCarry and APCarry are near enough for double stun on W.
5. Cast W, R, E, Q (like in Wreck!) and finish off with Ignite. Focus on the more fed opponent, propably ADCarry as you were mid and you won.
6. Run close to your jungler and tank spamming spells. They will keep you protected and you will keep on doing precious dmg.

Always remember, your role is to kill their whole team. You need to stay until the end of teamfight.

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Trick 1:

The Flashstun.

Press flash button (D or F) and cast stunning spell (W) right after. Kinda hard to pull off, must know ability if you want to go big as Annie player.

Trick 2:

The Fool.

If you want to kill someone, play Fool. Always keep 2 or 3 stacks of your passive. If you will go 4 - your opponent will fear that you will stun him.

Trick 3:

The Extra range.

Already described in here, you use extra range of your ulti to perform amazing kills that will astonish your opponent.

Trick 4:

The Kansas City Shuffle.

If you are having guy with TP in your team comp - always have ward with yourself. During teamfight, ward the nearest grass that your opponent isn't into. Boom, here is the sound of their minds blowing as they try to run away and some1 uses teleport.

Trick 5:

The Gamble.

The gamble is one of my favourites, although sometimes it fails. If your opponent keeps playing defensively, thinking You will beat him with one combo... deliberately miss with your spells. Make your opponent think that you are weak.
One moment you will see - he will engage into teamfight even if he shouldn't. You can even call jungler for the stunt. Watch out though, don't try this thing with any sustainer like Fizz or Nidalee. They just won't attack unless you are low HP.

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Phase 6th - Victory or Lose?

Victory or Lose, no matter how did you play in this game or how did you perform, remeber. It is all just a game. Your ADCarry was really bad? Your jungler sucked? You lost? It doesn't matter. Keep your team in high spirits, praise everyone for good plays even if they were bad. Cooperate with team, chat with them if you can, but only about game matters. Ingame chat isn't for personal things. You can use skype or TS for that kind of stuff.

All in all, you are just a little girl. Be nice. :)

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Many Thanks :D

Hey, thanks for reading my little guide,
write about your failures and success,
post movies,
place your suggestions in comments,
leave me a rate,

I hope one day I see you in League of Legends summoner!