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Annie Build Guide by GARLANPEGO

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GARLANPEGO

Annie's Instantkill mashup AP MID S3

GARLANPEGO Last updated on February 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

Defense: 4


Utility: 4

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Introduction to the guide

Annie is my main champion because she does a lot of damage in few seconds and has a really good cc. You will be able to delete ad or ap carrie if you do well in lane. Your single or AoE stun will decide teamfights and save lifes as well as you manage to use it properly.

You will find my item and rune build for annie and some tips I've learnt playin her.

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Summoner spells

Very important spell for annie. After many games you really feel lost without it. It provides you more damage, sometime the amount enough to decide between kill or not.

It provides you a getaway from bad situations but the most important is using it offensive. You can catch a malpositioned opponent or start a teamfight. Used well can be really usefull.

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Seal of Mana Regeneration is very important in this build not to be blue dependent in early game and mid game also allowing us to use many abilities in low lvl.

Mark of Magic Penetration, Glyph of Scaling Ability Power and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power will make posible the high burst and the early instakills with our combo.

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I put 4 point in to Durability because annie's survivality is not focused on stacking armor or resistance but HP. It will help you to stay more time into your lane and not diying so fast in teamfights.

22 points go to attack. I found interesting to up Spellsword to max our damage and harras with autoattacks.

3 points to Meditation . I repeat: this build has got a really good mana regenration I think its essential for early game especially if our jungler burn much mana.

I upgraded Summoner's Wrath and Summoner's Insight spells. 15 seconds can make the diference.

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First purchases

Boots of Speed are necesary to evade ganks and enemy's abilities essentially.

2 Health Potion If you took damage from your opponent or from blocking minions. you need to stay with high life and to do last hits with security

1 Mana Potion This one is optional but I always buy one mana poti and I often use it. You can take 3 Heal potions with no problem.

In the first Tp you should upgrade Boots of Speed to Sorcerer's Shoes and buy one or two doran's ring. Next tp may upgrade boots to lvl 3 Enchantment: Alacrity and try to buy the Blasting Wand.

General items

Thoes shoes should be enchanted with mobility. They provide you magic penetration necessary to fight tankie champions and make the maximum damage posible

I recomend to buy first the Blasting Wand and then the Giant's Belt becuse you will need a bit more of AP to make sure your combo is going to delte te enemy. Rylai's is really usefull because it provides you lot of sustain with the Giant's Belt and the slow passive plus Enchantment: Alacrity enemies wont escape unless they flash.

This item has the highest amount of AP its mandatory buying it.

More HP, more AP, More magic penetration. This S3 items works very well with AP mids.

More AP and much more magic penetration +40% of ( Mark of Magic Penetration+ Sorcerer's Shoes+ Liandry's Torment) You can stack a really nice amount of magic penetration

This is an optional last item. With it you will reach the highest magical burst with his active ability and you will get a 15% CD. I think is pretty good. You can also make Zhonya's Hourglass but I think for annie is not as usefull as for a morgana or fiddle.

Usefull items you may include in your Build

If you face Veigar that kills you with a combo, Blitzcrank that can grab you or opponents that can silence you as Kassadin, Malzahar, LeBlanc etc, I highly recommend to buy a Banshee's Veil


If in the enemy team domain AP damage you should buy those 2 items or at least one of them. I prefer Athene's Unholy Grail because of the CD reduction an the mana regeneration. Abyssal Mask its also good if in your team there's an AP top.

If the enemy team has got a lot of AD damage or his AD carry is very feed you should buy one of this item.

If the enemy teeam as got lots of CC i recomend to buy this boots + Banshee's Veil. The only think is that you will have to buy an early Haunting Guise for the magic penetration.

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Skill Sequence

Annie Always starts with Q Disintegrate. Lasthitting with annie is really easy because if you kill a minion with Q Disintegrate it costs 0 mana. You have to let mininon low till finish them with Q Disintegrate not to push your lane.

The second skill you have to upgrade is the W Incinerate because if you manage to stun the enemy with Q Disintegrate you can inmediately cast W Incinerate and do connsiderable damage at lvl 2

AT level 3 you have to up E Molten Shield to have another spell to charge you passive. It also give you defense and damage reflect as a little Thornmail .

After lvl 3 we must upgrade Q Disintegrate and W Incinerateat the same time (Q,W,Q,W...) and taking in mind lvl 6, 11, and 16 to upgrade the ultimate R Summon: Tibbers.

Molten Shield 3,14,15,17,18. Really usefull ability but I prefer to maximize at the end of the game. Ithink one point at lvl 3 is enough for first 2 phases of the game (early and mid game).

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You have to play in differents ways depending of which enemy you have to face.

I classified 3 types of enemies: 1.Equal as Annie 2.Jumpers 3.Tanquies

1.Those enemies are the easiest to beat ( Twisted Fate, Ryze, Viktor, Karthus, Malzahar,etc) Farm and play safelly till lvl 5, at lvl 5 try to do a little combo with Pyromania and when you reach lvl 6 do the same but with the full combo. If they are very agressive only get closer when you got Pyromania to return more damage than what you recive.

2.Jumpers ( Katarina, Akali, Kassadin, Ahri, LeBlanc, * Diana*): I think those are our hardest opponents. You should play agressive and try to get a kill before lvl 6. If not, buy always 3 health potions and try to engage with Pyromania (Q+W) and wait till his jump goes CD and then nuke them with Pyromania+ Summon: Tibbers+ combo. Special atention to Diana she counters Annie so hard i recomend an early gank and play safe after lvl 6>>> (gona be nerfed).

3. Tankie (AP Cho'Gath, Gragas, Mordekaiser, Morgana). I recomend to farm with Q and do autoattacks to them whenever possible. They cant stay with full health, you have to make constant damage trying to harras but without pushing your lane.

sight ward You have to put 2 sight ward in each side of midlane as in the photo because you re not elusive if you dont have flash.

You can control Summon: Tibbers. You can use it as a temporal ward or send it to enemies (he really hurts!) You can use him to tank dragon or any monster of jungle except nashor.

You can activate E when the enemy ignites you or for Karthus ult. It reduce the damage. If you re going to initiate a temfight or a single fight always use the E, at low lvl (3-6) the diference between use the ability or not is really significant.

Combo "instantkill"

Our instant kill combo starts with stun Pyromania. U need to be lvl 6. If the opponent has got flash u can try to stun him with Q Disintegrate and then R summon:tibbers (to make more damage with the bear) and W Incinerate + Ignite. All this should be casted while the enemy is stunt. Every 4 spells annie's next spell stuns. If you want to surprise your enemy you can stack 3 charges and when you're ready to attack use the E Molten Shield to charge the stun and do Instkill combo.

If the enemy have not got flash you can start with R summon:tibbers(+stun) making more damage with bear while cast W Incinerate and Q Disintegrate. For teamfight you can initiate if you are sure you are going to hit 2-3 people (always ap or ad carry)with R summon:tibbers, if not, you have to wait till your tank(top, jungler) take some abilities from enemy (cd) and they get together to stun them all with R or W.