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Sion Build Guide by mjskid

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mjskid

ap and ad jungle sion

mjskid Last updated on September 27, 2014
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Threats to Sion with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rengar you can kill him in a 1v1 post 6 with ease as long as he is not fed
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Hi, my summoner name is mjskid you can add me if you want. I am only silver 5 (silver 4 now) but it is So hard to carry this year in ranked. im hoping to get to gold before this season is over. this is my first guide on mobafire, I love to play sion because of how well he can 1v1 post level 6. if you feel a need to down vote this please tell me why and i will try to fix it. he can also be played in top lane but has a lot of trouble early game because he can just get pushed around by almost everyone so that's why he is better played in the jungle. in the jungle sion can get free health stacks on his E and with his rework coming up soon i hope that riot will keep his E the same or buff it.

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AD Pros / Cons

once you hit 6 can 1v1 most people
ult heals team for 50% of what you are healing
with the more farm you get the tankyer you get
if your team needs a tank go farm :D
has an AD steroid for 25-65 AD
good first clear with shield you take no damage from monsters
late game with full build you can solo baron without loseing too much hp
decent teamfights with ult and stun
slow movement speed until you get boots
gets kited very easily

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i take attatck damage marks to help clear monsters and its more attack damage

for seals i take flat armor seals sence sion does not need hp seals thanks to his E

and for glyphs i take flat magic resist because for those pesky ap mid lanners

and for quents i take two attack speed and one lifesteal quint because in the early levels sions E takes 6 hp per hit so those help a lot early game

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i go 21/9/0 for improved damage and attack speed. Butcher is a great masterie for anyone who is jungleing because you do 2 more damage to monsters with each hit. it might not sound like a lot but it helps a lot. with Fury you get + 5% attack speed which helps because sion builds a lot of attack speed and damage so that helps him pump out more damage. i take Feast just for the little bit of heal and mana coming back with each monster/minion you kill. Martial Mastery give you 4 damage which is very nice early game. Double-Edged Sword lets you deal an extra 2% damage which in a fight will help you a lot. Executioner will help you deal more damage when they are under 50%.

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Creeping / Jungling

your gonna want to start at the buff that is closest to your bot lane for a better leash. if they have a slow jungler like Amumu then go start at their red buff. if you did start at their red go right to your blue buff then get wolves then wraths and then gank mid or bot. or if they don't need one get golums or the big wrath

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Unique Skills

Sion s E is one of my favorite skills in the whole game! because it give him 25-65 extra damage. and for every jungle creep you kill you get 2-6 hp for every one. so if you just stay in your jungle for till you get your flare then you will be super tanky. so his Q is really just a stun for ad sion which is nice for ganks because you can Q them and them start bashing their facebones with youe axe bone. and early game his W is nice because A. its a shield B. if the monsters don't destroy it then it hurts.

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Pros / Cons for ap jungle sion

massive shield that deals tons of damage
stun that scales really well with ap
hp with every monster killed
takes no damage due to shield

week early game
needs kills for late game
slow first clear time

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thanks for reading this guide! i know that Sion is a somewhat of an odd pick but if you do end up playing him in the jungle please tell me. i am updating this as much as i can right now but school is not letting me do that much :P. i will be working on the ap guide more as i test it out more. thanks for reading this hope you have a great time smashing face bones or blowing them up with AP w.

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i will be testing out a new build for Sion after this rework is out. thanks for reading.