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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axebitten

AP/Disruptor Malphite

Axebitten Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi! Welcome to my Malphite's Build!

Malphite is a great champion and the ultimate disruptor in battle, he also has a deep and grundgy voice wich I love. I hope you have as much fun playing him as I do. I'll try to update this build as much as I can and I'm open to suggestions so don't be afraid to comment.

With this build I tried to implement a more active style of play to Malphite without restraining to his functions as a tank/disruptor. Tired of being able to do nothing after using your ulti on the enemy team? With this build you will make them focus you or die chasing your teamates!

I focused on getting a good flow of defensive capability and survivability throughout the game, wich, luckily for Malphite, also translates into massive ofensive and disruptive power. It's also built to provide you with the right items at the right time, giving you the best possible defense against a variety of diferent enemies and a steady pace in every moment of the game while providing decent AP to make a mess out of the other guys.

I used to have a very different build published for Malphite, a more pure tank oriented but now that I came back to playing him more actively again I decided it was time for a more competitive, offensive and experienced approach.

I've been having the funniest games with this build, I hope you will feel the same!

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I will not go into much detail on runes and masteries. For runes, focused on magic pen, armor, CD reduction and flat AP for a strong early harrassment (along with the +15 ap of the ). all good things on Malphy.

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For Masteries went for the same goals: Get as much cd reduction as possible on Utility and on the attack section get some magic penetration. Notice that I have a boost point on the teleport spell. That's because sometimes I use it on 5v5. You can put that point on wathever you feel like.

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Summoner Spells

One of my favourite spells in game. Play a lot with ignite on Swain and became affectioned with it. after your full combo drop it around a fleeing foe and voila! A fustrated (and dead) opponent! Also a killer spell for first blood.

You will need it in the early game to continue the harrasment and later to support your team.

Also an option:

Great escape and chasing mechanism. Good to position yourself for a blasting ulti. Not much else to say.

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You will benefit from the +15 AP + 15 from Quints to give a brutal harrass early on with Seismic Shard. You also need the mana regen it gives. The HP is a bonus.

You are a tank, you really need Magic resist and to minimize crowd control. are also an option

HP, more disruption on you opponents, more AP to blast them to hell where they belong!

An extremely powerful item on this build. Everything about it is great for Malphite and fits just right with his purpose in the arena.

First time I saw this item I knew it was made for Malphite. Tons of AP + Armor = BOOOOOOMM!!!!! also it's ability can save your *** if you get focused after initiating, I just love this thing!

what items you buy for last will depend on the opposing team composition and what you feel you need the most

My choise most of the time. This is also a great item for Malphite, lots of armor, lots of mana, your enemies get slower and your abilities get faster cooldown times.

Ok so, more armor for your Ground Slam, more magic resist wich is great and a "second life" ability. Overall a more pure tank oriented item

More HP wich is good, more armor for offence and a sweet aoe effect.

More Magic Resist, more AP, suprisingly powerfull punches. Also a solid choice.

A cheap item that will give you plenty of armor, plenty of ofensive power when using Ground Slam and will keep at bay enemies that use basic attacks a lot (like those annoying Ashe, Teemo, etc).

If your opponents refuseses to focus you....just punish them!

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First thing you need to be aware of is the role of Malphite in the game. Although he can be somewhat versatile, I personaly look at him as being not only the tank but also a team disruptor character. You are the teamfight initiator, the one that dives into hell and breaks your enemies ability to respond properly and minimize their escape chance. You still need your teamates to go there with you and do most of the damage so dont get far from them. Timing is everything.

Don't extend yourself alone, you are a team player. Although you can sometimes kill other champions by yourself, you still have to be clever and don't forget your role.

Save your ultimate for the right time, you will give your team a better chance to score an ace if you use it properly.

Experience with him a lot and you'll be buldozing the battlefield in no time! Dont expect huge amounts of kills, you will still be playing the tank, just capable of more damage. If you play it right tough you will certainly be able to get more kills than deaths.

Thanks for reading, if you play with this build, please give me your opinion on it.

Have fun!