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Evelynn Build Guide by Wanderer1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wanderer1

AP Evelynn, The True Assassin

Wanderer1 Last updated on February 22, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 30

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This guide has been made by Wanderer1, Obsidianblade1, and Aventur.

Firstly, upon saving my original guide, it all got really borked up. 3 chapters went missing, all the new stuff was mixed up and 1 of my two first pictures got messed up, so here is my new version of it, starting from fresh.

Try it in a normal game and find out if it works before you downvote it!

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AP Evelynn Guide, The True Assassin *Remake*

Graphic by ivey -

I started playing Evelynn late last year, after seeing the funny things a friend of mine (Obsidianblade1) could do when playing her. When I first started I initially, I played ad jungle Eve, and honestly, it felt crummy. She had ganking power yes, but it was slow and hard, Udyr just felt so much better and the damage you could deal was okay, but nothing like most champions.
But one day my mates came over and gave me a hand and put together a build, they both played stealth champions already so they both helped me with tactics, when to gank and such. That game I destroyed. Since then I've never played ad Evelynn again. Since then she has became my main, and I now have gained much skill as her and now I want to give a hand to all those new Eve players, so that they can feel how much fun it can be to play her how I think she was meant to be played.

This was about my 3rd day as Evelynn, Level 30, and not everything I did was smart, but it was so much fun.

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Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Massively long stealth fully leveled
+ Long slow
+ Armor and Magic resist reducer
+ Really powerful burst nuke combo that can be laid down extremely fast
+ Heals when kills or assists after getting ult
+ Great backdoor potential
+ Great Escape/Chasing tools

- Sooooooooooooooooooo very squishy.
- Very low range
- Oracles on fed/tank/someone surrounded by strong people = Difficulties
- Some people rush oracles and vision wards.
- Get too far behind your enemies = gg for you.
- Needs to get sheen before you can deal any real damage.

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Abilities and some tips on them.

There is never one formula to LoL so your skill choice is not set in stone, but Ravage will always be your number 1 ranking favorite.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

PassiveDetermined Killer
Half damage from minions (NOT jungle monsters). Rather useless as minions are the least of your worries and even more since they nerfed minion damage early 2012, but sometimes it can save your life when you kill someone at early levels and you are quite low and the minions are attacking you, can give you the damage reduction you need to run away and survive.

QHate Spike
This is button you are going to learn to mash, it's got an extremely low cooldown (like half a second), low mana cost, small damage early game (but enough to get that creep or champion kill) and late game does some nice damage with enough ap. This is what you use to primary proc your sheen/lich bane. This deals full damage to the nearest enemy minion/champion/monster and 50% to the next closest one. Great for popping Banshee's Veil. Take it level 5 and max it last.

WShadow Walk
Your stealth, get to know it's timer, how it works, how to juke with it. Also remember that if minions can attack you, someone has a oracles or vision ward, and soon you will be killed. The first aa or ability used after going stealth will slow the target. Adds 10 seconds to its duration each rank. Max it second.

Your primary nuke. It's actually quite amazing, reduces their armor and magic resist for nice duration, has great base damage, 100% of your ability power, and also using this and then instantly auto-attacking will deal a massive amount of damage, if done right can kill tryndameres before the human brain can even register the annihilation and press R (on a side note, if that doesn't kill him, never fear, just ult and run for your pitiful life).
Max this first!

RMalice and Spite
Life Saver in many ways.
This is an amazing ability for ad Evelynns but of course we aren't playing ad, but it can give you the stats boost you need to tower dive, win a fight, run for your life, chase someone down and also with its healing for every kill or assist, it can give you that little you need to live from a fight or tower dive. It has no mana cost so press it everytime you think you can win or just whenever because kills and assists refresh its cooldown too! Of course level this baby at the usual times, 6, 11 and 16.

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The new masteries, honestly one of the best things they have done of recent, making it that mages have so many reasons to go into the offensive tree.


The standard stuff, every ap mastery in there? Take it. Fairly no brainer.
2 points in damage to minions, your early game damage is crummy so you need all the help you can get when last hitting minions to get the levels you desperately need to get your damage.
Summoners Wrath, one of my new favorites, instead of having to spend lots of points all over the board to upgrade your summoner abilities, you can do each of the 3 types with 1 mastery point each, so upgrading your ignite and exhaust with a single point works nicely.
Attack speed and armor pen, late game when your combo is roughly q, aa and e *an enemy has been slain!*, getting some armor pen for you lichbane proc aa (because it deals ad) is nice, combine that with your armor and magic resist reducer on your e, it really kills, helps to take down those pesky tanks.
Executioner, ever wished you could have 1v1 fights like Pantheon? Having the ability to get that last bit of damage required when on low hp? Well meet the ability for you. Eve is at heart, and assassin, so popping up next to a low hp carry in a bush and one-shotting them is what you are good for, so getting that extra damage, could mean the difference between that tryn realizing whats happening and turning on his ult or you one-shotting the guy and making him qq.

Defensive Masteries

Because of her evident squishiness, getting some stuff in there wouldn't be too bad, but honestly, a good Eve can choose the fights it can win and avoid the ones it can't.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

The most ideal selections are:
-Marks, Greater Marks of Insight (magic penetretion) (or Destruction (hybrid armour/magic penetration) for Obsidianblade1 but I prefer the magic resist because your e is your main source of damage, rather than auto attacks, and your q is magic too so it deals great damage with just magic pen alone).
-Seals, Greater Seals of Vitality (HP/lvl)) (or Resilience (Flat armour) Obsidianblade1's idea incase of an ad heavy team)
-Gliths, Greater Glyphs of Force (AP/lvl)
-Quints, Greater Quint of Potency (Flat AP)

The Marks both give resist penetration increasing your overall damage, since they are the only marks that remotely work on her ap, they are your best bet.
Vitality/Resilience gives you that extra bit of toughness you need against your enemies. HP for general defence or armour for slightly increased lv1 capability with ad carries
Glyphs and Quints just give you the extra damage you need for imploding enemies, particularly earlier on.

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Summoner Spells

I take ever since a mate suggested it to me, and it makes killing things easier. Use it whenever you don't think you can catch them, kill them or simply survive.

Also I take because you can cast it while stealthed and NOT come out of stealth because of it. It also is useful for shutting down the healing of people who have annoying healing, like Dr. Mundo and Volibear and also simply for the Tryndameres.

Other options are as a chasing and escaping tool but it's just not something I use on her (everyone else, heck yeah, it's op escape but you have stealth), but you can leech assists to heal and lastly, because she is a little mana hungry early game but you don't really need it.

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What Evelynn loves doing

Graphic by Niahawk

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Items, Core Strategy and why not get ___?

Playing Eve, like most champions, requires at least some kind of strategy on how you will go about fighting the enemy team throughout the game.

1st off, we get a Regrowth Pendant and a Mana Potion. Now you may be thinking, but hey that's a tanking item? Well it nullifies early game harass nicely, and with a blue pot you can stay in lane for longer. Take Shadow Walk 1st. When you get to your lane (never mid), wait for your teammate to arrive and then stealth in first, making sure not to be seen coming by sticking right on the tower before going stealth.

If there is someone in there and your teammate is ready and willing, destroy the weakest one, using your exhaust on it if necessary, or exhausting the main damage dealer if you are worried about being killed really easily (which is likely but usually that's the squishy one anyway).

If all is well and your hp bar is fullish (remember your Regrowth Pendant?, stick around you will full hp sooner than you think) stay in lane and do what you can to get enough creep kills to get you some levels. Take Ravage next to give you something to hurt someone with, because honestly, they are not really scared of your damage atm.

If they come back with a vision ward or you are low, back and buy Philospher's Stone and afterwards, Mobility Boots. Philosophers Stone gives an extremely good mana regen for its price and gives you extra gold to get the rest of the build coming up faster. Mobility Boots are self explanatory, faster eve means faster travel times means faster ganks and faster smiles.

From there, play it safe, killing only when you can (not trying to get into extended fights without Sheen/ Lich Bane and helping your teammates as much as you can by face-checking for them, but by also not feeding the enemy team by popping out of stealth because your stealth timer ran out and now you are inbetween the both of them. Rectify that problem by leveling up your Shadow Walk again.

If mid looks gankable, go do so, making sure to make full use of your invisibility and stealthing before running into the bush in-case of wards.

Also take a point in Hate Spike at level 5 to give you a hand in procs for your Sheen which should be the next thing you buy.

From there it's power leveling your Ravage, leveling your ultimate whenever you can, your Shadow Walk and Hate Spike alternatively all other times.

Next build a Megai's Soulstealer if you aren't feeding because even if you are getting assists, every stack you make will make your damage 1000% better.

After that it's a Lich Bane for the incredibly useful stats and damage it gives you, making your Hate Spike so much more useful.

Then it's onto a Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the slow, hp and ap it gives you or Rabadon's Deathcap, the deathcap for its ability to make most mages cause death.
By this time the game should be beginning to finish up if you are having a rather average game OR its a longer game in which you will want to finish off with a Rylai's Crystal Scepter (or Rabadon's Deathcap if you didn't get it before) and a Hextech Gunblade. The Gunblade is last for its sustain during fights, which only works well with lots of damage and bonus damage on your auto-attacks.

Other Items

Archangel's Staff "You have a low cost, low cooldown ability and you are a mage, why do you not have this?" Well quite simple, you can only use it when attacking things, you should have all the ap you need from the items you have got and also, there is no real space for it. Nothing in there can you get rid of and not drastically reduce her overall performance.
When you Buy this item, you are spending a large sum of money which could be better spent on your mejais, lich, deathcap and rylais, so and to put off buying those items is crippling to Eve.

Guardian Angel for some toughness and its passive. As much as it useful, you are almost always behind enemy territory, often by yourself, so when you come back, you shall just die again.

Guinsoo's Rageblade for some nice stats and fast charging, it is a tempting item but when you think about what Evelynn is, she is a quick nuke and leg it type of assassin, she will lose her stacks whenever she needs them because she backs away from the fight for a new target. Like Archangels it also slows down the rest of the Key items in the build.

Zhonya's Hourglass for some toughness against ad damage dealers and a very decent bit of AP. The passive is very tempting but again that is not how Evelynn is played. She hits and runs, therefore stasis in the middle of the team would only end up with a dead Eve 2 seconds later. It just gives them the time to surround you. If you are a mage with spells that work during stasis (eg Karthus, Morgana,Kennen etc) it might work alright but eve needs to keep spamming abilities or running otherwise her talents are being wasted. Like with the Guardian Angel, you are in enemy territory, 2 secs of stasis won't do much without the whole team alone side you.

Anything else? Well mention it to me and I'll think of whether it is better or not and test trial it myself, tell you if I like it and maybe bring it into the guide.

Core Strategy

A few basic tips on what can be done and why they work well will help you dominate better than any Evelynn you have seen before.

Ganking: to gank an enemy, ping the person to focus and then stealth up next to them. Wait for your ally to initiate on the enemy champion and then unstealth using Eve's basic combo (e,q,q,q...) trying to deal as much damage as you can before they can escape.
Why? Self explanatory. This lets your ally know your intentions and gets you into position to make an extremely quick execution.
To Lane as Evelynn you goal is not to face roll to win, it requires patience and opportunity taking in order to deal damage to your enemies without suffering a big retaliation. Having the minions wave on your side of the lane is definitely a good way to ensure harrass and ganks [by you and your jungler (if any)] turn out successful. That goes for everyone on your team, if they get the enemy to at least stand in the middle of the lane it give you the opportunity to walk right next to them and slow them when the jungler runs in. Your goal as Evelynn is not to rack up a huge CS, but rather to farm champions, so ensure you are ganking often whenever the it is viable to gank the lane. (Tower hugging enemies on full HP and Mana are not very viable)

Escaping: Walk away from the enemy in any direction (as long as there is no vision ward) while turning on stealth. Avoid as much damage as possible to speed up the stealthing process. Once stealthed walk towards the tower in a slightly indirect route as to juke any following skill shots
Escaping from a kill can actually be easier, when you are about to get the kill use your ultimate so you can refresh your CD immediately and you have a big speed boost to get you out of there while you stealth up.

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Who to lane/play with and why

Strong Allies for Evelynn to have, in her lane or on her team and why.
While there are a lot of champions Evelynn hates to lane against, there are certain champions that are particularly useful

Tryndamere - Crazy damage and Reasonably good sustain, Tryndamere can be a nice ally when played with the correct level of aggressiveness. If your Tryndamere is trying for tower diving level 3 he is one of the worst types of Tryn player you can possibly get. If he is calm and farms most of the time he is the right type of Tryndamere for you, as he will be able to heal himself on the minions rather than losing HP in skirmishes he can’t win.

Pantheon – Able to nuke with his ad, a stun-leap , a spammable harass, a block and a teleport ultimate, this guy is a force to be reckoned with. You as Evelynn can be his scout into a brush and he can decide whether or not to leap in nuke along with you or to delay for a later time. He might not be the most sustainable champion but he can be durable enough to get his combo out before the enemy can even react to the slaughter. Have a jungler gank with that and say bye bye to any person in the middle of the lane.

Master Yi - High early game damage, can jump to enemies for a great surprise initiation with Alpha Strike and then with your slow can lay down some heavy damage. With you to face check bushes and giving him targets to jump to, the damage you will be able to lay down will be enormous, ensuring kills all round.

Xin Zhao – With his great damage and sustain, kicking him out of lane is hard, pair that up with his dash and working with Eve make for a quick, high damage combo, resulting in some nice kills. Also with his toughness he can handle the damage he will be hit with because of your inability to be hit.

Ahri – With her Charm, massive damage and mobility, combining that with a magic resist reducing hidden helper, the damage output will be nice and with her passive spellvamp she can gain the sustain she needs to stick it out in the long run.

Cassiopeia – Generally a painful character, great at poking at the enemy, getting them down low, ready for Eve to finish, has a nice powerful ult and is generally just really powerful if played well.

Annie – Purple clothing all round is powerful, so the added bonus of the powerful stun, massive damage nuke combo, keeping them in place while you add on to the damage, making your enemies forever fear the color/colour purple and never want to see her bear ever again.

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Who is difficult to lane against

Shen – Shen might not be the most tremendous threat you can have but he does have a way to deal with stealth champions and he is rather tough and heals himself and allies. While you are stealthed, if you are hit by his shadow dash, you will be forced to attack him, and you will become unstealthed and extremely vulnerable. Any nearby enemies will attempt to kill you as fast as they can before you can make a break for it so be very careful of this. His healing can be a problem if you and going to fight against him so be sure before you gank his lane that you know the champion you are going for is low. As well as that, he has his global ultimate that protects an ally and sends him to their aid, try to pick off non-suspecting champions before Shen even gets the chance to shield them.

Dr. Mundo – Mundo can be a big threat due to his low cd hard hitting cleavers, his AOE burning agony and his fast healing action with his ultimate. The goal here is to get him before his ultimate kicks in or igniting him if he’s already using it. Most Mundo players buy very tanky items (including Warmogs, Force of Nature and Sunfire Cape which all have negative effects on Eves ability to kill him) to fulfil his teams tanking role, while still dealing very nice damage.

Ryze – By himself Ryze might not be a big threat, but in a duo lane with another of the bad list champions he can be that critical bit of damage and cc that makes a happy Evelynn into a dead Evelynn. To counter, don’t be anywhere you will regret being snared at. If he snares you the ad carry alongside him will jump on you faster than you ever thought possible. Instead try to hang towards your side of the lane and if he snares you, the ad carry will have less room to chase you down, meaning less damage and a happier Eve.

Lee Sin - This Tanky DPS/Jungler/Assassin/Fighter/Melee/Ranged/Support/Mage/Nuker is your worst
nightmare to fight against. He has 2 spammable anti stealth spells, that is if he hits you, he and his team can see you in stealth. Apart from that he is tough, durable, very damaging and has enough cc to keep enemies at bay making him one of the most annoying champions in the game. Hard to see any ways to counter him. Do not 1v1. Dangerous.

Caitlyn - She is not very hard to kill and her damage without her being fed isn't scary but watch out for those traps in bushes, walk into one with enemies nearby, and you will soon be dead because it snares for a great duration and gives them sight of you, meaning your stealth is not going to save you. Otherwise, she is fine, really squishy so is a prime target for nuking, if you don't kill her in the combo, watch out for the net because you will not be catching up with her easily afterwards. Try to avoid bushes if she might have placed them there, but otherwise, kill her before she can place the cake. As a side note, also avoid other trap layers like Teemo and Nidalee because they can give away your position.

Cassiopeia - Spammable Damage Over Time (DOT), q which alerts her when she hits by giving her a movespeed buff. Her damage is high and her ultimate has a very long stun if you face her. She is a Mage DPS so she deals lots of damage on short CDs. She is usually squishy except when she builds Rod of Ages and Rylai's Crystal Scepter, juke her ultimate as best you can, its much like the reverse of the Tryndamere slow, but its a powerful nuke/slow/stun. Dangerous.

Karthus - While he usually is squishy, the annoying part is he has lots of Area of Effect (AoE) damage and an annoying passive and ultimate so even after you kill him he can retaliate. Fortunately for you, if you kill him you get a little hp back thanks to your ultimate's passive which can be all the difference to dead eve and eve with 2 more mejais stacks and a decent bounty for killing the Lich. Use his squishyness and kill him fast before he can lay down that damage. Also, killing him while he is using his ultimate will stop the damage at the end of it so make use of it and lastly, he is one slow shaman, ganking him is easy and fun, as long as you do it quick and you and whoever is in the lane with you are on either sides of him so he has to choose who he wants to slow and reduce the resistances of.

Morgana - Has extremely long cc and loads of damage, has Black Shield that can stop you from getting a kill. She often is somewhat tough for a mage but has extremely long CDs and should be avoided until she uses her snare up, as afterwards she can't land much of her abilities. To counter her, kill your target before she notices, but don't get scared off from the target if you could kill them with a Lich Bane auto attack, juke the snare and land the hit and you will get the kill because it only blocks magic damage. Lastly, careful of fighting her without someone else that she can see around because she can tell with her ultimate, if its available or not.

Soraka - She has 2 very powerful heals (one is global so she can save an ally on the other end of the map, she also ensures that her lane partner is fully stocked on HP and Mana. Her q can be used to detect if you are around since it has the ability to cast only nearby enemies, so stay close to your minions to hide well. Her silence can be a pain as you cannot cast your q for the duration and Soraka support players generally buy wards for their allies. Buy visions wards for where you suspect Soraka to have warded or if she has a lot of them, consider buying an Oracles Elixir and farming them. Gank other lanes that she is not in as often as you can.

Olaf - Because being a Viking is hectic, and killing him before he realizes whats going on and turns around resolves your existance, is tricky because of his toughness. Never underestimate his damage and tower diving him is annoying. BEWARE OF VIKINGS

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Thank you to Obsidianblade 1 for helping me with the basis of my guide. Thank you to Ivey and Niahawk for their awesome Evelynn graphics and thank you to Aventur for getting me into this damned game and helping me with some of the new guide.

Thanks to jhoijhoi for the line dividers/separators, and also her guide, which you can find here, it helped me to make it look even better!

Check out her signatures ->Xiaowiriamu, she made mine =D