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Ezreal Build Guide by briazgrun

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author briazgrun

AP Ezreal is still alive

briazgrun Last updated on October 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is still under construction

You can try this guide now, but its not finished yet.
to do:

  • explaining items
  • give some tips to fight against/with some champions
  • maybe Videos with some important tips

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05. Nov. 2011

  • Insert Chapter Summoner Spells
  • described new tactics
  • Added Images

06. Nov. 2011
  • Insert a chapter with start items
  • Insert a chapter with item discussion
  • Edited the cooldown section
  • addet new runebuilds

07. Nov. 2011
  • Added defensive items

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AP Ezreal? Are you serious?

I know, that the most of you play Ezreal as an AD Carry, but in this guide i show you my way to play Ezreal. I hope that some of you will try this guide. But before you do this, please read this guide. I try to show some tactics, because its another play than an AD Ezreal.

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Pros / Cons

- A lot of fun
- Massive AP burst dmg to some champs at once
- Good AD Carry Support
- Can get a high minion farm
- Save towers / push lanes / support mates / kill luckers from all over the map
- Kite your enemys crazy
- Magic dance

- Squishy
- Hard to master
- Not easy to use your skillshots the best way

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CD Reduction and Magic Penetration

You are an AP Carry and you deal the most of your damage with your abilitys.
You have to find the best way between Def, AP, CDR and MP.
In this part i have a look on CDR and MP.

Cooldown Reduction

Important points:

  • 40% is CDR - Cap So every percent above this value is just lost.
  • You get 9% with your masteries. Don't forget this

This guide shows you how to get 35% or nearly exact 40% of CD reduction.
9% with masteries (3% with Sorcery and 6% with Intelligence )
20% with items Morello's Evil Tome
6,01% with runes (9 x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and 1 x Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction) to get 35% CDR
or 10.93% with runes (9 x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and 1 x Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction and 3 Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction) to get 40% CDR

If you need help to decide, wich runebuild you would have, take a look at the "Runes" chapter.

Magic Penetration

Important Points:
  • There are 4 types of magic penetration
  • You get one of them with your masteries

To get a look, how magic penetration exactly works, visit LOL-Wiki.

I will just explain the most important parts.
The four types of Magic penetration are:
  • Magic Resistance Reduction in Percent
  • Magic Resistance Reduction absolute
  • Magic Penetration in Percent
  • Magic Penetration absolute

Difference between Magic Resistance Reduction and Magic Penetration
Magic Resistance Reduction can reduce the Magic Resistance of your enemy below 0 and deals extra damage if the MR is negative.

But the problem is, that they work descending in the following hierarchy:
  1. Magic Resistance Reduction in Percent
  2. Magic Resistance Reduction absolute
  3. Magic Penetration absolute
  4. Magic Penetration in Percent
So its not easy to get the MR of an enemy below 0.

I got a formula to calculate your magic penetration:
(Magic Resistance * (100- x% Magic Resistance Reduction Percent)/100 - Magic Resistance Reduction – Magic Penetration ) * (100 – y% Magic Penetration Percent)/100

In this build you have 15% Magic Resist Reduction, 20 Magic Penetration and 40% Magic Penetration.

An Example:
We have an enemy with 80 MR.
(80*(100-15)/100 -0 -20)*(100-40)/100 = 28,8 MR left

Magic Penetration or AP?

The formula for MR is:
100 /(100+MR) *100%

Your enemy has 80 MR:
100/(100+80)*100% = 55,5%
He just gets 55,5% of the incoming DMG.

Now have a look on our itembuild:
Endgame we have Tome,Mejai's(about 10 Stacks),Deathcap,Lichbane.

Now should we get another Deathcap or a voidstaff?
Your Essence Flux deals 280 Magic DMG + 70% of your AP
AP with Voidstaff(without runes): 616,2 DMG with Flux an Void: 711,34
AP with Deathcape(without runes): 695,5 DMG with Flux and Deathcape: 766,85

Base MR of an enemy 80:
With Void: 28,8 --> gets 77,6% DMG --> DMG with Flux and Void: 552
With Deathcap: 48 --> gets 67% DMG --> DMG with Flux and Deathcap: 513,8

Base MR of an enemy 150:
With Void: 61,5 --> gets 61,9% DMG --> DMG with Flux and Void: 440,3
With Deathcap: 102,5 --> gets 49,3% DMG --> DMG with Flux and Deathcap: 378,1

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Now we can take a look on our runebuild.

Important Points:

35% CDR or 40% CDR?
You can decide on your own. CDR is an important point for an AP Ezreal but you can choose what you need more.
Lets have a look on the Cooldowns:

Mystic Shot
basic CD: 6 / 5.5 / 5 / 4.5 / 4
with 35% CDR: 3.9 / 3.575 / 3.25 / 2.925 / 2.6
with 40% CDR: 3.6 / 3.3 / 3 / 2.7 / 2.4

Essence Flux
basic CD: 9
with 35% CDR: 5.85
with 40% CDR: 5.4

Arcane Shift
basic CD: 19 / 17 / 15 / 13 / 11
with 35% CDR: 12.35 / 11.05 / 9.75 / 8.45 / 7.15
with 40% CDR: 11.4 / 10.2 / 9 / 7.8 / 6.6

Trueshot Barrage
basic CD: 80
with 35% CDR: 52
with 40% CDR: 48

I think 35% is enough CDR, so you got some more fun with Blue Buff or your 20 Stacks of Mejai's Soulstealer.
But if you take 40% of CDR its just a loss of 15 AP. Thats not much too. But its your choice.

Full dmg 35% CDR(my prefered one)

I play with Potency Runes only, after getting my 6% CDR. So my prefered Runebuild is:

Manareg included 35%CDR

If you want Mana reg, then took Greater Seal of Replenishment. Its the most effective.
So your runebuild can look like this:

Full dmg 40% CDR

I play with Potency Runes only, after getting my 6% CDR. So my prefered Runebuild is:

Manareg included 40%CDR

If you want Mana reg, then took Greater Seal of Replenishment. Its the most effective.
So your runebuild can look like this:

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Summoner Spells

Must have Summoner Spell. Sometimes you need a double flash to get away, sometimes your E is on CD or sometimes you can use a barrier to kite a melee while damaging him.

My second favorite Spell. You are a Mid Champion, so sometimes you need to go to the base and get back fast.
Sometimes the enemy is pushing your tower while you are base. Then use your Ulti and instant port to the tower. In some cases you can get him with the suprising damage of your ulti.
I love teleport, because i love it to go shopping ;-) you have more mobility with this.

Often there are enemys who got away with low hp and you could kill them with your ulti. CV can help you to not shoot into the dark.

Indifferent how many mana problems you have in early game, i think this spell is just worthless in latgame. Try to use your mana intelligent and dont waste it, so you dont need Clarity (with NO char). All summoner spells are more usefull then clarity. Just my oppinion ;-)

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Start Items

I'll try to explain the hierarchy of the first items.

I always start with 2 x
You will have problems with your Mana, if you want to harras your enemy. So the manareg of Dorans Ring is usefull. The AP and life too for sure.
Then you can decide:

Case 1
If one of the following applies to you take first:

  • You can see that your enemy is passive and you cant get kills so fast.
  • You have hard Mana Problems.

Case 2
If one of the following applies to you take first:
  • You can see that you are able to kill your enemy soon.
  • Your direct enemy is passive and you can push your lane, to gank top/bot.

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Item Discussion

In this chapter first i will talk about the items, that i prefer and than i'll show you some items you can take in some situation. After that i try to explain some items you should not take.

Your best choice

I think, that Doran's ring is a very good startitem. It gives you life, MP/s and some AP. Everything is good for you.
If you want to harras your enemy early or try to kill him, you will have massive Mana problems. So my second item is a Doran's Ring too.

It gives you Magic penetration and you got too much CDR to take Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Nice item for AP Carrys. If you play AP Ezreal right, so you dont die or just sometimes. You get 10 Stacks + easily and so its a cheap endgameitem.
If you play with 35% CDR you have a bit more fun with 20 Stacks too. But no other item can give you 180 AP. Play save and you'll get rewarded.

Excellent item. Manareg, 20% CDR and a good amount of AP. You need it to get your CDR to 35% or 40%.

Massive AP boost. with 30% extra bonus to all of your AP. A must have for every AP Carry.

Lichbane is a massvie damageboost for you in midgame-lategame. Important to know is, that the Lich Bane proc works with your Mystic Shot.
Your Mystic Shot dont scale with AP so it does nearly no damage before you get Lich Bane. Its just good to lasthit minions and reduce your CDs.
But with the Proc of Lich Bane you get your full AP to the basic damage So you can deal approximately 1000 damage in lategame as compared to approximmately 200.
When you buy Lichbane took Blasting Wand at first. Do not buy Sheen, but Sheen gets an own explanation.

The reason to buy Void Staff i explained in the chapter "CD Reduction and Magic Penetration".
Short: It gioves you more damage than an second Rabadon's Deathcap

Defensive Items

Usualy you should not have situations where you need this item. But sometimes you will have and then you feel much more saver.
If there is any situation you need this item, you have to drop an item of the build. Than take Mejai's Soulstealer

I think it will be usefull in following situations:

  • You have a Veigar in your enmy team who gets skilled or lucky stuns before you can flash away.
    If he gets you, you will fall instantly with his combo.
  • You have an Ashe in your enemy team and you get stunned for a long time
  • You have a char in your enemy team with no burst damage but stun or hold like Maokai or Taric who focuses you
  • You have a Morgana or a Lux with nice aming in your enemy team

In other situations it seems to be usefull, but it isent imho:
  • You have a Annie in your enemy team. If she ulti-stuns you, you are dead in the most cases. This is differend to the Veigar - Combo.
    If Annie can stun you, she has instant the range to kill you. You cant escape fast enough, even with Quicksilver Sash. Veigar - Stun has a higher range then his other abilities, so he have to get closer to you, to use his combo.
    This is the time you have to use Quicksilver Sash to escape.
  • You have a Brand who stuns you. Stun means he already hitted you with another spell before --> you are dead before you can escape.
  • Any melee carry with stun/disable gets you --> no escape

One of the best def items for an AP [Ezreal]]. The shield can save your *** for evil things like Karthus - Ulti, Teemo - Shrooms or Ezreal - Ultis and some other stuff.
Life and mana are a good help too. When you need it, means you die often, so you can drop Mejai's Soulstealer instead of Banshee's Veil.

Maybe helpfull if there is a melee carry in the enemy team who just trys to focus you. If there is no escape, use it and hope, that your team kills him in the duration of the shield.
Good Amount of AP. Will help you to drop Mejai's Soulstealer instead of it. It has AP like a Mejai's Soulstealer with 10 Stacks. But is like 3 times more expensive.

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In this chapter i will show you some tactis and important notices, which work fine for me.

Play mid
You need a high farm, to get your items fast. So you need a solo lane. You can go solo top too, but just if the enemys have a jungler too. Dont try a lane 1 v 2. There are a lot of champs, which are better to do this.

Lasthit - Lasthit - Lasthit
Use your Mystic Shot to lasthit everything. Sometimes its usefull to Autohit - Mystic Shot to get a lasthit.
Dont try to push. Just keep your farm up.

Dont harras with Mystic Shot
Your Mystic Shot does not deal much dmg. Just use it to get lasthits frome some distance. to harras your enemy use your Essence Flux. You can do it through enemy creeps. So you are saver against the most midchamps.

Use your Creeps to hide
Hide behind your creeps. Especially against Ashe, Brand, Corki, Kennen, Lux, Nidalee, Morgana. Against them you are more save behind your creeps, but you can still harras them with your Essence Flux.

Use Combos
You can use your spells as harras combos

  • Arcane Shift(to your enemy) - Essence Flux - Mystic Shot Use this combo, if you dominate your enemy, and he cant burst you down with some spells. Keep passive and let them come a bit and then use this combo. Never use this against Annie, exept you can kill her. (Use Mystic Shot as last spell of this combo cause it decreases the cooldown of the others by 1 sec)
  • Move closer - Essence Flux - Mystic Shot - Arcane Shift(away) this is the saver combo. You can deal some dmg and use your e to get away again

Keep your Trueshot Barrage on Cooldown
Just use your Trueshot Barrage every time you can. It has such a low cooldown and you can use it in so many ways.
  • Push lanes.
  • Harras enemys
  • Steal Nashor, dragon, blue
  • Kill luckers
  • Support your mates in fights
  • Save towers
  • Dont forget to push lanes ;-)

Use your Essence Flux to speedup your AD Carrys
Think about your speedbuff. Very important to push towers or kill dragon fast. Try to hit as many mates as possible. Every one trigger your passive and you get bonus speed too.

Keep your Arcane Shift ready if you have to be scared
If he enemy team has a jungler and you are pushing with just lasthitting, dont use your Arcane Shift to farm. You need it to escape a gank. But with 2 flashes you are able to save your own ***.

Burst - distance - burst
Try this in teamfights. Use a combo and try to hit as many champs as possible with your Essence Flux.(friends and enemys) Then go on distance. From distance you can spam your Mystic Shot until your Essence Flux is ready, then join again.

Use your Trueshot Barrage in teamfights at the beginning
Use your Trueshot Barrage, when you join the teamfight. This should be your first spell. So you can deal the most damage and you have a speedbuff cause of your passive. So you can maybe hit some times with autoattacks. Dont keep your ulti to get kills after the teamfight, its just less effective.

Kite enemys
You can kite enemys crazy. Just shoot in their face while running away. If they stop chasing you, chase them a bit until they try to get closer to you. Then start running away again. And keep your trollface up ;-)

How to def Towers
You can easily def towers with Ez.
Interesting to know:
Imagine 2 Champs with 3 creeps are deffing a tower, wher noone of your team can defend.
If you already have lvl 2 of your Trueshot Barrage, you can hit the creeps and the both champs. The creeps will fall and the tower will attack one of the champs. Maybe you get a kill and the tower is defended.
If you are close to the tower, wich is under attack, a Trueshot Barrage is a very good opener too. Then chase them and try to get them down. If they want run away try to kite them at the tower. Run to top and Arcane Shift to bot. Maybe flash if you are in danger. I'll try to show you a video if i have a recorder.