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Ezreal Build Guide by Opscurus EUW

AP Carry AP Ezreal [S5]

AP Carry AP Ezreal [S5]

Updated on January 25, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Opscurus EUW Build Guide By Opscurus EUW 78,740 Views 0 Comments
78,740 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Opscurus EUW Ezreal Build Guide By Opscurus EUW Updated on January 25, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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I have played AP Ezreal since the start of season 4. And I've also played him top and adc. I have always liked ezreal because he's simply a funny champ. Can both be played AD and AP. In my opinion AP is way stronger because of his amazing burst damage. And ezreal isn't just a very strong duelist as an AP carry but also a strong teamfighter.
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Rising Spell force :

His passive is great while being an AP Carry. Procs very well with your Lich Bane passive And make you being able to push better.

Mystic Shot(Q) :

This ability will make it alot easier for you to farm and is important early game both for the farm and for the poke. Due to the low mana cost you can poke your enemy as much as you want.

Essence Flux(W) :

This is AP Ezreals best ability game for poking enemy champions together with his Arcane Shift. Good things about this ability is that it can pass enemy minions to hit the champ, It scales very high with his ability power. The only negative thing is that it has got a pretty short range.

Arcane Shift(E) :

This ability is simply amazing. Great escape way, Great ability to engage with, Great kite ability and so on. Just simply incredible.

Trueshot Barrage :

This ability is AP Ezreals absolute best. It scales so well with his ability power and got such a nice AoE Damage. In teamfights, if you hit every champion you got yourself a free win. Nothing more to say.
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Ezreals Main Combo/Spell usage

You want to engage with your Arcane Shift Followed by your Essence Flux and Mystic Shot. This combo is the ultimate burst. In laningphase this is the best combo. While in teamfight you absolutely do not want to engage with your Arcane Shift. You want to wait until they have got 3-5 people fighting against your team. Then try to hit as many as possible with your Trueshot Barrage. Try to aim for their AP carry and their AD carry. Try to hit as many as possible with your Essence Flux as well.
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Core Items

This item is simply nessecary for any type of AP Carry. Not much to say.


This item is one of the more important ones for ezreal. This item makes his burst even worse to recieve as a enemy champion. You can engage with your Arcane Shift Followed by your Essence Flux and Mystic Shot. And on top of that you can AA(Auto attack) your champion and dealing Magic damage due to Lich Bane's Passive.


I prefer these shoes on ezreal due to the fact that you get 15% CDR. And together with 20 mejai stacks you get 40%. I like to sacrifice magic pen to get my 40% CDR as i think it's more important. But Sorcerer's Shoes Are absolutely not a wrong chose as it's actually the best pick for a AP Carry.


This is a great item for ezreal if fed. This can give you up to 160 ability power if you have got a total of 20 stacks. But only buy this item if you're positive about your game. It's practically useless if you're not fed.
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Tips and Tricks

The secret with being good while playing AP Ezreal Is quite simple. The trick is to be able to burst down any champ quickly. You have to land your skillshots and time them well. If you see a low enemy champion on the map, Try to ult them etc, Or hitting your q constantly. So try to improve skillshots and your technique.
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Team Work

This is a very important section. If you're doing good in lane and your team mates are not. Always try to push your minion wave to get either top or bot to roam. But not only this. You can do very much with your team. Your Trueshot Barrage Scales very well with ap, SO if you're supspicious that the enemy team are taking Dragon or Baron Nashor. Give it a shot! Throw an Trueshot Barrage across the map against any of those 2 locations and see if you can get something for your team.
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Ranked Play

In my personal opinion i think that this is an absolutely amazing pick in ranked games due to his ability to carry.

My latest ranked game:

As i said, be careful early game.
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