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League of Legends Build Guide Author TaylorSwift22

AP Morde, obviously #1 (with screenshots and vids)

TaylorSwift22 Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Introduction / Please Read

First I'd like to say this is my first guide ever written and so I'm going to keep it short. I'll expand overtime as I learn the site more and more.

I play Morde as AP whenever I want to win a match, and because it's the most fun. I'm not going to go into detail about general league of legends tips, I'm going to stick to teaching you how to play this style of mordekaiser.

BEFORE VOTING please keep in mind that THIS BUILD IS IN NO WAY A TANK BUILD. Do not vote based on whether or not you think he is too squishy here. Yes you can add some more defensive items if you wish, however this is how I play and do so succesfully. You are what I would like to call a MELEE MAGE. VOTE ON WHETHER OR NOT YOU THINK THIS BUILD WORKS WELL AS A DAMAGE DEALER. Lastly, IF YOU LIKE MY BUILD, PLEASE VOTE!

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Pros / Cons

- GREAT farmer
- INSANE damage with LOW cooldowns
- You have MUCH MORE survivability than any other mage in the game.
- Can carry a team even if you don't get fed (minions will feed you)
- After getting lichbane you can DESTROY towers
- Can easily 1v1 most champions in the game, other than FED carries.
- very short range
- clarify that you're an AP morde in lobby or people will think you're tanking (which you're not)
- Will likely get nerfed if Riot reads my build.

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Being an AP Morde, you'll want magic pen reds and CDR blues. You can use what you like for yellows, but I tend to be the most successful when I use health per levels.

I go 21 into utility because the movement speed is necessary, as you don't get rylais until late into the game. The cooldown reduction is also very nice.

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This passive works really well with this build. It's the reason this build has next to no defenses. It allows you to lane as long as you wish, survive teamfights, and 1v1 almost any enemy.

I don't max this until last because you don't get Lich Bane until last. It will still do good damage, and even more AMAZING damage once you have that lich bane. It is MUCH, MUCH more advantageous to use this ability in combination with the Lich Bane proc. Try to use it when it will only hit one target (as it does more damage) but it is not too penalizing if you hit more than one.

Early game the prime use of this ability is keeping your Iron Man up. Midgame and later it does good damage as well as giving you a decent amount of resistances. Use this whenever you are killing anything. Some more "creative" uses of it are: giving it to any teammate/yourself that is being focussed, and standing near enemy minions when you're ganking. You want to actually be in range of your target, of course, but having minions near you for both Iron Man and spell vamp is a plus.

Your main source of damage until you get closer to completing your items. Poke with this and last hit with this. Like your W, hit as many minions/champions with this when ganking. More shield is always better. Late game you use this as an opener to proc your Lich Bane

Early game use this in combination with Deathfire Grasp to easily get kills. It does percentage based damage of total health, which is why I use it in conjunction with DFG. No one expects to have half their health taken in 2 seconds from morde at a big range. Lategame use this ability for a big heal when you need it, or on an enemy that you know is going to die. The ghost's damage scales with your AP and as such melees quite a bit harder than people expect.

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I get this item first because it makes for real easy early game kills. It does 30% + 3.5% per 100 AP of the targets current health. Combine this with your ult which does 24% at rank 1 in magic damage for huge burst.

Gives 80 AP and 20% spell vamp. This spell vamp works really well when you use to heal for a pretty large amount.

Lots of AP, goal of this build.

Health, AP, and most importantly, the slowing effect. Mordes abilities have a really small range compared to other casters, so this helps alot.

The proc on this item works EXCELLENTLY with your Mace of Spades. I've hit for 1800 with it

Works better than Will of the Ancients, but it's too expensive to get before any other items in this build. If you haven't won for some reason after getting your full build, sell Will of the Ancients and buy this.

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Laning Early Game

Level 1-3

Take mid and push with your Creeping Death, last hit with your Siphon of Destruction or even auto attack if your enemy permits. Be careful as you won't be generating enough Iron Man yet to take a few hits from your enemy.

Lvl 3-12

Now that your Siphon of Destruction and Creeping Death are ranked up you should be able to easily maintain your Iron Man by pushing and last hitting. This will allow you to get in your enemy's face and watch them be powerless to stop you. Any spell they get off while you get in range to harass them will likely not touch your health. Poke until you think you can go for the kill. Sell your Regrowth Pendant at any point and once you have enough money go back to buy your Deathfire Grasp. If you haven't yet, get your first kill.

From this point on it shouldn't take long at all to get your boots, and once you do you can gank overextended enemies or junglers. Deathfire Grasp Children of the Grave Ignite should be more than enough to kill anyone you wish (maybe not tanks.)

Remember these things to be successful

Your first objective is to farm as much as possible.

TAKE MID. It is SIGNIFICANTLY harder to farm quickly enough if you have two enemies.

Once you hit 3, start poking so that by level 6 you can secure a kill or force them to recall

If you're having trouble with a carry, stay back and last hit with your Siphon of Destruction and throw your Creeping Death on the strongest melee minions.

If you don't have a jungler, farm wraiths and wolves whenever possible.

Mages can do NOTHING to you unless they are fed, and you should surely be able to farm better than them. You can easily kill them or they will have to play extremely defensively.

YOU ARE NO TANK. You NEED Iron Man up when you're harassing if you want to stay in lane for as long as possible.

ALWAYS use your Deathfire Grasp when going for a kill.

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Midgame + Lategame

If all has gone well you will likely have the best CS in the lobby, as well as 1 or 2 kills by level 12. Continue farming but also gank bot or top whenever possible, you have so much burst that it'll be very unlikely that you won't get a kill.

Lategame you should group up with your team and teamfight. Your targets in teamfights are anyone but the tank. Just go all out and use your Deathfire Grasp and Children of the Grave right away on someone. You should be able to take out squishies like Veigar or Ashe VERY quickly. On top of that, land your Siphon of Destruction on as many of them as you can, and stand in the middle with your Creeping Death. You are deceptively tanky because of the insane amounts of damage you deal generate insane amounts of Iron Man

If you find someone alone in the jungle or someone overextended, your rotation is:

Deathfire Grasp Children of the Grave Siphon of Destruction Mace of Spades Creeping Death Ignite

Your ult and DFG will do a large amount of damage, your E will do a good amount as well as proccing your lichbane, which will stack with your next Q which does HUGE damage. Your W also does decent damage if somehow they're alive after that.

If theres a champion on the other team your having trouble with (Most likely someone with lifesteal like Tryndamere or Master Yi ) do the same rotation but save your ult until your at about 50% health. This will allow you to regen some of it back.

Remember these things to be succesfull

When teamfighting it is imperative that you hit as many people as possible with both your Siphon of Destruction and Creeping Death. Iron Man is needed to survive all the chaos when you're in the middle of your enemies.

Gank TOP and BOT. When I say either of those, I mean get BOTH laners. When you have your first two items, you will likely be able to get a double kill by yourself. Your teammates are just kill insurance or target dummies that will take the damage while you kill. You should drop the first of them easily with your ult and deathfire grasp. With your low cooldowns and the ghost from your ult, you'll be able to kill the 2nd unless they make it back to their tower. At the very least you will kill one of them.

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Some proof

/league-of-legends/item/deathfire-grasp-90 /league-of-legends/item/hexdrinker-112

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What you don't know until you try

You really have no idea how much damage this build can do until you try it. At max level your main damaging abilities have a < 3 second cooldown. Shown in the two videos above. One may say that I was fed that game, however that happens every game. Even if you are 0/2/0 before you get your first kill, you will have a good game. Morde can farm INSANELY well. You WILL be a death machine by lategame whether or not you are killing many champions. The only reason you will lose a match is if your teammates are bad, your team composition sucks, or if you failed at farming well (somehow).

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I'll be editing this overtime to make it look neater and clearer, please comment and vote. I read all comments and will answer any questions. Thanks for reading.