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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Rusaki

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rusaki

AP Mordekaiser - The metallic King of Slavery

Rusaki Last updated on December 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first Guide. Ill show you how to play Mordekaiser as a Mid-lane APC. I chose this build, because its very easy to get the right items and to kill many enemies without being fed by kills.

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V1.0: First Version of the Guide
V1.1: Added BB-Codes
V1.2: Changed Summoner Spells
V1.3: Added Summoner Spell-Chapter

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Runes and Masteries

For Runes, i take Spellvamp-Quints, Magic Penetration-Marks, Scaling AP-Glyphs and Flat Armor-Seals. You can also use flat AP-Quints as you wish. With this runes, you can run over your enemy like no one and your Spellvamp prevents you from being killed. But although you have to pay attention, because if to many enemies want to attack you, you shouldnt run in them to give them what they want.

For Masteries i take 22/7/1 to deal as much damage as i can, stall a bit and get faster away with recall. I encourage you to focus on AP-Masteries.

With that combination of Runes and Masteries, Mordekaiser can take and deal much damage to your enemies.

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As you can see in the Item-Build: Everything is based on AP. Thats right and the only method to strike your enemies down. I encourage you to buy Will of the Ancients first. Spell Vamp is one of the most important things for Mordekaiser. After that, you should take Nashor's Tooth. This item allows AP Morde to destroy his enemies also with normal attacks so you dont have to rely so much on your Abilities. After that, you can decide if you want to buy Lich Bane or Rabadon's Deathcap first. You can also take Rylai's Crystal Scepter first. Its your decision. Also you can decide about your last item: Shoes or Scepter. Yes: The shoes come now, because Morde dont need shoes in normal terms. Both, the Scepter and the Shoes are good items, so decide on your own.

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Mordekaisers Abilities are made to take as many Monsters and Minions down as you can but they also deal much damage to your enemies. Begin with your E to start with maximum farm-ability. Take your Q at level 2. Your Q will show you more farming-options and now youre ready to take your first enemy down (if you havnt done it before). Dont take your W before level 4. Upgrade your E at level 3, because the E is the best. Your W can be taken at level 4. Take your R whenever you can. Your R is the best in Teamfights. Try to take over the enemies APCs or AP-OffTanks for the greatest profit.

First max your E, then your Q and last but not least your W.

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Summoner Spells

Use Ignite and Teleport for Summoner Spells. These 2 can be very strong if you use them right. Why Teleport? AP Mordekaiser is easily Minion-fed and can take down his enemies quickly. When another Lane got problems, use Teleport to get there, help them out and run back to your lane. Youre faster with Teleport so the enemies cant flee so fast. Of course you can take Flash or Ghost as well, but i take Teleport for ganking.

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Jungling (especially Counter-Jungling)

I said that Mordekaisers Abilities are perfect to take down Minions and Monsters, right? So i guess you know that you can jungle with Mordekaiser easily. If not, then you know it now. Mordekaiser can clear all jungles really fast, so hes a very good Champ to Counter-Jungle. Take your enemies ressources to anger them. Mordekaiser is not a good Ganking-Champ, but if he comes and is fast enough, he definitely gets one kill.

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Mordekaiser is a very strong Champion in Teamfights. A 5vs5 can turn into a 6vs4, because Mordekaisers R. If you got the APC or AP-Offtank with your R, your strength reaches the maximum, because you get 20% of your slaves AP. Be sure to use your E as often as possible to deal heavenly damage. You will destroy your enemy like nobody else in a 6vs4-fight.