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Nasus Build Guide by IngestSubstances

AP Offtank AP Nasus 3v3 OP

AP Offtank AP Nasus 3v3 OP

Updated on December 15, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IngestSubstances Build Guide By IngestSubstances 6,592 Views 0 Comments
6,592 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IngestSubstances Nasus Build Guide By IngestSubstances Updated on December 15, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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I've played a lot of Nasus from the beginning of League and have played too much with his Q farm top style. I've been switching it up by hitting up 3v3's and going a spellvamp/ap tank Spirit Fire build and its actually pretty strong. The map is small and there are plenty of places to land your E. Harassment early game and clearing creep waves is a breeze. Don't even worry about farming the Q.

This build will allow your E to harass HARD and kill minions until you can get your build. Once you have a bit of vamp and health, feel free to rush in with your ult and pop your e down and just sit and auto-attack. You'll sustain it and your teammates will nag kill after kill, of course only if you didn't already.

SUMMONER SPELLS: Choosing "Barrier" is a go-to for this build in my opinion as you can use it when you're being focused in the middle of your ult+spirit fire combo. That combined with your spell vamp is a very strong tanking move when on cool-down.

"Flash" : I choose flash because even when you are ulting and healing yourself like crazy in the team fight you still can get over focused. I simply flash away and wither-kite them until I get safe. It's a must.
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Starting Gear: Important to start off mobile with some extra damage you'e going to be using to E all in range levels 1-18.

1st Back: Need the health and you will start to need more mana to spam your E.

Early-Mid Game: Grab the CD boots because they let you cast your E so much more, and let your harassment become seriously annoying.

Core: The health and spell vamp along with the CD reduction lets you pop your E while they are slowed in its damage over time effect. and using your ultimate and shadowing anyone running with wither will sustain your health and damage them at the same time.

End Game Core: Your slowing E will trigger the extra damage of Liandry's while you kite and sustain with your wither and low CD's.
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-Heavy AP for early surprise harassment. You can toss it in the bush in the first fight and do some chunks of damage if aimed.

-Magic Penetration really brings the hurt early game.

-Scaling Health I feel is helpful as this build doesn't make you tanky as much as Nasus AD is.
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I run this build a lot in 3v3's and troll the people who doubt me, but sometimes you will feed and lose just like any game you can. Some might argue against this build because it seems impractical but if you get the Crystal Scepter and Wither kiting technique down, you can own and catch anyone on the map.

I wish you good luck, feel free to comment and criticize. 1st Guide.
League of Legends Build Guide Author IngestSubstances
IngestSubstances Nasus Guide
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AP Nasus 3v3 OP

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