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Shaco Build Guide by khazius

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author khazius

AP Shaco, Jester Of The Jungle

khazius Last updated on July 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Starting to jungle with AP shaco

Unlike most AD Shaco's your going to want to start with blue buff. Being a AP shaco means that you dont NEED a leash from your team but if you feel uncomfortable about the build then you can still ask for it. Your going to want to start placing your boxes on where the golem will spawn at 1:00, this will maximize the amount of Jack In The Boxes you can place, each have a 60 seconds while stealthed. After that your going to wait to for the golem to drop and move on to the lizard elder.

For lizard Elder your going to want to wait in the side of the brush and place 2 or 3 boxes and use the shiv toss to bring him to the boxes, use smite if you need to (you prob. will) and do similar things with other jungle monsters. Continue to chapter 2 about counter jungling.

If you feel that smite is unneeded then switch it out with ignite to get that final burn on enemies that run away.

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Counter Jungling.

If you want to counter jungle you need to know what your enemy is going to go for, if they are going to go for red (like Rengar or WW might) then you will go to your own red and do the box trick to kill them, after your own red spawns then start going to the enemy teams blue, your red will be killed by the boxes while you walk away. (Reverse color if the enemy jungler is going to go for blue, such as fiddlesticks).

After you get to their red DO NOT TAKE IT, go to the brush that is closest to middle lane and fill the brush with jack in the boxes, The enemy jungler will most likely be wounded from taking the other buff monster and head strait for the other buff, when they do this they will wonder into a camp of jack in the boxes and be torn to pieces, basic attack and shiv them for good measure as well. Then take the buff.

Later game your going to want to fill their monster buff locations with jack in the boxes if your bored and want an easy kill, with their XP lost from not getting both buffs they will soon fall behind.

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This version of shaco is very hard to gank with due to the fact your abilities are your only damage. if you want to gank a lane then wait for the enemy minions to pass bye (while in brush) and then once they are out if sight range fill the lanes middle with boxes and go after the enemy champion, more then likely they will try to run back to their turret to get away from you and your teamates and run directly into the jack in the boxes which will kill them. If they are near death and under a turret use the close to suicide next to them and deal a decent amount of damage.

AP shaco isnt about being fed, AP shaco falls off late game and just becomes a support champion, if you can help it feed your ADC and top and mid, its better for the team to become fed and stronger then AP shaco.

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Author Notes/ Tips And Tricks

I play AP shaco very often and although this guide looks bizarre I can tell you that it works if you have the skill and the tricks, If your looking for an easier way to play shaco then I suggest AD shaco because this version of shaco requires good timing.


Counter Jungle Trick: After you grab your buff from the jungle go to the secondary buff of the enemy jungler and fill the brush with boxes, they will wonder in and get toasted.

Escape Plan: With no defence you will be put into some tight corners, a way to escape almost every time is to combine your clone ability with deceive, you clone and then deceive so they will only see one shaco and think its you, while you make your escape.

The Baits: if you are low and health I suggest setting a trap in brush and then pretend to run away from an enemy champion, they will chase to get an easy kill and end up paying the price.

This is my first guide and I am confident in it (as I use it all the time), I hope this helps some of those Shacos out there who wanted to try AP. Good luck, and good ganking!