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Sion Build Guide by Theseus85

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Theseus85


Theseus85 Last updated on February 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Sion with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Zyra Zyra's plants make the perfect opportunity for you to e without even touching the minions. Also it take her plants completely out of play since they are well away from where she placed them.
Zilean Zilean is usually a problematic support but since you can counter nearly everything he does he becomes useless. W his bombs, E if he speeds up his adc or himself. and if he ults you just charge your q so they are stunned as soon as they come back.
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I have added notes in each part describing why and how I use sion as a support. I used to main leona as a support and feel she still is needed when their is a katarina, yi, fiora, or a champ that needs to be immediately stunned for canceling spells, but other than those particular reasons I feel sion is a much better support. Most people think sion is a kill lane support and to some degree I have to agree. But he does not need much farm with this build and makes the job of the adc quite easy. Also he has the ability to hold lane 1v2 nicely in those annoying times when adc fails to load. I have played throughout the 2014 season but have never made a build for people to see. This is the first champ I have felt strong enough about in which there was a lack of a build close to mine for people. Please give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised, let me know what you think or how I might improve.

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Pros / Cons

PROS- He has tons of cc
- His full combo is a promised kill
- Can hold lane solo preventing dmg to turret even when alone
- very tanky
- can go under turret with his w on
- early game lane bullying

CONS- uses minions to poke (though with certain champs like caitlyn one e with her q after clears full minion wave so no loss cs)
- his moves need to be timed well to be effective
- he has no escape other than ult
- very skill shot oriented

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Your e has multiple uses and to use it properly you need to know both. First e slows tgts and does more dmg when it goes through multiple tgts (minion into champion). This is why you use the minions to poke for the extra dmg against the adc, but you don't get the reduced armor bonus. It reduces armor if you hit the tgt directly, this is important for taking down tank supports.

Your w is the main reason for the AP build. Your w scales off ap and health which if used properly in combo does MASSIVE AOE dmg. This also allows you to turret dive.

Your q does multiple effects. First if not charged over half way does a limited slow. This is not very effective as a cc but sometimes its better than missing all together. Timing is everything with this move and will take practice to prefect.

Your Ult is an AOE stun/slow if hit but again needs to be timed and perfected. If timed well can change a whole team fight.

One of his strongest spells is his passive. Even if you die while fighting you are still a force to be reckoned with. You can take down turrets or turret dive with no hesitation.

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Why the Core Items

Staying in lane I feel is what this game is all about. The longer in lane the better, the deciding factor when to buy your items should't be based on mana or health but timing of when you want to power spike, shove lane, or take turrets. One mana pot in the beginning for this build really allows you to stay in lane for a significantly longer time if used right and you conserve your mana. This said your E is a fairly cheap move to use, so use it as much as possible but just be weary when you start using full combos.

The relic shield is a great starting item again focused on keeping the adc in lane, that said this item really is meant for laning and in late game for sion is an item you will most likely want to get rid of so don't start putting to much gold into building.

Your core items for this sion build gives you great versatility for how you want to build into late game.

The catalyst can either go as a true support item, The Righteous Glory, or can go into a more tankier, dmg build into the Rod of Ages. If you are winning lane significantly I would try to build the Rod as fast as possible to get the most out of the item. If you are losing in lane the Righteous glory is a very inexpensive item as far as the parts that go into it allowing you to still buy even if you are very limited in gold.

The glacial shroud is a great all around item with some armor, mana, and cd. The mana will increase your health due to the mastery and allow you to get more combos off before running out of mana. The armor of course is a must for any tank on bot, and the cd helps you keep your combo always ready. This item also can be built into multiple items in sion's ap build. If you are the main tank on the board then the frozen heart is a great item with its massive armor increase. But if you have a tank top and a tank jg you can afford to be a little more dmg oriented and can build into the gauntlets. The proc off the sheen on any champion is painful. Also if you are forced to hold lanes after a fight or shoving a lane the gauntlet allows for some easy minion clear without wasting too much mana. The only down side to the gauntlet is that when playing ap sion you don't auto attack to often in fights.

The Hextech Revolver is an item that should be on your sion build no matter what you are playing, ARAMS, Twisted Treeline, Summoner's Rift Top or Bot. This item gives 12% spell vamp on single target spells. Your E even though it can hit a complete minion wave as it comes in is considered a single target spell. This means that every minion including the first minion you hit counts as dmg caused by a single target spell giving you a huge return of life for a considerable low cost of mana. Also when fully built into the Hextech Gunblade it is even higher, but also gives you a slow on activation perfect for your passive afterlife and chasing down a kill.

The Kindlegem is another versatile item that can be built into some great support items. I recommend building into a spirit visage for a few reasons. First the magic resist is going to be needed if you plan on being in team fights. Sion is alway in the middle of everything and is going to be hit with everything. Second there has been many team fights where in the middle of a fight I will throw my e at an approaching minion wave and gain nearly half my life back due to the Visage's bonus on spell vamp. This can change a fight from losing to sometimes dominating. The downside to the Visage is that its a selfish item in which it give no benefit to your team. You can change the spirit visage for a Locket of the Iron Solari if you feel the team really needs those support buffs.

Your boots as in most builds really should be decided in game. Factors like how many AP or AD champs they have, or how much your team is roaming will really determine your needs. I would always suggest the captains buff though especially if you decide to go mobility boots. You need to be front line but there is no point in getting there so far ahead of your team you die before they reach you.

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Your runes are really about early game. A few runes that are lvl based can make a difference late game but most of the time its about your early game. The runes I picked out give you a good amount of health early especially when matched with the mastery page. This gives you the life you will need to take early game poke from an adc, or if they have a champ that stuns it allows you to survive the beating. The flat armor runes again helps you sustain early lane adc poke. The Magic pen really beefs up your e poke allowing you to do significant dmg even to a tank support and the armor pen will help when you die to keep doing dmg that isn't laughable even though you are AP. The reason for the magic resist scaling is even though they may have an AP support, they should build at a pace where your health should sustain you enough early on, and the scaling allows for your late game front line to be stronger for the mid champ or the AP jg they may have.

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The mastery build that I have chosen is to challenge your drawbacks as a support sion. The reason most people can't use sion as a support is lack of gold and the mana consumption early into the game. Also in early game if you build into your Offensive tree you will start to steal a lot of cs from your adc which if winning lane won't completely lose the game but if you are losing will leave your adc at a loss going into mid game and possibly costing you the game. By using a strictly Def/Utl build you allow yourself to maintain lane and also not steal your adc's cs. Your relic shield will heal your adc if you make a mistake with your e poke, this limits this problem while also allowing you to earn a significant amount of gold without farm. The added movement speed will allow you to get out of lane faster or initiate faster and the added mana will keep you in lane longer. I would suggest not changing this mastery to much if you decide to support sion. The only thing really that you might change would be the armor if you feel their team is heavy ap.

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Here is a video showing how I play Sion Support. Many people have been commenting on how its not a viable support and you won't do well etc. I hope this shows that it is viable.