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Teemo Build Guide by xRavenEyex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xRavenEyex

AP Teemo top

xRavenEyex Last updated on October 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 22

Honor Guard

Defense: 5


Utility: 3

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Champion pick

This play style can be played against most top layers and a few mid layers. Bruisers can be easily outplayed by ranged harrass and farm, but you should watch out for gap closers and ranged abilities or crowd control. You should be able to defeat Volibear, Mordekaiser, Vi, Vladimir, Malzahar, Kayle, Anivia, Nautilus, Cho'Gath, Aatrox and Lee Sin or probably Nasus, Garen or Gankplank. Avoid Irelia, Riven, Jax and Tryndamere and mostly all AP casters and assassins.

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- Liandryis Torment: 50 AP, 300 HP, poison and blinding dart deal additional 6% of current HP damage, shrooms deal 12%

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Early game

Teemo is very strong in harassing and farming at early levels, his defensive stats, on the other hand, are extremely low, so beware of letting an enemy bruiser on melee range
If you manage to push a lane early, buy a few wards. Because of your low stats, you might also be forced to play safe and farm, watch out for bruisers with gap closers.

Teemo's attack range is only 500 but you should find it t quite easy to hit the foe every now and then while farming. Every harrass should start with a basic attack followed buy a blind. That is because it has higher range and it can prevent opponent to deal you damage if he decides to trade. Spamming it first will make you vulnerable without it.

Poisoning first will enable dealing damage while proceeding with blind. Fell free to continue the combo with more basic attacks, possibly using move quick as long as it is safe.

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You should stay focused on farming and pushing lane till middle or even late game nd keep upper hand on lane. Pushing lane is a great way too achieve it, but keep it safe I am case of ganks. Fill the time between pushed minion waves with farming wolves or golem instead of exposing yourself to ganks.

When reaching level 6 it is very important to always keep one shroom ready to use anytime. That is because it is a strong slow and an additional poison, and you might otherwise find yourself fighting with one who has his ultimate ready to use and not having even a shroom. Your priority is to shroom ganking path and lane brushed to prevent foe from camping. Additional shrooms can be used to push lane.

Ignite, poison and shrooms are a huge over time damage, therefore you can surprise the foe or a greedy ganker with your passive. When opponent is forced out of lane or killed, kill minions first, and then turret, as poison does not apply to structures. Leave a shroom or two when recalling to prevent depushing.

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Late game

After continued farming and pressuring lane, use your lane and gold advantage in fights. In team fights always blind their ADC, don't forget to have a shroom ready. As a short ranged and squishy damage dealer, you should always prioritise proper positioning. Move quick is the only utility spell, and active effect is short, while passive has no use when attacked.

Note that late shrooms drain quite a lot of mana and are regenerated more frequently. Always use shrooms to keep tactical spots under control, which might also award you with a few free kills, by shrooming objectives, buffs, brushes and passages. Camouflage shroom comboo can also be used in late game to flank an enemy or turn around in chase. The easiest and fastest way to activate passive is simply by pressing S. Be aware of pink wards or oracle's while trapping.