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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Sylevane

AP Carry APC Bot-lane - Cheese your way up the ladder!

By Sylevane | Updated on January 16, 2014

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People misunderstand Heimer, and do not know how to correctly play against him. If you follow my guide correctly, you will turn into a rape machine,capitalizing on the enemy's lack of knowledge. :D

Watch this video to see the proof of this working! This was tested in Low Gold to Diamond 4 elo.
Win ratio: 30 out of 30 games
Top Damage: 30 out of 30 games
Largest Multi Kill in Ranked: Penta kill
Longest Killing Spree in Ranked: 28
Cause an enemy rage quit in the first 5 minutes in ranked

It works! Go ahead and try it, if you do it correctly, you could climb the ladder very quickly.

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Primary Rune Page:

I prefer these runes because they give me the damage and defense that I need for this lane. With my Heimy bot lane play-style, this rune page suits me perfectly. Although, it is based on personal preference.

Option Two:

If you're playing ranked, and you're able to see the other team's choices, you could choose scaling magic resist if there is no high AP threat in the jungle, or in your lane.

Option Three:

This is a more risky option. You could use this page if you know that there is not going to be an AP threat bot lane, or in the jungle. I still usually use the "Primary Rune Page", but if there happens to be an AD mid, AD jungler, and AD support, then I'll use this page.

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Primary Mastery Page:

I prefer this page for its damage, penetration, and defenses. On the defense page, I especially love the health, and health regen. It works well with Heimy's passive, and allows me to stay in lane longer.

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Skill Sequence

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Supports I Use

League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylevane
Sylevane Heimerdinger Guide

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APC Bot-lane - Cheese your way up the ladder!