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Lulu Build Guide by arafafara

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League of Legends Build Guide Author arafafara

Arthur's Universal Lulu guide!

arafafara Last updated on August 31, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Match up.

Lulu will be amazing with something mobile. Lulu/Ez or Lulu/Quinn is a win tactic. Ezreal's high mobility that allows him to jump in or away lets Lulu rest at ease and use W to morph instead of buff. Morphing their adc can disorient highly, especially if say: Ezreal jumps in, Lulu's ult pops the enemies are dazzled and slowed and as soon as the adc understands that Ez's CC is over? They get morphed and around 1-2 seconds of timeout for them. Utilize that at your risk, ganks may ruin your plan altogether!

Quinn Won't be too different. Aside from her own knock back that makes her safe, she can jump in as valor Lulu ulting afterwards. In that situation, its best to save the buff, Valor may be fast, but she's faster out of combat. And if a chase or escape starts, you should buff your ADC and watch them sore like a bird!

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Playing against.

If you decided to go Lulu, keep in mind: Akali will be easy. Twitch too (If played your E well) but something like Lux, or Viktor poses a huge threat. Yes, you won't see Viktor on bot lane too much, but say he ganks? What do you do? Die! That's honestly the usual outcome. Why? Let me explain.

In my eyes, Lulu is this little nasty thingy, that annoys the hell out of people. Like Teemo, but not dead. The usual idea of her is evading what has to kill you. W on self, gives HUGE burst of movement speed and gives a chance to evade such things as Lux's bind or Viktors cage. In some cases, just run through the cage! But, if you want to save your W for combat you'll fail. Viktor's spellcasts are instant. Well almost. He can cast all 3 attackspells in under a second (I always use quickcast, so I know thats possible by just mashing Q E R). That ends up in you being dead. Something like Lux? She won't pose a threat if you evade the bind. That's it. Evade bind and she's dead. But Viktor is tricky, he has only one skillshot that is easy to hit. After that, Q and Ult. Pop you're dead. Do not save your W to block his spells in your fight 1 on 1. That will get you killed. Your mobility is the only way to live. And there's still a 75% chance to die (if same farm).

Lux. Counterplaying Lux is more simple. Just try to evade the bind and you're home free. Block her auto attacks with your W so she can't pop her passive on you for a few short moments. Those moments will determine if you live or die.

Yasuo. A few friends asked how to play vs Yasuo. Its... Tricky? Not for me. I play and main Lulu since she came out in season 2 so I know all the ways of playing her. I still cry about the good old times of ad Lulu with Bloodrazor... Ionia Spark... And other stuff that's invalid now. Curently best way to kill him is to making him hide behind his little windshield *snort*. You tell me I'm crazy? I say, be that as it may... But your E goes THROUGH it. And thus, your Pix hits and Q are automatically landed. Since Pix is BEHIND Yasuo so, Yasuo is between Pix and his shield (thus, he can't block the main damage). Keep your eye on his Q stacks though, if he lands his ult, you're pretty much dead. He'll just Knock you up, knock down. And if you try to run, he'll follow with his E. Even your almighty ultimate can't save you there. The point is to harass him as much as you can and FORCE him into using his W. If its down, you did your job. Just land an E a Q and get the hell out. If he gets too close for comfort? W him! (Save it, don't use it to escape) and just hope your team is nearby... Why did you even go on midlane all by yourself!?

Another question appears. What to do if you're caught between a rock and a hard place!? (Malphite and baron) Simple. You either do what the whimps do. Or people who still learn Lulu: Die. Or you manage to turn the tables around. Again, let me explain.

Exapmple. You went to Ward baron, but oh noes! The enemy Malphite did quite the same. You're just a squishy support yordle as the enemy is a big mass of rocks for a jungle. What do you expect here? Him to Q you! Lets get into things. First off, he can either catch you off guard, or you can catch him off guard. If its the first? You're most likely going to die, depending if you have your exhaust/heal/ult. With all of those, you have a nice chance of living (Best way to play Lulu is with quickcast on). Lets say, that little bush by the baron. You just go in it to hide after a nice ward, and then you see it. A huge mass of rocks. First thing you do? Try not to panic. Sounds stupid, but that's what loses all matches. Panic. I always enter bushes and such via Attack command, so my character attacks any surprise enemy even if I didn't notice it. Then, you just try to move away. You shoot your Q, then try to move from him. The slow and his smash probably landed by now, but try to move to your jungle. and from the river passage to the tower (If its alive) or through the jungle to the inner tower. As soon as you exit his bush, two things might happen. He might just ult you as soon as his Q ends and if you're still alive, or see him incoming use your ult. The delay of it might kill you, but it might save you from him completely. I am not really sure if Malphite's ult gives him CC imune, if ti doesn't, yo just stop his ult by pushing him away before it lands on you. If it dind't happen? And your'e alive, just R when you land. I use Alt+R to self cast. Yes, A LOT faster. If by now you're still alive (I doubt) you should EXHAUST HEAL W ON SELF AND JUST RUN WITH ALL YOU CAN! If this does work? PM Me. It almost never worked for me. I know this how? I (have no life) think of tactics for fun. I know most of these are dumb and based off of nothing.
Different setting. He ults you from the bush. What can I say? The guy wasted his chase spell. You'll live through it and INSTANTLY heal and use R, that'll let you live. Then exhaust as he Q's you and try to walk away (walk, because you're slowed) and as soon as the slow ends you Q him, W self and I do hope you already had your shield on? Because You need all the sustain you can get. Then just run back to baron and through the jungle, that will get you killed though. The top lane does have other champs. But that's not the current issue, is it? So, hope your top team mate will help you out of this, this is a team game after all.

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The actual support.

The stuff before? Useless~

If you want to be support? Rethink that position. You should either build tanky such as: Randuin/sunfire/warmog/spirit/banshees or full AP: Raba/deathfire/zhonya. Why? Lulu is simply an amazing character. Her AP rates are rather high, for a support and she's a good AP carry. Thus, if you go a carry, your team will have a big damage bonus (don't forget to leave the kills for the adc!~). Tank set? You're a yordle, they're always targeted. Especially Lulu. Even with no AP she has huge potential, that's why its best to be tanky.

The supporting itself: You should hold your E to either reveal stealthed enemies (twitch, vayne, akali, shaco) or to shield your adc and give the pix damage burst. That's why she works best with adc's like Jinx/Vayne/Ezreal who either build, or build up the attackspeed! (Ez's Q does not pop pix damage, pix only auto attacks, its not an onhit effect, so it doesn't work with hurricane either!). Leave your W to the end. Either use it on their ADC to counter the damage, or on your to escape/follow. Do not waste it to get into battle, better use ult on adc who's in trouble.

About wards. I personally don't get them on Lulu. Either no time, or no need. But of-course I get them at a point. I still prioritize the actual combat. I have the little free ward, and that's quite enough for the first 10-15 minutes. Later on, its all just damage or tanking.

There will be more.

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AP carry~

What's more simple then ap carry Lulu? Nothing. The only thing is to use your E wisely. For instance: You do not shield your allies, you should use it on the enemy. You will have a support on your team, and You'll need all the damage you can get. Its always smart to use E on some stealthed enemy, vayne twitch or akali. You get it. Someone who has active invisibility. Q. Q is your main damage source, its cooldown and rates are rather impressive (as for a support tagged character) and can shred through their whole team with out the loss of damage. She may not be the best for 1 on 1, but in teamfights, ap Lulu is even more valuable then a Morgana, if played correctly.

Your passive will be your main early damage. You should really attack and poke your enemy AS MUCH as possible. Otherwise, you're doing it wrong. Lulu's mana cost is rather low, building rod of ages ensures you get a steady flow of mana and won't have issues in your laning phase, but I still prefer to rush raba. Raba op.

W. Your W is your utility and maneuverability, it also can be used to save you from ganks, IE: Xin jumps in, and you give your morph to him. He can't finish his three talon strike and you Q him to slow and get away. Or W yourself during teamfights, to come in and position E, or to escape a tough situation.

R is rather onesided. Isn't it? You just use it on yourself or allies to counter the damage. Or disrupt channels. Katarina will never be able to ult near a Lulu who has W or her R. Ult is a nice way to save someone and turn the tables around in the teamfight. It also gives a 45% slow... People seem to forget that, but its quite useful when chasing/escaping.