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Xin Zhao Build Guide by A.Xuo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A.Xuo

Atk Speed is Virtue ! Xz Jungling Guide

A.Xuo Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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- I N T R O -

Xin Zhao ! Most players play him as an Ad Champ And most of their builds are more focused into Attack Damage Which i totally partially Disagree. Xin ZhAO SKILLS are Based On Atk Speed. My Build Serves XinZhao As A Optimum Ganker/OffTank/Dmg Dealer . This Build Gives Xz The Dmg,Sustain,AtkSpeed He Truly Needs To Make Ppl Shout OP !

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- P R O & C O N -


-Good Dmg Output
-OP Atk Speed
-Good Sustain
-Awesome Gank Mechanism
-Good For Dominating Squishy Targets
-My Build Gives Him the ''Hybrid'' Dmg Output


- Ugly Skins (Winged Xz looks ******ed,The Wings looks plastic and just Glued on his armor)
- Hard To Take Down Champions with high mobility and evasive maneuver ability
- Ugly Dancing
- Tends To Get Hunted Down By Assasins Due to Early Game squishy-ness But Thats What Warmog is for Right~ Refer My Build FOr more Info

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-M A S T E R I E S-

Im Not Too Sure On Masteries Since They're Recently Launched
But i go for 19/1/10

19 in Offensive Tree Are basically ofr Vampirism which is a great ''buff'' for Jungler 3%Lifesteal is vry good. Havoc and Sunder Provides Dmg output Alacrity 's 6% atk speed boots is good combination with the runes and the Atk speed bonus from Battle Cry
1 point in Summoner's Resolve Defensive Tree just For Smite's Bonus GOLD p/s Its 10Gold nw instead of 5 ! YaY for that !

10 Points In utility Explains itself.Points On Swiftness is the 4$ ms boost and the buff duration buff which is crucial for Xz.Points on Improved Recall And Good Hands are for to reduce the time of you out of the battle Zone ! Get Back And Go Back into War Asap ! Warzone is the Place Xz Belongs. !

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- S U M M O N E R - S P E L LS -

Summoners Spells FOR Xz is Not Considerable !

Smite !!
U need it for Jungling ~ Baron And Dragon ks-ing And last hitting is needed with this :D

Flash !


HEREs a Tip FOr Flashing ~
Dont Flash to A straight line ! or infront or behind ~ Thats Dumb !
Find a Terrain which u can flash through ! To make a permanent Escape :O
Though Its nerfed But it is still capable of flashing through all the terrains in the Map!
If u cant? Train More Or Quit LOL nuff Said People !

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- R U N E -

3x Quin of Swiftness ~ Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Which Boost 1.5% Of Your Movement, 3 Of these and the masteries settings i've set up will make u a FastMoving Ganker :)

9x Mark Of Desolation ~ greater mark of desolation Which give u 14.94/15 armor Penetration Per hit

9x Seal Of Alacrity ~ Greater Seal of Attack Speed
Which Gives U a total of 6.84%/7% Atk Speed Boost ~

9x Glyph Of Alacrity ~ Greater Glyph of Attack Speed Gives You 5.76%/6% of Atk Speed Boost ~

-Total Of 13% AS Boost And 4.5% Ms Boost and 15 Armor Pen -

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- J U N G L E -

Jungling With Xz is Basically The same as the other Champions But Xz has a better sustain due to his Passive Challenge which practically serves as a Lifesteal of somesort !

This is Basically The Jungling Route :3
The 6th Point is Usually Done roughly when lvl 6-9 With the Help of Btm lane's support on standard Meta Games.Remember To Ward Though ! Warding Is The Key Of Victory grown to learn !

THE Yellow Dots are the points of ganking during your early lvls of ganks

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- I T E M - B U I L D -

Start With :-
Cloth Armor cloth-armor

5xRed Potion For SUSTAIN health-potion

Then Work Your Way To :-
Wriggles Wriggle's Lantern

Which Enables Easy Baron And Dragon (Quoted From My Mentor Ize)

As For Boots Atk Speed is the Root of Xz's Victory
Berserker Greaves Baby ! Berserker's Greaves

For The Atk Speed Boost And The Dps It deals (The MR boost is literally A Bonus to make him more **** *** Tank against Ap Champs)
Wits End :- Wit's End

This Item Will Turn Xz From a Average Ganker Which Deals KickAss Dmg To A Tanky Dmg dealer !
it'll give u the sustain to survives almost all Teamfights !

At this point Enemy Will Start to deal some decent Dmg !

There Only 1 item can make him OP in Teamfights As well as Solo Fights

-W A R M O G - Warmog's Armor

This Will make u *** Tank And Annoying ! With the Dmg and atkspeed u deal ! u will literally Piss ppl off with ur tankyness and Dmg output.

After Warmog !
What is WARMOG without his Bestfriend
Atma Impaler !! Atma's Impaler

At This Point
its around the End Of Mid game or early Game
Its The Turning point Of most games ! 1 last teamfights And Thats it ! GG Babeyhh
Defence is as important As Offence !
Several Choice For Late Game defensive Items :-

Frozenheart :- Frozen Heart
This Is for Countering Ad Range Dps Such As Vayne,Ashe,Cait Etc Etc.This Will make them Hurtless and deal dmg 20% slower As i like to think as your team will die 20% Slower :D

IF and only IF Ppl Tend To Aim u In a Teamfight !
Thennnnnnnnn ~
Thornmail Is Your Best Companion

This Item Will Help u Tank More And Deal more Dmg Due to the return Dmg . And Not Die In Vain at least u ***** them Down Half their Lifebar or possible land 1-2 Kills Due to Your Output.
Then Just Let Your Team Dominate The balance of the enemy Team

Against Ap Champs (i Hate Them T.T)

Force Of Nature(Fon) Will Give u The Mr u need
Force of Nature

You'll Laugh hw little Ap Champs Deal dmg to you Nuff Said

Against Heavy CC ~
BUY the Most Under appreciated Item
QuickSilver Sash
Quicksilver Sash

I dont get why ppl dont get it ! its make u A BEAST ! Get Stunned ? I clicked Qss And It was K.

Last But Not Least !
The Last item !
I probably Sell My Wriggles Fot a
Madred Blood Razor~ For MOre Atk Speed ANd Dmg output !

Madred's Bloodrazor

Bottom line Is U'll Deal 4% Magic Dmg+ur Base Dmg+3 talon Strike+42 Magicdmg(WitsEnd) Per hit And U'll ATK Speed is roughly which is 2 hits per sec if not mistaken. With ur Battle Cry Active u ARE BEAST ! Spam talon strike and Audacious Charge To Terrorize Ur Opponent

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- W A R -

What IS Xz For?

Engage A BloodyWar !
You Must Go IN 1st !
Aim The AD/AP Carry ! -Keep Knocking Them Up And Down With Three Talon Strike - With This Build they'll Do Jumping Jacks And CANT DO **** about it
But Warning! Remember ur Sequence~

Audacious Charge> Crescent Sweep> Battle Cry> Three Talon Strike And START HITTING Carries Not The Freaking TANKER !

Audacious Charge> Will get u in RANGE AND start the war !
Crescent Sweep> Will burst 15% of their Hp + deal some AD Dmg to them . It also makes u tankier with the bonus MR and Armor
Battle Cry> I choose W 1st because to reduce the CD of all your Skills And AtK FASTER FASTER FASTER !!
Three Talon Strike> UR Dmg Output !!