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League of Legends Build Guide Author RainDance

Attack of the Ezi! (AD Build)

RainDance Last updated on February 1, 2011
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I have previously published my Hextech Hybrid Build and wanted to add my AD build. Ezi is such a fun champion because of the many ways you can, successfully, play him. There's AD Ezi's, AP Ezi's, and Hybrid Ezi's....You never know exactly what you're facing!

This swiss army knife is one thing that gives Ezi his strength; versatility is the name of the game! I've even seen some very strange Ezi builds that actually worked. For instance, I once encountered an enemy Jungling Ezi and through "WHAAAAAAT!?! That;s totally not gonna work!", well I ate my words; I underestimated him and he got a quick level/gold advantage and started Ganking. Was a wonderful sight!

In this guide, I want to cover an AD Ezi build.

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Pros / Cons

Like any build/champ, AD Ezi's have some great pros and some nasty cons. However, like I outlined in my previous build, Ezi is one of the better champs when it comes to balancing strengths and weaknesses; he stands a fighting chance against any champion and build, he just needs to be geared right!

-Nearly uncatchable with Arcane Shift and Flash,
-Murders minions by the thousands!
-Very flexible,
-Extremely fun to play!

-Pretty damn squishy,
-Very difficult to learn, exceptionally difficult to master(I'm still working on mastering him....),
-AD Ezi lacks the spell damage of his other builds,
-Expect to be primaried!

As opposed to AP or Hybrid Ezi's, AD builds generally make for a little tougher Ezi; you get cardboard armor instead of wet paper! He is still very squishy and, as you should already know, retreat is almost always better than feeding! Be very careful and you'll be alright!

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The rune build on an AD Ezi is a little more flexible and spread out. Generally, these are completely personal preference and I suggest you build them as such. Sure, some runes work better for some builds(i.e. I'd never mount AP runes on an AD Ezi), but that doesn't mean the runes are set in stone. Trust your personal experience over all!

Greater Mark of Desolationx9
Greater Seal of Replenishmentx9
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reductionx9
Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reductionx3

As you can see, I still prefer some CD reduction, but I used the Marks and Seals in their primary stats for building some better damage and mana regen. This build will not have as considerable mana pool as a Hybrid or AP Ezi, so take this into consideration!

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An AD Ezi focuses on two(2) primary skills; Rising Spell Force and Mystic Shot. These two abilities, one being your passive, are key to dominating with an AD Ezi!

This is your passive and you lifeblood; you need to keep this stacked at 5 at all times when in combat! You can go to "Strategies and Tactics" for some tips on keeping yourself charged up.

Mystic Shot is your primary damage ability as an AD Ezi; combined with your auto attack, this ability can really hit like a truck in later game! The reason being is that this skill gets a base amount of damage + 100% AD. When Ezi is rocking around 250+ AD, this skill can easily hit for 500 or more! Combine it with it's tiny mana cost and ridiculously short cool-down, this ability is core to playing AD Ezi.

This is a skill-shot ability! You need to manually aim it and it will hit whatever target it encounters first. Make sure you aim true to hit enemy champs, as they will usually hide behind minion lines to keep your shots off of them.

This ability is, in general, fairly useless on Ezi, especially in 3v3 games. When focusing on AD, it won't hit very hard because of the lack of AP. It's only real use is bolstering melee on your team; slap them with it for a solid +20% attack speed and extra stacks of Rising Spell Force

Remember, this does give stacks, or refresh, your Rising Spell Force ability, so make sure you use it to keep up your stacks if needbe!

This ability is another one that won't deal a huge amount of damage on an AD Ezi; it is heavily dependent on AP to deal good damage. However, it is FAR from useless! The teleport is fantastic for both escaping, chasing, and initiating combat. Since Ezi's attack range it not huge, you need to be able to get into the thick of combat to lay down some great damage on enemy champs. In general, keep it on CD in case of emergencies; you don't want to be caught without it!

Combine this ability with Flash to be completely uncatchable! You can blink through walls, so be sure to keep this in mind when fighting near the stairs or the winding walls on Twisted Treeline; an Ezi blinking through the wall is a terrible sight for most champs to see!

Your ultimate is another skill that suffers from an AD build. It still deals decent damage, and is an excellent sniping or finishing move, but in general it's not going to be as OMGWTFPWNED as it would be on an AP or hybrid Ezi. Keep this in mind! That said, feel free to use it liberally because it has a relatively short cool-down.

It's main strength is building Rising Spell Force quickly; hit 5 minions with it and you have full stacks! Use this to your advantage because your regular attacks are going to be very good!

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Again, with items you cannot follow a specific path! You need to adjust to your competition and ensure that you are picking items that work against the champions that you are facing. There is some leniency when it comes to picking items, so bear with me as I outline choices that work well for me.

These are usually my first choice when it comes to an AD Ezi. The extra attack speed is awesome, but most of all it's the movement speed that really comes in handy! Kiting is one of Ezi's core mechanics, so use these boots to keep up with, or run away from, enemy champs. If you prefer, use on of the boots permutations, but with AD I suggest sticking with these!

One of the other core items for an AD Ezi, this is a fairly cheap item that returns something very important; health! You get some nice armor, always welcome, as well as some other boons.

+23 Attack Damage: Self explanatory. Awesome.
+14% Life Steal: This really goes a long way for maintaining your health out on the field. Coupled with your regular attack, and Mystic Shot, you camp the hell out of champs and minions.
20% chance to deal 500 damage to a minion: Very great skill, especially coupled with you spell vamp! Basically means you get a 1 in 5 chance to instantly kill a minion.
Active: Place an invisible ward for 3 minutes: This is great on Ezi for watching for gank. You can toss it in the bushes in your lane or nearby in the jungle to watch for gankers. 100% uptime unless it is destroyed(unusual).

This is one of my favorite items for several reasons. The health is nice but it's really the passive that makes it a great deal. It is cheap as well, easily obtainable. In games that I think it's going to be a lot of casters, I'll sometimes get this first, even before boots!

250 Extra Health: Something Ezi is always lacking! Very nice to have.
30 Magic Resist: Really just a boon. Ezi should not really be taking much damage, but this can help with casters.
12% CD Reduction: AWESOME! Very nice to have.
+20% Regeneration and Healing: This is the main reason to buy this. It works with vamping and spell vamping! Not only does it increase passive health regeneration, but any vamping items you have will get a boost, including Health potions. Very nice, especially when coupled with Hextech Gunblade for the Spell Vamp.

The last "compulsory" item for an AD Ezi, this is really the kicker. It provides AD and AP, but what is really great about it is it's passive.

This is one of Ezi's best items! A must have! It's passive gives you +4% attack speed and +6 AP when you attack or use an ability, and this stacks 8 times! Combined with Rising Spell Force you'll have, just from this item and your passive, a +107% Attack Speed!

At this point, we get to some preference.

  • Many games I like to get a Tiamat because they work very well for farming minions and leveling fast. Combined with +5% experience from your Support tree, this can really be a game changer. It does take a little to get, but if you go for it first, you can have it 10 minutes in.
  • Some games you may have a mana deficiency. This can be cured with a Manamune which provides +1350 mana as well as Regen. Top it off with some extra AD and it's a great item!
  • The Hextech Gunblade is a solid choice, even for AD Ezi because of it's spell vamp. You will be using spells, just not as much as a pure AP build. This spell vamp is fantastic for staying healthy. If you prefer, don't tech all the way to the Hextech Gunblade but instead get the Hextech Revolver; you lose the extra AD and regular vamp, but it's much cheaper!
  • Finally, in some games you'll have ridiculous amounts of money. In these kinds of game, I like to pile on the BF Swords and their permutations. Infinity Edge, The Bloodthirster, and The Black Cleaver are all expensive, but are extremely powerful on an AD Ezi! Get them late game if you can afford it! Do note, the Infinity Edge is not as powerful as the other choices because Mystic Shot cannot crit. Also, it costs about 1000 more gold than they others, so be aware of this.

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General Tactics

AD Ezi is a fantastic farmer; he is not nearly as much of a carry as the other Ezi builds. He can really pull his own weight right off the bat, especially in the beginning gank.

Beginning Game
Start the game with a Vampiric Scepter. This will give you a really nice boost on your lane and give you a lot more longevity. If you prefer, and sometimes I do this on a whim, I get Boots of Speed first and get my Berserker's Greaves as soon as possible, especially if there are lots of melee on the map(I'm looking at you Pantheon and Xin Zhao!)

Try and get a lane to yourself to farm a little bit. You really want at least one rank of Mystic Shot and one rank of Arcane Shift before you seriously engage an enemy champ. You need your GTFO ability that Arcane Shift provides, but you can use your Flash to do the same thing.

Remain vigilant, creep through the jungle for ganks if you can, but play very cautiously!

Mid Game
Once you've leveled a bit, you can really start ganking in earnest. The range on Ezi's abilities is pretty damn good, so you can use this to finish off weakened champs. Be very careful of junglers though, as they are usually buffed well and can be a huge pain in the ***!

By this time, you should have your Berserker's Greaves and hopefully your Wriggle's Lantern. These two items will make you virtually completely sustainable on the battlefield. When engaging minions, only use your Mystic Shot. It is very cheap and will make your mana go a long way on your lane.

End Game
Towards the end of the game is where AD Ezi becomes a powerhouse. You should be able to kill most champions one on one, unleashing some serious burst damage with your Trueshot Barrage as an opener, followed by Arcane Shift and Mystic Shot and finishing off with with auto attacks. Follow with Flash if needbe and Mystic Shot whenever you can(it's CD should only be around 3 seconds, less if you hit with it!).

Killing towers at this point is quite fast with Ezi. You should be hitting for 250-300 damage or more, depending on gold, and your attack speed is approaching or exceeding 2 per second with all your buffs active. You are still squishy, so be very careful!

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While I don't play AD Ezi's as much as Hybrids, they are very powerful is not quite as interesting as their brethren. Coordinate with your team and you can be a very powerful ganker! Remember to play tricky; hide in bushes, Flash and Arcane Shift through walls to get the drop on junglers, and generally be an annoying pain in the ***'s something that Ezi really excels at!

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions on both this guide as well as my hybrid guide here!

Cheers and good hunting!