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League of Legends Build Guide Author crzymdscntst

Aura's are Subtle (In Progress)

crzymdscntst Last updated on September 21, 2011
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Aura-licious... ?.?

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Currently requires comment to vote, this is only for the first 20 votes. This is to keep spambots at bay and so that I can actually improve via feedback.

This guide is incomplete due to a few things:
~Testing Required (I know that most of it should work, I have done Sona's Build with success, though not with the above mentioned team.)
~I'm not a master of all of the above champions, therefore lack knowledge to build them correctly. I have given each a generic setup if I've been unsure about something.
~I've always been a fool about Runes and Masteries. (My runes and masteries never match top notch builds.)
~If you can suggest, fix or tweak something, I really won't mind if you have me fix it.

There is meaning behind my madness, so if you care to simply review the whole matter before judging, it'd be appreciated. I won't mind if you care to argue against something, just don't say "OMFG THIS IS BAAD JU NOOBZOR" because I really will just have to ignore it if it has no points backing up this opinion. I do in fact realize that there are flaws behind this strategy, however it's up to the player to figure out whether to follow the guide to a tee.

I've been playing and poking with each individual build and attempting each to see how it goes. (Thus why minor adjustments will be made as I find new things that work slightly or greatly better.)

One might argue that only 2 champions get any said aura twice, and the rest get each once (except Sona). This is true, however, an Aura item by itself provides on average the affects of a completely different item on top of it's current effects. I.E. 2 Items for the price of 1. When auras stack, they tend to get a bit insanely funny, because each champion is receiving the benefits that cater to their role twice, while those who don't need it as much get it only once. As well as when your team gets a bit strung out, at least 1 out of 2 people is providing any given aura at any given moment.

(~~Zillean's build works great after he can farm it, simply takes a bit longer to farm than other builds, I need to work on a quicker way to get it so that it's more viable~~)

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Hello and Welcome. In this demonstration we'll be nuking everything.... erm.. wrong guide sorry.

Okay so, lets get down to the basics. This guide is about Auras and more specifically a team that focuses them. Auras by nature seem weak, but tend to be stronger than people give them credit for. There are rules to Auras and how they stack so lets start with that.

Beneficial Auras will stack twice. You may get 1 aura from your own item and 1 aura from an allied source. This means that Sona will get 1 Will of the Ancients buff from herself and another from Fiddlesticks, however if she builds another Will of the Ancients or Zillean was to get one, she will only still get 2 of that Aura.

Aura's that affect the enemy however are only able to stack once. This means, Zillean's Abyssal Mask will reduce the enemy's Magic Resistance by 20, however if Fiddlesticks got one as well, both would still only affect an enemy once for 20, non-stacking.

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Runes and Masteries

This section is here for the primary reason that I'm clueless. I can suggest an in-general focus, but if you'd like to differ yours, it's fine, it's mostly the builds that matter.

Chances are that I will not have a rational set for most of the champs here until someone cares to suggest a better set.

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Itemization (General)

This is the key focus of this guide.

You'll notice that each champion has a team beneficial aura item. For almost all of the champions I've given generic items to suit their roles with one item being an Aura item except for Sona's whole set. This in no means, means that this is the order you should get the items in, but a basic outline for each champion's itemization.

Each item set has a Guardian Angel, you're welcome to argue against it or even change it if you follow this guide. Guardian Angel is here for a few reasons.
~It has the best defenses in the game, though they are split between Armor and Magic Resist. 106 total defense beats even Thornmail's 100 flat Armor, though it's more of just a spread out defense.
~The revive effect is rather useful. I mean, the enemy who thought they took you out of the battle will miscalculate when you don't actually die. If they are paying attention, it's rather unfortunate for you, sorry if the rest of your team doesn't keep them occupied enough.
~ Aegis of Legion is held by 2 champions, together with Guardian Angel it will give a total of 80 Armor and 53 Magic Resist to those not holding the Aegis of Legion and more to those who are. (This doesn't even add Sona's W aura.) Damage Reduction is 50% at 100 of either defense, most champions have at least about 30 base around level 18.

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Itemization (Aura Items)

Each Aura item has a focus of sorts, it's all a matter of making the most of them when you can. For example, if you are in range of either holder of the Will of the Ancients and are lacking health, try firing a few spells off to heal a bit, some is better than none.

So, lets get down to the messy bits and sort out the facts.

Abyssal Scepter
A great combination of defense and offense, this item provides a debuff to enemies that reduces magic defense. As it adds AP to the user, it's usefulness excels the more enemies in range.

Self-given stats: +70 Ability Power, +57 Magic Resist
Enemy Debuff: Reduces Enemy Magic Resist by 20

Aegis of Legion
This item is a pure defense item that covers all forms of defense (Health, Armor and Magic Resist). Only the Armor and Magic Resist are shared however. It also gives a bit of Damage (8), so that should help everyone as well as yourself.

Self-given stats: +270 Health, +18 Armor, +24 Magic Resistance
Shared Stats: +12 Armor, +15 Magic Resist, +8 Damage
Total Stats for user: +270 Health, +30 Armor, +39 Magic Resist, +8 Damage
Double Aura Stats: +270 Health, +42 Armor, +54 Magic Resist, +16 Damage

Frozen Heart
Yet another defensive Magey Item, it provides lessened AS for enemies and for yourself Armor, Mana and CDR... WHoo! This is a counter for those fast hitting AD champs that are a pain... this and Thornmail.

Self-given stats: +99 Armor, +500 Mana, 20% Cooldown Reduction
Enemy Debuff: Reduces enemy Attack Speed by 20%

Soul Shroud
Health is a defensive stat that procures longer survival times (this is good). The Mana Regen provided by this will enable more casts in the long run with the Cooldown Reduction enabling faster casts. More Casts Faster.

Self-given stats: +520 Health
Shared Stats: +12 Mana Regen per/5seconds, 10% Cooldown Reduction
Total Stats for user: +520 Health, +12 Mana Regen per/5seconds, 10% Cooldown Reduction
Double Aura Stats: +520 Health, +24 Mana Regen per/5seconds, 20% Cooldown Reduction

Stark's Fervor
This is one of the better Aura items because it does so much. For the users of this, The attack speed should help farming a bit more, where the Lifesteal paired with the Attack Speed enables sustainability. Health Regen is the odd stat out. It provides enough Health Regen to fall back to a tower during the laning phase and wait things out a bit as well as keeping health maintained when you are not the focus of an enemy team. The Armor Debuff is a unique but good addition to this. Lifesteal being based on actual damage, your hits will hit for more when the enemy has less Armor, as damage will be reduced less.

Self-given stats: +20% Attack Speed
Shared Stats: +20% Lifesteal, +20% Attack Speed, +30 Health Regen per/5seconds
Total Stats for user: +20% Lifesteal, +40% Attack Speed, +30 Health Regen per/5seconds
Double Aura Stats: +40% Lifesteal, +60% Attack Speed, +60 Health Regen per/5seconds
Debuff Aura (Enemy only): -20 Armor

Sunfire Cape
Hurting your enemies and boosting 2 of your own defensive stats, this item covers a bit of fun terrain. This item has seen better days, but still remains mostly sturdy.

Self-given stats: +45 Armor, +450 Health
Enemy Debuff: Deals 35 damage a second to nearby enemies.

Will of the Ancients
A Mage-specific item. Some Champions that don't have damage spells can't use it. for example Twitch's Q will not provide healing to him, however his E will. Casters who are faster tend to find this stronger. The Ability Power from it will boost the power, while the Spell Vamp will provide sustainability. With a grand total of 80 Ability Power, it gives as much as Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Lich Bane, and Needlessly Large Rod.

Self-given stats: +50 Ability Power
Shared Stats: +30 Ability Power, +25% Spell Vamp
Total Stats for user: +80 Ability Power, +25% Spell Vamp
Double Aura Stats: +110 Ability Power, +50% Spell Vamp

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The above champions can mostly be exchanged, though I've chosen each with certain thought to how they work. Some champions were chosen due to the benefits they can provide and others to fill the roles necessary.

AD carry: Sivir
AP carry: Fiddlesticks
Tank: Rammus
Support: Sona
That 5th wheel: Zillean


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