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Soraka Build Guide by The_Nameless_Bard

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The_Nameless_Bard

Bananaphylactic Shock - Support Soraka

The_Nameless_Bard Last updated on May 25, 2018
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Soraka Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Guardian
LoL Rune: Font of Life
Font of Life
LoL Rune: Second Wind
Second Wind
LoL Rune: Revitalize

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Presence of Mind
Presence of Mind
LoL Rune: Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Tenacity

+15-135 Health (at levels 1-18) and +9% attack speed

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Win 52%
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Table of Contents

Quick Guide


Basic Information

Advanced Tactices

Wrapping Up

Starting Items



Core Builds

talisman of ascension


eye of the oasis or


Offensive Items

Defensive Items

Synergies & Counters

Soraka is good against:

Soraka is weak against:

Soraka works well with:

Summoner Spells


Flash is a core spell, there's no reason to switch it out for anything else. Exhaust tends to be a strong pick throughout the game, as it gives you a decent damage debuff. I can't say I recommend any other summoner spells, as Soraka does not use Ignite well.


As Soraka can be very squishy early, I prefer to run a combination of health, armor, flat magic resist, and mana regeneration to make her somewhat more durable. Running three mana regen glyphs gives you a bit more mana sustain early on. You can also run health regeneration in quints if you prefer that.


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I prefer this set-up, as Soraka benefits highly from CDR and increased healing, which makes this more favorable for her. If you prefer, you can run Explorer and Veteran's Scars instead of Tough Skin and Runic Armor .

About the Author

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I'm a support player from the North American Server. My mains in ranked are currently Lulu, Karma, Nami, and Taric. I've been playing League of Legends since season one and I've been playing primarily support since late season one/early season two.
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Soraka was the first support I ever played (back when Innervating Locket was still an item). I've always liked her and that never really changed, even when riot nerfed her into the ground because old Starcall was super toxic.
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Who is Soraka?


+Strong sustain in lane
+Decent teamfight potential
+Global pressure from Wish

Soraka's Strengths

Soraka has very strong sustain in lane and decent soft CC. She has global pressure post-six due to Wish and can sway trades into her team's favor with proper use of such.

Soraka's Limitations

Soraka is fairly squishy in lane, this makes her somewhat vulnerable to poke or supports with high catch potential. Soraka also applies very little pressure herself and is regularly forced to rely on allies to do a lot of the work.


-Struggles against good catch potential
-Very squishy
-Applies very little pressure in lane
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Soraka's Skillset

Salvation: This gives you a massive movement speed buff that can help you save low health allies who are trying to run towards you. It has the unfortunate effect of doing nothing the rest of the time, but, in the situation where it's active, it tends to be very useful.

Starcall: This skill gives Soraka slightly more harass, a decent slow, and a lot of sustain. Landing it gives her the Rejuvenation buff, which she can give to allies with Astral Infusion.

Astral Infusion: This skill is extremely good for keeping allies sustained. Remember that landing Starcall allows you to use this to give your allies the rejuvenation buff (while retaining it yourself), which makes your healing even more efficient.

Equinox: This ability gives you some ability to control fights, the AoE silence and delayed snare are quite annoying. It has a long cooldown though, so do be careful about timing.

Wish: This skill gives you a decent amount of global pressure when you hit level six. The instant teamwide heal can turn around teamfights and also help to give you an edge when fighting over objectives. Remember that it actually heals 50% more to an ally when they are at 40% of their maximum health or lower.
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Skilling Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Currently there are a few ways you can max your skills on Soraka, but I prefer this one. You get a decent mix of sustain for your carry and self sustain. You can also put three ranks in Starcall before maxing Astral Infusion or max Equinox second instead of Starcall if that suits your tastes better.
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Starting Items

I prefer to start Ancient Coin, due to its innate sustain. You can also start Spellthief's Edge if you plan to use Starcall as more of a harassing skill for the extra income. The AP from Spellthief's Edge increases the health regen from rejuvenation in lane (albeit only slightly) and because Astral Infusion actually scales quite well with AP (60% ratio) on its own.

Early game core

These are fairly generic items for a support like Soraka. Against a high magic damage support,you can pick up a Chalice of Harmony for an eventual Mikael's Crucible. If you're struggling to maintain vision control, an earlier Sightstone and Sweeping Lens can be beneficial. It should be noted that Sightstone needn't always be rushed, however, as you can often ward with the Warding Totem reasonably efficiently until the enemy support has a Sightstone themselves.

Core Items

As Sightstone is core on supports in general, mentioning it seems almost redundant. However, the health it provides is quite beneficial on a squishier support like Soraka. Redemption is a core item on most supports and Soraka really benefits from the health regen and health it provides, plus the passive that increases healing is very good on her. Oracle Lens is another core support item, that should be gotten fairly soon after hitting level 9, as it allows you to get even more vision control, which is important for keeping an eye on objectives such as Baron Nashor and Dragon .
talisman of ascension Eye of the Oasis

What Sightstone upgrade should I buy?

All of these options are decent for Soraka. Talisman of Ascension, which you should purchase with Ruby Sightstone, is more of a utility buy that works well with team comps that have strong engages. Eye of the Watchers and Eye of the Oasis free up an item slot, which is always nice. Eye of the Watchers is a more aggressive purchase that gives Soraka a bit of AP (which in turn boosts her healing power), while Eye of the Oasis retains the Favor passive, allowing you to gain health and gold when minions are slain by allies.

Defensive Items

These are the best defensive purchases for Soraka currently. Mikael's Crucible should be purchased against teams with a lot of hard CC that can be cleansed, plus the passive that converts mana regen into health regen is quite nice for you. Frozen Heart is a good armor purchase that also gives you a lot of CDR. It also gives a lot of armor. The aura is particularly good against AS heavy carries like Vayne. Zz'Rot Portal is a good purchase if your team would benefit from being able to passively push a lane and no one else has bought one. Randuin's Omen is good against champions who are likely to crit a lot ( Jhin, Yasuo, etc), but it's also just a good all around defensive item due to having health to back up its armor. Locket of the Iron Solari brings a massive shield active to the party that has a lot of uses, especially against teams with a lot of burst. Banner of Command pairs well with Zz'Rot Portal and is, in general, good again teams that have very little physical damage to kill the promoted minion with.

Offensive Items

Soraka largely doesn't need to purchase offensive items. If your carry would benefit from an attack speed buff, then Ardent Censer can be pretty good since the cooldown on Astral Infusion allows you to apply it constantly. If you're on a team with multiple champions who utilize attack speed well you should consider it, since it further buffs your heals and is pretty inexpensive overall. Zeke's Convergence is a strong purchase if you wish to further buff an ally's damage, but you don't have an ultimate you can use to easily proc it

Situational Purchases

These items are generally situational, but can be useful in or against certain team compositions. Spirit Visage is in a pretty situational (and expensive) purchase for a support, in general. Against AoE or sustained magic damage compositions, Locket of the Iron Solari should be your go-to purchase, but you can get this in addition to that if you really feel starved of MR and health. Warmog's Armor is an item I wouldn't consider in many situations. It's quite expensive and, despite giving a lot of health regen and health, it doesn't give you a whole lot else to work with except for 10% CDR.
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Largely Soraka's function in lane is to provide sustain and soft CC. Be sure to use Starcall to get rejuvenation as often as necessary, especially during trades for that extra boost of health regen. Be careful when using Equinox, as its cooldown is quite long early, and be careful to manage your mana well. Use Exhaust when necessary to debuff an enemy's damage and don't use it purely to chase someone down unless you're certain it's going to be worth it.
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You will be more able to get rejuvenation more often if you place Starcall properly, so do your best to apply it with Astral Infusion to priority targets. I can't stress this enough: be sure to utilize any item actives you have when necessary, those actives are useless if you never use them. Be watchful of your allies' health bars and use Wish to help turn around the fight if necessary. The same goes for Exhaust as applying that to a high damage target, such as an assassin, when they jump onto a carry can make a lot of difference. Don't forget that you can use Equinox (which has a fairly decent range) to foil engages, disrupt abilities such as Life Form Disintegration Ray and Curtain Call, and to prevent enemies from escaping with Flash or abilities like Arcane Shift.
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Tips 'n Tricks

Soraka the Ambulance

Remember that Salvation will only give movement speed when you and a low health ally are running towards each other, as this can make a lot of difference when trying to escape from a poor fight.

Utilizing Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation works the best when you immediately heal an ally upon hitting Starcall, this allows the health regen to make up for the health cost of Astral Infusion. Rejuvenation gives you (and the first ally healed when you get it from landing Starcall) movement speed when "not moving towards enemies". That last clarification is important to remember, as you can get the movement speed from rejuvenation by moving laterally as well as away from enemies. This can make Starcall and rejuvenation useful kiting tools for you and your carry.
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Soraka works well with a lot of carries and team compositions, however champions such as Lucian can utilize the movement speed from rejuvenation quite well. Varus is fairly good at applying pressure on his own and dealing enough damage to make them regret focusing you, which allows you to focus on keeping him sustained in trades. Champions like Ezreal are simply very safe picks that can also dish out a decent amount of damage on their own. There aren't a lot of champions Soraka works badly with, in all honesty, but I can't recommend low damage carries that can do little on their own
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Soraka is quite squishy early, which can make dealing with poke difficult. Jhin can deal quite a bit of damage in a short period of time, can do it at a fairly long range, and has pretty good catch potential for an ADC. Blitzcrank is often the bread and butter "counter Soraka" pick, as he exemplifies one of Soraka's biggest weaknesses. Leona also has very good catch potential and Soraka has very little to deal with her if she gets caught herself. In general, Soraka tends to suffer against champions who have strong catch potential and longer range.

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You've now reached the end of my guide. Comments and suggestions are welcome, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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