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Quinn Build Guide by Sucrelent

Assassin Be My Quinn ~ QUINN MID [S5]

Assassin Be My Quinn ~ QUINN MID [S5]

Updated on April 24, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sucrelent Build Guide By Sucrelent 19,401 Views 0 Comments
19,401 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sucrelent Quinn Build Guide By Sucrelent Updated on April 24, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello ! I am Sucrelent and this is my guide to play Quinn on the middle lane. I wrote this guide because I did not find any satisfying guide to play this Champion at this role.

Personaly, I find that the Middle lane is the best role for Quinn who is more an assassin than an AD Carry because she is one of the best roamer in the game, with her ultimate, she's able to gank any lane or to catch the ennemy jungler in his own jungle.
Before I played her, I did not really enjoy playing on the middle lane. It's a really strong champion that has mobility, range and a lot of damages.

In this guide, i won't explain you the mechanics of the Champion, I'll just explain how to play a game and what to do and when.
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Pros and Cons

- Quinn is a very mobile Champion
- It's easy to stay safe and focus on farming if you're behind
- She has a lot of burst
- She is one of the best roamer in the game
- She can easily split push

- Like all the assassins, she's very squishy
- Difficult to know when and how to go in the teamfights
- She's very vulnerable to the CC's
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Masteries and Runes

Very classical 21/9/0 masteries for a ranged caster AD



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

-> The Armor Penetration allows to increase your damages if you want to trade with your opponent in the early game.

-> It's really important to stack Attack Speed to increase your damages and it also help you with farming in the first levels.

-> Armor and Magic Resistant allow to make Quinn a bit tanky
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Summoner Spells

Of course pick flash as first summoner spell

Quinn doesn't have any hard match-up so you don't need to pick Heal or Barrier to be safe but it's important to maximise your sources of damages to get kills.
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To play Quinn effectively, you will need to focus on farming your creeps and harassing your opponent. If you manage to kill him and to take the experience and gold leads, it's a very good news for your lane, your jungler and the rest of your team. In lane, you won't spam your abilities so you don't really need the blue buff.

After hitting level 6, use your tag team to get kills on the other lane. Personaly, I really like to gank the bot lane because it's easier to lock someone and kill with your bot lane than with your toplaner. With the bonus mobility that your ultimate give you, even if you're spotted by a ward, you will be able to reach your opponents before they have the time to run away.

If you're losing your lane, just focus on farming and not to give more kill to your opponent and punish his roaming by hard-pushing your lane and making him loose creeps and experience to catch your ennemy's advance up.

When you're playing Quinn, remember that you're not a tank and that you're very vulnerable to the CC's. If you're ok in your game you will be able to fight two champions but it's very difficult to fight more. So what you have to do is to split push or to catch one or two people in the jungle and to one shot them.
When you want to catch someone, check first with your Heightened Senses if there are not to much ennemies in the area to avoid to be surprised and outnumbered.

Last but not least, let's talk about the ultimate;
First, Valor's form lasts long, so don't be afraid to activate it soon before any fight.
And finaly, don't forget that the second cast of tag team is an excecute, so wait until your ennemies are low before recasting it.
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Starting Items

Start with a Doran's Blade for the extra hp and to sustain a bit before your first back.

Early Items

At your first back, if you have enought gold, you can buy a B. F. Sword to help you with the last hits and also to increase your damage if you have or want to trade.
You can also buy a The Brutalizer for the cooldown reduction and to have more armor penetration.
If you are not having a good time on your lane against a mage, just pick an Hexdrinker to avoid to be killed by your opponent and to get snowballed.
I personaly really like to pick a Zeal as first item to increase my mobility and my attack speed to be able to farm more easily and more safely.
Try to pick your Boots fast to increase your mobility.

Core Items

Bloodthirster give you a lot of AD that is very important to increase your burst and an extra life bonus that could allow you to survive when you go in deeply. It also give you lifesteal to allow you to not to back too often.

Statikk Shiv increase significantly your burst mainly if you manage to crit one your first auto attack. It also give your movement speed that is very important to control the map and to roam more effectively.

Youmuu's Ghostblade's active is very good to chase more effectively or to escape more easily. Critical strike chance and armor penetration also allow you to deal more damages.


Upgrade your boots to Mercury's Treads if the ennemy team has CC's that can hamder you.
But you can also upgrade it to Berserker's Greaves if you want to maximise your attack speed.

Late Game Items

You can purchase Infinity Edge or Trinity Force if you are really ahead to maximise your burst.

If the ennemy team is stacking armor, just buy a Last Whisper.

If you need to be more tanky or to survive in fights, just purchase a Guardian Angel or a Banshee's Veil.

But if you don't want to fight and you prefer to keep split pushing, purchase a Frozen Mallet to be able to kite your opponent and so to become a better duelist.
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To sum up, to play Quinn effectively, you have to use your mobility and your duelist abilities as much as possible. For instance, gank the bot lane every time your ultimate is up to get kills and snowball or to make your AD Carry fed.
Anyway, you have to control the pressure of the game by keeping your lane pushed and roaming with or without your jungler and allow your team to have an advantage when the lane phase is over.

I hope this guide help you and that you'll enjoy to play Quinn as much as I do !

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sucrelent
Sucrelent Quinn Guide
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Be My Quinn ~ QUINN MID [S5]

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