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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Blathian

Tank Blathian's Blitzcrank, The Cooldown Tank

Tank Blathian's Blitzcrank, The Cooldown Tank

Updated on August 28, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blathian Build Guide By Blathian 4 2 21,358 Views 5 Comments
4 2 21,358 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blathian Blitzcrank Build Guide By Blathian Updated on August 28, 2013
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Introduction to Blathian's Blitzcrank,

This build all started from the beginning when I first purchase Blitzcrank because he looked pretty damn cool and my fascination with machines and technology, it was my many failures and successes I had with experimenting with builds so that one day I may find one that I could truly call my own Blitzcrank build. At first I started out with a similar build I use to use with Malphite, who was in fact my first champion but things happened, computer problems, people problems, banned for long periods of time I eventually forgot my build for Malphite, but Blitzcrank is one I always seemed to remember. It was those days when I experimented with the many ways Blitzcrank could be played. Blitz can be a Support, Tank, Fighter, Burst Magic, or anything your mind thinks of user, he essentially is an All-Purpose Champion and therefore can be used to in any extent of your willingness.
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Blathian's Blitzcrank, The Cooldown Tank Reasons

I chose Blitzcrank to be a Tank because of his basic stats and very useful crowd control abilities. With Overdrive Blitz can manage to sweep around the map every second if you wish, IF you build him right though. I call my build The Cool down Tank due to the great % of cool down reduction that I build him with. With the Power Fist I now have the power to turn the tides against all foes with allies or by myself, interrupting spells, giving you a second to get that extra few hits in or stun a foe long enough for support to come in and take down a foe.

Riot says that the 1,2,3 combo is a charm... It may be SOMETIMES, but in reality you want to save you R for the right moment, let the turret do the damage or your R's passive ability to strike down your enemy before he/she is low enough to be one instantly killed by your ultimate ability. Now for your grab, you don't need it right away at level one, in fact you don't need it all that much except for it to be at level one while your champs level is at level two. In my opinion all you really need to do is grab the enemy and stun and stun some more, or pull to do as much damage or get the kill. I don't care much for the little damage the champ does while I'm a tank seeing as the majority of my damage comes from my R's passive, my Power Fist, and basic attacks with increased attack speed due to overdrive.
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Farming isn't so much important as to gold, but you're are going to need to be close to those minions to get experience 24/7. Leveling up is the main key, being the highest level will guarantee survival as my Cooldown Blitzcrank. Don't let those pushy carries push you around grab whatever gold you can, your build matters as much as theirs or you'll end up being farmed yourself.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: The pros for Blitzcrank, well my design. Is the fact that the cooldowns will always be up as soon as possible with Blue buff you're going to be like an infinite battery powered duracell bunny.

Cons: Only cons are that if you fall behind you're as good as dead, level up fast don't die often. And it does really matter how good your team is. Damage is on their behalf not yours.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Blathian
Blathian Blitzcrank Guide
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Blathian's Blitzcrank, The Cooldown Tank

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