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Blitzcrank Build Guide by rp4man

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rp4man

Blitz in Dominion, Defend, Capture, Take

rp4man Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Some time in September Guide Created
Updated 12/2/2011 for New masteries and removal of Pricilla's Blessing

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Intro: Blitzcrank Roles

Blitzcrank is one of my favorite champions in dominion largely due to his flexibility. Unlike many champions, Blitzcrank can fill multiple roles in a team. Mana Shield Rocket Grab and Power Fist provide excellent survivability and allow you to defend effectively. Overdrive is a Built in speed ability that allows Blitzcrank to be a great capture champion. A capture champion is a champion that specializes in capturing undefended turrets. Since the removal of Pricilla's Blessing I don't like it as much anymore but have left it in here for your pleasure. Blitzcrank also is a good taker with his [[Rocket Grab] being an excellent ability moving defenders away from the enemy turret and towards you. A Taker Champion has the ability to take defended turrets usually by diving in or forcing the enemy champion out.

Blitzcrank unfortunately is not a great disruptor, he has no global ultimate and is only good at chasing down capture champions. He is also not a good pusher.

In summary, Blitzcrank is a good:
Defender: Defends your turrets
Capture: Captures undefended turrets and can run away if needed due to mana shield.
Taker: Can capture defended turrets

(Blitzcrank is a good taker if you have a team mate to help kill once you grab, This is a good secondary role for Blitzcrank)

Blitzcrank is not a
Disruptor: Somebody who stops others from capturing.
Pusher (There are much better pushers and you will loose to them)

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Writers Note

I like AD Blitz better than AP Blitz and it has always been that way. That is why my builds are AD. I may make an AP version down the road and am open to suggestions.

I still favor AD Blitzcrank because I think he is more flexible. But there are many ways to build Blitz and I want to consider them all.

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Masteries for AD Blitz: Defend & Capture

Why these masteries? If you go defender, you need to have excellent survivability thus I dived the defensive tree for a bit. I stopped at 17 points because I wanted to max out initiator to get to top quickly as Blitz has bad base speed. I also wanted at least 5% in CD. my items only provide 35% CD so 5% more brings me to cap. I took 3 in utility to increase my mana shield and have synergy with Manamune. I took some in offense just enough to become a threat with CC in fights. A tanky threat is always good.

If you are a capture champion, you need the ability to survive disruption and get away. Go all the way down the defensive tree and put the rest in utility. Time is very valuable in Dominion.

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Runes for AD Blitz: Capture & Defend

Keep your Mana and Mana Barrier High with Regen/ level yellows.

You need to survive Burst damage from takers and pushers so get MR resist blues. This also increases your survivability with more Magic Resistance. Frozen Heart is much more core to Blitzcrank than any Magic Resistance Item so you will be focusing on that in your build.

Since these are AD builds get Armor Pen Marks,

Flat Health quints because you don't want to spend IP or rune pages on anything else and already have these I bet. More survivability never hurts.

You start the game at level 3 and are level 4 very quickly due to captures. This should be a no brainer.

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Skills: AD Defender/Taker

You are the defender and thus do not move around much. Focus on your Power Fist to provide more CC and make the turret hit them more. If you find yourself never moving, you may want to consider grab as the second skill you focus on. But I find myself moving a lot as I move from defender to a taker with a partner very quickly and focus on Overdrive. Its good for your tear and makes you flexible with some speed to in case you decide to to a team raid.

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Summoner Spells: AD Defender/Taker

Remember what you are and what you are not.

You are not a pusher and if you get out pushed my minions as a defender you will be in trouble. You can push back and buy more time with Promote or Smite. I prefer Promote, Smite is good if they have promote.

Those are good options but you are also a defender. When you get dunked on. Exhaust will be very helpful too you so it is a good spell to take also.

Garrison is good. You are a defender so you have the ability to use it defensively when needed. But its really good offensively when your team calls you to raid a guarded turret. Grab somebody, kill them, then garrison and go in if there is more than 1 defender.

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Items: AD Defender/Taker

This build focuses on building defense, cool downs so you can spam Power Fist with Sheen/ Trinity Force and sustainable damage.

Start with a Tear of Goddess and get Boots of Speed. Remember to ALWAYS SPAM ABILITIES FOR YOUR TEAR. As a defender, you do not need as much speed as a capture Champion so starting with basic boots is okay. Get Boots of Lucidity for more cooldown for your Power Fist. Now that you have some cool down and can spam Power First more get Sheen. It is also okay to rush Manamune to build up it's quicker if you would like. Get one first then the other. However, if you find yourself dying a lot, you need to focus on getting the defensive core of this build first.

From here the rest of the build is up to you. If their Takers are primarily AP get Odyn's Veil and possibly a Hexdrinker. The other very viable option is Force of Nature. I get this item if I find my defensive stands are lasting long. It still gives me magic resistance and some nice health regeneration for long lasting battles. If their takers are AD Get a Frozen Heart. Get Both If they are balanced. Finish Trinity Force last getting Phage first. You are a defender so life and damage is better than speed and attack speed.

If you finished Trinity Force, there can't be more than 2-3 minutes left in the game. If that is not the case I'm calling hacks. If you didn't hack then build whatever you'd like. Get some life steal for sustain or more cool downs in the form or Randuin's Omen or Youmuu's Ghostblade. Perhaps you would like Priscillas Blessing for a quick capture if you need it. I mentioned Hexdrinker before.

Whatever may be the case, give yourself a pat on the back for getting to the 6th item in this expensive build. You must have dominated hard.

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Skills: Capture

Focus on Overdrive. It's speed is very important to you. Power First next so you have some CC. Grab a point in Rocket Grab because you never know when you may need it. Situations do arise but I find myself using it more as a defender.

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Summoner Spells: Capture

Focus on survivability. Your build is not meant to fight people but to quickly get into an undefended turret, capture it, and get out. With Boots of Mobility and Overdrive, you do not need more speed. You need to survive CC in case you get caught and you need an escape. I recommend Cleanse to survive that CC and Flash to get out.

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Items: Capture

Your goal is to be quick and capture undefended turrets quickly.

The Core of Every Champion who runs around capturing undefended turrets is Boots of Mobility. Priscilla's Blessing was core until they removed it. You need to rush these items instead of building Manamune. By the time you get to Manamune it won't have build up enough at any point in the build to be valuable.

Start with Boots of Mobility because you HAVE to be fast especially at the start to get to the windmill.

Next we build items customized for you. You will need cooldowns to use overdrive more and get places quicker. Frozen Heart is an excellent Item for you and I highly recommend it. You get cooldowns, Mana Barrier benefits, and tons of armor. If you are having trouble with AP's though, grab Odyn's Veil or Force of Nature instead. It gives you good Magic resistance, movement speed, and health regen which is important since you don't go back a lot. I'm still debating which one is better. I'd love input.

Youmuu's Ghostblade will give you a nice active that makes you move faster, Always nice in a capture champion. It also reduces cool downs so you can overdrive more.

Since you have tons of cooldown for your Power Fist grab a sheen then a zeal. Near late game, you'll finally start to see some serious damage output with Youmuu's Ghostblade Sheen and Power Fist.

Finish the Trinity Force taking Zeal first because it gives movement speed. If the game isn't over yet I once again call hacks. This is still an expensive build. Finish off with Sanguine Blade for some life steal and more fighting capability.

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Mastery Tree: AP Taker Blitz

So I'm sure the big question is why I didn't dive the utility tree and why I dived the defensive tree instead.

The most important thing to me as caster is at least 9 in offensive. It is better for most casters to dive utility but defensive tree gives me a few key and awesome things. Since Blitz is a mana tank, Strength of spirit is pretty dam good on him. Diving further down, I'm able to take more ability power with Ardor and improved garrison which I use offensively.

If I were to dive utility, I would gain benefits in speed, cooldowns, experience mana regeneration, and less time dead. In dominion, speed and less time dead are very important. Experience is very important too. Cooldowns are nice but are more beneficial to power fist spamming and overdrive. Also, Frozen Heart Runes and Sorcery give me good enough cool downs. Basically I feel the only benefits I experience are less time dead and speed. As and AP Taker, your job is to land a Rocket Grab, Power First once, then Static Field and have your partner do the rest.

If you fail a grab, you cannot waste a precious 10-14 seconds waiting around doing nothing. At least I do not. My partner is usually squishy but thanks to my defensive masteries, I garrison and dive in with Power Fist creating CC time for my partner to do burst damage as well. Then I will use Static Field. By this time, Rocket First may be back up thanks to your cooldowns. If your opponent got away, grab him back in for another Power Fist and kill.

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AP Taker: Runes

So get some basic magic pen marks for casters and get some mana regen per level seals to solve mana and keep your shield high. I like CDR on blitz more than AP. Remember scaling is better since you start at level 3. For Quints I don't really think there is a wrong choice between Health AP or CDR. Any of those are very viable.

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AP Taker: Skills

You are an AP taker right? That means you are focusing on your two AP skills, your Rocket Grab and your Static Field. Priorities these two. However get a point in Power Fist and Overdrive to start so you can spam for your tear.

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AP Taker: Items

Usually Rod of Ages is an excellent choice for AP Blitzcrank. Unfortunately, You dominion games don't last long enough for you to take advantage. If you insist though, take catalyst for more sustain and skip the archangels staff. You really only have enough time in dominion to build up 1 of the two and I like archangels more.

If you really want both go tear>boots>Rod>arch staff

I start off with tear and boots and start spamming. I get boots and then Sheen. Then I get archangels staff. Next is lichbane because it is awesome on you and perfect build from sheen. Finish up with some more AP/Mana/CDR/Defense items depending on the enemy. Odyn's Veil is great. Kind of like it's own ignite and perfect on you. Frozen Heart has good synergy too.

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Remember that you are a flexible champion who can do many things and fit many roles. Build your champion around what your team needs and dominate dominion.