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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Blitzcrank Build Guide by klarkfromddark

AD Offtank Blitz Revival Blitz - Steam Punking the New Meta

AD Offtank Blitz Revival Blitz - Steam Punking the New Meta

Updated on July 28, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author klarkfromddark Build Guide By klarkfromddark 4 4 13,051 Views 10 Comments
4 4 13,051 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author klarkfromddark Blitzcrank Build Guide By klarkfromddark Updated on July 28, 2013
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DISCLAIMER: Work in Progress

Dear Mobafire Community,

This is a work in progress. I had some trouble with the temporary guide not saving properly, so I decided to publish prematurely to be sure I didn't lose anything. I'm frequently distracted by my masters thesis wanting to be written, but I will try to complete, and bb-polish, this guide as soon as i can.

Thank you all for the recent feedback. I like other persons thoughts. I would be grateful if you didn't -1 the guide because of its immaturity just yet, though:)
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Ladies and gentlemen, may I have the honour of presenting:

Blitz Revival Blitz!

League of Legend has long since grown out of its lawless, preadolescent beta-days; and a reliable and effective metagame has persistently characterized the previous seasons. Recently, however, the arena has seen a surge of creative, and not rarely successful, strategies; a typical symptom of paradigm deterioration, maturation, and most likely the dawn of a new metagame. After gallantly serving the supportive role of the well oiled, but somehow outdated LoL-teams of the old meta; Blitzcrank is ripe for a revival, and he has just the right tools for the task.

Admittedly, Blitzcrank has made an excellent supportive champion, and the community has learned to fear him. This fear has turned into hatred, a fact that Blitz Revival Blitz is ready to exploit for all it's worth. It is time to take Blitzcrank out of his way-to-comfortable support-slackers, and more fittingly equip him like the steam punk parade of fear that still haunts the nightmares of the war heroes from the old beta.

Due to the immense threat caused by Blitzcranks pull, he is a primary target; if not explicitly in professional tactics, at least implicitly in the minds of many a fearful Summoner. This steam powered mare has more tricks up his casing, however. Where Support-Blitz goes out like a cheap candle, Blitz Revival Blitz will take surprising amounts of effort to neutralize, and he will severly punish those foolish enough to try to apprehend him. They will try, they will regret it, and, to their repeated demise, they will try again.

Blitz Revival Blitz profits on exploiting the Cranks fear-inducing personality. As such, he is best served by Summoners who have the clarity to predictably land blind-pulls, and the guile to provoke aggresion from your opponents as much as possible. If you do not yet possess those qualities, Blitz Revival Blitz is an unmatched tutor. If you do, however, you will flaneur rampantly around the battlefield, basically announcing your triumph by your sheer presence. Summoners expect Blitzcrank to grab them, but they do not expect him to punch them flat as well. If you teach them properly in the laning phase, you can spent the rest of the game scattering a five-man-gank-crew all by your self.

Oh, and i almost forgot; Blitz Revival Blitz prefers his opponents to know who they are facing, and a worthy summoner will gallantly declare his arrival, as well as his rampant satisfaction in carrying out his devastating procedure:


Trust me, it works. Every time.
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The shorthand (!)

Following are Blitz Revival Blitz's shorthand tips to his new Summoners:
  • I pull, well.
  • I am NOT a support champion! I am definitely supportive, but I am first and foremost BLITZ REVIVAL BLITZ.
  • I don't simply fight, I descend on my opponents. With woe and hoe, I lay devastation before me.
  • Sometimes, though, I run away. Then I come back again.
  • I am a manipulative steam punk of a hitch; I'd pull if I could, I wont when i don't, I troll when I stroll, and I go when i shouldn't, cause that's excactly what I should.
  • My gear is expensive. Enrich me, or else I'm just gonna go sit over here and sulk and support.
  • And lastly; ENJOY me.
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The Chassis

Blitz Revival Blitz is not excactly a stoic, and he has an eccentric stubbornness to the specifics of his chassis. However, he is just as flexible as his personality requires of him, and can handle pretty much any constellation of opposing forces.

The Bento:

sight ward x4 x2

A Bento is a japanese food-box, containing just the amount of sustenance needed to keep you in line during the day. This Bento provides Blitz Revival Blitz with enough potions to stay in lane until he can afford The Snowball, and a nice little ward to give that curious ganker an unwitting welcome.

The Snowball:

The Snowball is just that, a snowball. Start casting your abilities. Kick that Tear down the hill, it has quite some rolling to do.

The Core Chassis:

After acquiring his Core, Blitz Revival Blitz really starts feeling comfortable. Firstly, he has a splurging mana pool, which makes his mana shield dependable. Secondly he recharges a little faster, so he can make more use of that impressive appendix. Furthermore, he has decent damage mitigation and tenacity, not to mention a, most suitable, Veil of who-gives-a-crank. Lastly, but not leastly, Sheen notably increases the damage of his "come 'ere" and "smack 'em up", making Blitz Revival Blitz an authority on any battlefield.

The Omen:

You should be able to afford Manamune quite soon after completing The Core, and, if you have done your job, it will time quite nicely with the mana farming. Once the Manamune has evolved into the Muramana, and you have aquired the suddenly necessary Chalice of Harmony; it is The Omen...

The Complete Chassis:

Up until now, Blitz Revival Blitz has already made his presence in the battle undeniable. It isn't before acquiring his complete chassis, however, that he finally transforms into his true self: a rational, radiant, steam-powered punk of agonizing nonchalance. The Complete Chassis simply seals the deal. Blitz Revival Blitz can completely destroy enemy formations, while both take an impressive beating, and unleashing incredible amounts of sustained punishment. All his items contribute respectably to both his mana shield and imbalanced energy-to-pain conversion. Mercury's Threads inhibit loss of control, Banshee's Veil negates blasphemy, Frozen Heart hardens the outer casings and ******s aggressors, Athene's Unholy Grail both sustains and massively powers up energy systems, and Trinity Force sends Blitz Revival Blitz proudly bashing his way into the end game.

The Love of Discontinuity:

Blitz Revival Blitz rests comfortable inside his Complete Chassis. Nevertheless, he frequently grows tires of repetition, and knows when to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, as well as just play around. Some of the Relics Blitz Revival Blitz has more than an affiliation with, include: Iceborn Gauntlet (especially if the game is tilting at the time of The Omen); Hexdrinker; and his big brother Maw of Malmortius.

The Humility:

Blitz Revival Blitz does not settle for second hand merchandise, and his Complete Chassis carries a price tag that would humiliate even Goplen the Greedy. However, he is painfully aware of his bad habit of denigrating his opponents long before he can aquire his favoured facade. Most of the time, Blitz Revival Blitz humbly settles for a rather ascetic engownment.
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The nature of Blitz Revival Blitz' defenses

Blitz Revival Blitz carries an arsenal of defensive capabilities, all of a rather unpredictable nature. The list includes, in order of suggested appearance:
Mana Barrier
Banshee's Veil
(and potentially, Maw of Malmortius's Lifeline)

All of these have conditioned activations, which provides Blitz Revival Blitz with potentially confusing survivability. Admittedly, the seasoned and perceptive summoner can verify the status of your defenses, but in the heat of battle it is not always convenient to do so, and the desire to "just finish off that low Crank" can enthrall even the most apprehensive of opponents. You will be surprised how many times Blitz Revival Blitz will bait a daring fool into over-committing.

In addition, these defenses have a simply impressive duration when stacked successively, providing the well-fed Blitz Revival Blitz to soak up massive amounts of damage in an extended engagement. As such, when he has reasonable amounts of health and mana, as well as refreshed defenses, he can double as a standard tank, while dishing out punishment in all directions.
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Farming the Tear with Blitz Revival Blitz

Blitz Revival Blitz has had to learn to how to making his Tear grow acceptably fast, all on his own. After some time figuring out the details, here are his advice for young Summoners, in order of importance:
  • Time your Tear (It should'nt have to be said, but it does).
  • As soon as you buy The Snowball, mash off Q&E. Wait for Tear and mana to recharge, hit W and run to your desired destination.
  • Repeat everytime you return home or respawn. Exception: you have to go out right away, and will not have the time to recharge the Grab before the next encounter.
  • Use W almost all the time. Learn to anticipate when you should save it. If you have to save it a long time; don't.
  • Considering throwing off your ulti on return/respawn. Most often, you'll have plenty of time to recharge it before you actually need it.
  • When action isn't imminent, don't hesitate to ulti a suiting creep wave.

    Blitzcrank truly transforms into Blitz Revival Blitz when he has earned the Muramana. The faster, the better.
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Lanes and roles

The recent surrection of new meta games for League of Legends, has opened up a host of possibilities for the opportunistic, and tired-of-being-poor, Blitz Revival Blitz.

He flourishes in any lane that can fill his pouch, as his gear is just as expensive as it is effective. Blitz Revival Blitz simply enjoys single handedly holding the bottom lane against the traditional twins of cowardice, can effortlessly hold his own top against almost any individualist, and will also gladly macarena the midlane if his team is aiming at ending the laning phase early.

Should he be accompanied by the most creative of companions then, Blitz Revival Blitz can be trusted with any lane, in addition to being a welcome member in a tri-lane pushing top or intercepting creep waves.
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Summoner spells - discussion

For the common stroll in the arena, Blitz Revival Blitz prefers Barrier and Flash. Their uses are too well demonstrated elsewhere to demand explication, but it will be added that Blitz Revival Blitz is best kept alive. He only needs to retreat from a ruffle for a few moments, to be ready to further dismantle the opposing formation.

If you are in the mood for something more "ungentlemanly", however, why don't you give Clairvoyance a try?

There has been sincere doubts about the value of Clairvoyance; some have even argued for it's complete uselessness, especially compared to the alternatives. However, it definitely has some of its most interesting uses with Blitzcranks fist of "oh noes".

As mentioned, Blitz Revival Blitz uses his fear factor shamelessly, and thus benefits greatly from every unlikely landed grab. Even if you are an unmatched blind-puller, Clairvoyance will help you seal those deals that simply has too many alternative unfoldings, in addition to providing unique opportunities.
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Critique and Feedback

Blitz Revival Blitz has unparallelled capabilities, but he can be a bit cranky (!), especially if coupled with a conservative Summoner. Should you choose to follow him around, be aware that he can put great demands on your ability to control your fear, as he needs to make a lot of stands and difficult decisions. Simply put, Blitz Crank Blitz wants nothing less than to dictate the flow of battle. If you allow him to, he is extremely valuable to almost any team. If you dont, he will regrediate to a, albeit useful, Support hero.

Please try playing Blitz Revival Blitz, and hopefully you will enjoy the ride. If you don't, don't blame him before you examine the reasons. If any of the reasons are worth sharing with either Blitz Revival Blitz or other Summoners eager to play him, please share them in the comment section.

"FFFRRRZZZGHRRSSHT!" (The sound of Blitz Revival Blitz charging up).

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