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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Blitzcrank Build Guide by VacantSlut

BlitzCrank after 300 games us/eu

BlitzCrank after 300 games us/eu

Updated on July 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VacantSlut Build Guide By VacantSlut 2,383 Views 1 Comments
2,383 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author VacantSlut Blitzcrank Build Guide By VacantSlut Updated on July 8, 2011
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This champion is rewarding.
It depends a lot on your skills and map awareness.
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Pros / Cons

- you will be hated
- very fun to play
- early feeds your carry bottom lane
- extremely powerful to create 4v5 situations

- you will be hated
- not the best at tanking
- not the best at dmg output
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: make your Blitz tougher
: make your Blitz tougher
: probably the best mark there is
: mana is action but also extra life on this champion.
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Nothing special, defence mostly but you need that magic penetration.
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I have worked a lot on that.

Philosopher's Stone : First items are durability items and a gold portable factory. They alow you to NOT farm the creeps, so that you leave everything to your lanemate. More on that later.

: you want to be in every fight.
Goes well with Philosopher's Stone: you can now think of crossing part of the map with to gank, you´ll have regenerated. So the "b" button is less used.

: you need armor, mana, and to reduce the CD of those grabs. This item is perfect. It later becomes great when those teamfights happen, but not yet so dont complete it to .

: very important item. Dont play a game without it.

:go for it, the first teamfights have already happened but you needed that first.

for once there is a champion that doesnt sell his used Philosopher's Stone.

- - - - : as usual the last item depends.
- armor
- or a big gun (if youre already dominating)
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Skill Sequence

The reason you play Blitz (admit it) is .

But dont forget: it does some pretty nice damage and many times instead of grabbing a fleeing ennemy you will simply kill him with the grab.

I level that first.
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Summoner Spells

Here is an interesting subject:

Before I went:
+ .
When you´re not good with a champion it is hard to delay the "b". As this----> is a very slow piece of junk early game I needed . When I grabbed under my tower I didnt find a way to kill so I pressed and it worked.

Should I suggest you try it at first?

You will soon move on.

Now I use:

Now, noone escapes, and if they do and you cant grab because minions are in the way use . And since you got those pretty soon and you dont teleport anymore you can focus on being an annoying fast with equiped.
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Early Game

People who dont know Blitz but know he is quite tough may ask you to solo top lane. This is NOT a good idea.
Of course you can, easy, but it is a waste of Blitz´early game which is VERY decisive.

Take your carry under your arm and run to the bottom lane.

You have 3 tasks:
1/ let your carry farm ALL the creeps.
2/ zone the 2 ennemeies so they dont get experience and gold.
3/ create killing opportunities for your lanemate

Note that:

Blitzcrank isn't feared for his damage output but for the situations he creates.

So put preasure and make your lane horrible for the other team to be in simply by presure.

Spend a LOT of time in the bush. Come out for 1/2 a seccond and hide back in only to make the 2 ennemies very aware of the menace. They will fail their farm, lose experience and will spend resources like or or .
Blitz can dominate a lane only by his presence, people hate the feeling of being grabbed, know that it always hurts and know that after the HP comes the so you´re the predator here, keep that in mind.

Note that:

The tower grab: in ranked it wont happen often.

-Before minions spawn-
Blitz is useful:
- at lvl 1 grab in teamfights is decisive because it brings firstblood
- if you´re nasty, grab the golem after the ennemy worked on it and run. This happens when the teamfight in the jungle does not happen.
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Mid game

You have your:
Philosopher's Stone+ + + .
Thats mid game´s full equipment.

Gank, be everywhere. Feed your team with uncareful ennemies.

You are beginning to come more and more in the open and on the front line, making your carries follow you to engage or take down towers.

Buy wards.
Simple, thats your job. If an item is completed spend the rest of your gold on Sight Ward. Carry 5.
It helps your team but it helps YOU grab.
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Late game

You are now a TANK.
Play as a tank.
With many special tricks, thats why this champion is fun.
- you grab
- you interrupt ultis with or with

The use of your ulti:
When does one press "R"?
If you use your ulti:
- you lose the passive which does a lot of damage every 2 secconds
- you lose one emergency solution and the other team is very aware of this
- you do a lot of damage at once and this can make the difference between an ennemy staying or leaving the fight to run
- you silence. This is great. If you do it soon enough, you can make come just a bit too late for the teamfight to be in your favor.

Your choice now, know the game and the situations you are in.
Have fun.

And if you see , grab her and run for that bush. <3 yellow female robot.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VacantSlut
VacantSlut Blitzcrank Guide
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BlitzCrank after 300 games us/eu

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