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League of Legends Build Guide Author WWWilliam

Blitzcrank the Nuking Aura Support Tank.

WWWilliam Last updated on March 2, 2011
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Hello, I made this build after Playing Blitzcrank and seeing his ULT thinking that would be good combo with Sunfire Cape, Because I have read about days when people stacked Sunfire Capes and I can only assume it felt something like this build does :P. Then I slowly built around that idea with Aura's such as Abyssal scepter to make damage more effective and so on to make a Tank with a lot of aura support and nuking ability, Go into more detail later. Hope you enjoy this Build (first try at build be nice :P)

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Pros / Cons

-Does a LOT without doing anything.
-Good 1-2-3 combo which can devastate a individual opponent.
-Good vs Tower huggers: Grab pull people away from towers when tower hugging.
-Strike fear into enemy's.
-Good Ganking CC
-Good Tower defender.
-Your team will want to be near you. aka Protection ;)
-Very capable of adapting to almost any situation.
-With partner good for first blood.
-Good turret killer.

-Not very OP in any specific category. (but doesn't need to be)
-Average 1v1 at start game.
-Sometimes lacks power to finish off someone.
-Rocket grab can be hard to hit and get annoying with minions in way.
-Hard to attack a tower with a enemy champion near(sunfire and your ULT will hit them)

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All runes aren't set in stone just my preference you may and probably should have different ones depending on your play style.

Basically Runes I choose are to give you a boost in AP and AD and a bit of dodge just gives you a better damage out put then without them and bit of dodge just so you have a chance to dodge attacks most time unnoticeable but still slightly decreases damage taken though out game and might get lucky dodge a vital attack.

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Probably self explanatory but most in defense to make yourself a bit more tanky with health,defense and armor.

Bit in offense for CDR and 15% Magic Penetration. Good choice also is Burning Embers mastery for 10 AP which is good for a mastery.

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Skill Sequence

1st: You want Rocket Grab First for a First blood then
2nd: Get Power Fist to hold them close just that bit longer and adds damage and cheap on mana.
3rd: Overdrive to get the full set of skills.

Then get Rocket Grab to 5 asap with only Static Field taking priority. With spare skill points that aren't going to Rocket grab or Static Field upgrade Overdrive.

Reasoning: Rocket Grab upgraded gives more initial damage and better harassing and more fear so the better it is the better you will be.
Static Field is main reason Blitzcrank is best champ for aura passive build so there better it is the better your passiveness is.
powerfist is needed early but doesn't need to be upgraded it only gives a CDR which I don't find as beneficial as other skills would be upgraded.
Overdrive is good for moving fast fighting turrets getting into position 1v1 fights so good to upgrade when have spare skills.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: I use mainly for more damage output and a bit more range.

Flash: Good to learn a trick, Rocket Grab someone before it hits them flash backwards you will pull them to where you flashed.

Fortify: Extra damage to minions can be useful, Also helps with your all around helpfulness for the team.

Well you know the Pro's and cons of the rest choose what you will. :)

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Main items: All or most items in your build should consist of these items:

Main Build:

buy that first for survivability build into gives fair stats of armor health Magic resist damage makes you all around better, Also it gives nearby allys Armor MR and damage some people don't realise that Aegis of the legion give the aura stats to EVERY ally near you minions voidlings heimys turrets(not actual turrets) so your minons are stronger meaning they wont die as easy and you can push easyer.
Gives you health and armor all the better to tank with and damaging aura which will last hit a lot of minions for more gold.
Makes your passive attacks from Static Field Sunfire Cape are stronger and so is any other magic damage you or any ally you do does near you stronger. Also magic resist bit more tankyer and ability power makes all your spells stronger.
Gives you some nice ability power also gives spell vamp to you and any ally champions near you which they will be great full for best part is that spell vamp works with your Static Field passive so every 2.5seconds you heal a fair bit(heals faster most per5second healing). So very good against harassers
Armor and mana for your passive shield and slows near enemy attack speeds by 20% which to be honest doesn't sound like much but drastically changes the DPS from AD champs specially in team fights. Almost forgot best part the CDR means you can grab a champion then power fist them then when they deiced to run the CDR means you can grab them while they try to leave.
Pretty much upgrades everything a little bit which is good and adds a chance to slow with attack and after spell does 150% of damage next auto attack which works very well with Power Fist which adds 100% damage they both stack so press E and your next attack will add 250% damage.

Variations: I recommend to start off with Aegis of the Legion then Sunfire Cape to keep to the "Aura Support Tank" feel of the build and you cant really go wrong with those items. But if you really need to change them so be it.

-If your getting harassed or vsing a Karthus you may wanna get Will of the Ancients next, like previously stated with Static Field the healing is better than most per5sec healing.
-If other team is mainly comprised of physical damage, You would probably want to buy thronmail 30% return+sunfire+Staitic field passive+abyssal scepter=A lot of magic damage without having to do anything. Also getting Frozen Heart helps with armor and 20% attack speed reduction helps them reduce the damage output they can put on you or anyone near you.
-If you really wanna be a huge Aura Support get Zeke's Harbinger instead of trinity force will help out any physical damage champs on your team more or Soul Shroud for more mana and CDR for your Allys.
-If you really feel like spamming spells Archangel's Staff has 25mana/5sec plus the extra base mana is all you would need mana wise.
-I personally think the mana shield passive ability is good but not worth getting huge mana items just for the purpose of the shied I would rather get items that stop me getting to that level in first place still good to upgrade just no go out of your way to do it.

DPS Build:

This build is stronger and has better nuke powers but isn't as tanky or have as much support but still durable and still has a few support items.
-If you feel like your dieing or getting focused on and just want that extra defense might be a good idea to buy a Guardian Angel that goes for any build.

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Creeping / Jungling

Once you have got your Static Field up and Sunfire Cape you can jungle most things with ease if you get a Will of the Ancients or Hextech Gunblade with Static field it will heal you faster then weak monsters can hurt you so you can jungle to heal.

Depending on your level and items you can take any monster yourself including dragon(except baron) easily without losing any health and possibly healing.

DON'T USE YOUR ULT Static Field It's passive bolts will do a lot more damage for free(no mana) and heal you a lot more.

Same goes for baron you are extremely good for killing the baron with your tank capability's and your support items and all your spells work on monsters.

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Team Work

Not sure what to put here so I'll just give you some tips on Blitzcrank in general and this build.

-Just been near Allys makes them better so it's good idea to lane with someone most of time.
-Common strategy is Rocket Grab then Power Fist then activate Static Field. This may work sometimes but isn't always best way to go. If you do this try and wait till you can weaken them as much as possible before activating Static field to insure the kill.
-Good idea when tower hugging to rocket grab then power fist someone near turret specially at start-mid game will pretty much guarantee a kill.
-Common mistake to make is not always best idea to initiate a fight with Rocket Grab, Eg:In bush someone walks past instead of rocket grabbing them first then 123 combo, Use Overdrive and Power Fist get between them and there escape then they will have to walk into you they will get hit by power fist giving you advantage and then they will either try and fight till they start to lose and try and run but you have your rocket grab (because didn't use it to initiate the fight) and you can pull them back use power fist again and finish them off.
-Though if you have enough Cool down reduction you can initiate a fight with rocket grab and power fist then do it again while they try and escape.
-Try not to activate your ULT (static field) it does a lot of damage with its passive but its random so away from monsters/minions fighting champs it will always hit one meaning its like a free 300 damage magic spell every 2.5 seconds.
-If enemy are aware of your rocket grab pretend to fight minions or something while doing that line up your rocket grab and surprise them.
-If a enemy is hiding behind turret with low health and you have minions there pretend to attack tower and line up a grab when there in range do a 123 combo get the kill quickly and have plenty of time to escape turret damage.
-ALWAYS use Overdrive and Power Fist when attacking turrets/inhibitors.
-With Blue buff you can get enough mana regen to be in Overdrive most of time without using mana.
-None of your spells need a target to use so whenever you back at base unless in tense situation most time good idea to use all your spells once to charge up a Manamune if you have one.
-Play smart if there team has armor get AP make your spells primary damage and if there got magic resist use your fists and powerfist more often. If there just squishy they have no chance.
- powerfist and Rocket Grab can cancel certain enemy attacks such as Fiddlesticks Drain and Crowstorm(while charging) and Malzahar Nether Grasp so when you see other people are trapped a simple punch to there enemy's face and there free, when you see fiddle charging his ult and everyone's running away you charge him get rid of it!
-You can use Static Field to farm a wave of minions one hit( which was Blizcrank's only move until this build) you can use over drive because of your passive ability's or just attack normally take a second longer but less mana. Now you have a choice!
- Overdrive can be used at base for free because of mana regen and basically is just as good as revives speed boost.
-You can hurt people a lot passively so don't be surprised if just chasing or been next to someone lands you a kill.
-With this build you will get a LOT! of assists grabbing someone in team fight into your team you wont always get the kill but a assist ( but who cares there dead)
-Also with all this passive damage around you anyone dies near you, you will get a assist which gives you money.
-You can grab though walls can land some sneaky kills draw people away from there team mates.
-Team mates will give you praise for basically all your items helping them.

Something not many champions can get is fear Blitzcrank has a huge FEAR factor this is something you can work on and no official stat but it can be huge advantage if you harass with grab pretending your trying to kill them (or killing them) and making them scared to go near grass or turrets or near you this is good! It will make them wait to walk near bushs not go near them slow there pushs check bushs every time run when they see you near turret or go into a bush, So you wanna go back to base go into bush harass them go back and they could be sitting there for 5minutes scared to go near bush till back up arrives. Kill them once at turret by pulling them into it and they wont go near you and a turret perfect for defending turrets.

Also they will think your stronger then you actually are which is also good if your fighting 1v1 and its close but and they would probably win if they stayed and fought but if fear you they will run away and all your passive damage will hurt them and you can keep up with them auto attacking with Overdrive(basically a mini Yi ult) and killing them and they would think that they would of died in the 1v1 situation if they hadn't of ran therefor more fear and more likely to run. Not to mention Rocket Grab and Power Fist's Stun,Airborne,Forced movement, Disorganize there strategies so they are unknown how to counter and people are afraid of the unknown.

Then you will get enough kill because of there fear you "snowball" getting enough items to actually be really strong then they will never ever be the wiser >:D

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Blitzcrank: A Tank which can nuke and assassinate who has strong general damage output and crowd control ability's with excellent support for anyone around him that can adapt to any situation or enemy.

What more could you ask for?

Also this is my first build any tips on how to improve build or build layout or any comments in general will be taken into consideration, Hope you enjoy it :D.