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League of Legends Build Guide Author alphaTeam


alphaTeam Last updated on November 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is for one of the best teamchamps in LoL. Blitzcrank can hook und hold an enemy. The towers and the mates will do the needed damage to kill him while he is in the air. I am going to show you my way to play Blitz. For this gameplay you need a team witch does enough damage, because you will not do so much like others but specialy you will not have so much life.
Of course you can play this champion of many other ways, but I like this one. You can also change it a bit, but I think, this is the best variante of Blitzcrank.
Have fun:

The skill sequence is not a very direct one. It's just the most played one of me.

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The main point of this build are the items. You will play Blitzcrank only on CDR. If you buy these things, you will be able to push and grab your enemys like you want and spam your ulti every 20 secs. I've tryed to buy one of Doran's things (for example the ring), but i pointet out, that it makes more sence to have your tabis earlyer.
It is clear, that you can buy your staff step by step, everytime you go back. And by also a part of them, if you could and always the supitem with a ability first.

is for your passive ability. It makes this stronger and you have more time to run away.

Maybe change the two last items, if you want.

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First for the runes: I only buy a rune, if it's the best of that subject. For example I donnot buy marks or seals with mana.
So I choose the movement quintessence. Blitz plays a lot with speed and you need this to come in a good position to hook. It also makes your stronger.
The doge seals are more explained in the chapter "Masteries". You will need it for .
The glyphes of CDR are part of the whole mission: To make Blitzcrank usefull for the teamfight in endgame.
These marks are just because of nothing other good marks works for him.

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My first aim was it to skill . For that you need the & .
I've tryed to skill on offense or utility, but i think with more amor and these stuff you have the best chance.
The one point of is there, because this brings 1 full block (the following point block only 0,5). It's the same like .
Of cause some skillpoints in your masteries depends on your summoner spells. I will come to this theme in the next point of the structur.
So i give the rest on offense, that i got 3% more of CDR and 15% more magic penetration, with the vision of the runes.

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Summoner Spells

This chapter was a nut. I though about , , , , , , , and .
, and are out, because Blitz is fast all the time and you can grab your enemys. You doen't need to do damage, because you hold one enemy at your team. So they have enough time for doing that, you donnot need . With the CDR-itmes you have a lot of manaregeneration. If you are level 5, you will not need any more. is for tanks. You are not playing Blitztank, leave it behind.
And the/my winners are:
It makes sense: You support your team. Why should this role stop at the summoner spells? And because you are supporting, you cannot tank and your aren't strong, you will need a heal.

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I hope you like my way of playing Blitzcrank. You can spam your ulti and hook and hold a lot. This role is not tanking or doing damage, you just support. In the early game your can do this at the tower, later with your mates. If there are any questions or thoughs about this build, comment it. Otherwise rate good and have a lot of fun with Blitzspam!

PS: Sorry for my english, I'm german.

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Extra: The Nocturne-Build

The build for Nocturne is just a tank-item-collection. It's not specely for him, these items are usefull for every tank. You have to sell Doran's Shield to buy first Oracle's Elixir and then Randuim's Omen to finish the build. Have fun with it! A good choise for the items in my oppinion is Cho' Gath.

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I startet to play supporter and i realy like it. I choose Sona to write about a bit.

1) Summonor Spells: I use and . Also possible are Gosth instead of , if you are with a melee AD champ on a lane or , if you mate wants it. If you use some of this others Spells, skill it in you masteries! You have to take , because you are the supporter.

2) Masteries: Your aim for masteries is, that you can cast you Summonor Spells as often as possible. So the utility tree should be full. Also skill you Summonor Spells as i said. Then usefull is also Strenght of Spirit and ; and should be used!

3) Skill Sequence: Start with Hymn of Valon to do a bit Damage at the begining. At this point you start to complete Aria of Peseverence to heal your mate as much as possible! Take one time before . If you need to upgrade , otherwise just pick Hymn of Valon and .

4) Runes: There are many poisbilitys for the Runes. For Quintessences you should take to get more gold per second. As a support this is very important, because you do not lasthit. For the marks only comes in my mind. There are many options for Seals: , or Greater Seal of Replenishment. I doent take Greater Seal of Vigor, because you get enough of Philosopher's Stone. My glyphs are or .

5) Items: The core is easy: Get Philosopher's Stone as soon as you have the gold. Do the same prosidior with . After this you buy your boots. If prefere , but if there are too much AP, 2 APs on you lane or 3 or more CCs you can also pick . Usually you buy now for manaregeneration. If your team have much (3 or more) AP buy ; if you have much AD (melees) buy , if they have strong, AS champs and if the have magicrestisted champs you want to kill with you AP mates buy . Also good are of course Shurelya's Reverie, Randiun's Omens and , if you did not bought or Shurelya's Reverie, to complete your golditems from early game. Buy Sight Ward, and Oracle as often your team need something. If you have one more itemplace free buy as last item.


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