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Ezreal General Guide by Di4mondz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Di4mondz

Blue Ezreal is Back

Di4mondz Last updated on June 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Ezreal with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe This lane is a really easy win. You out damage her pretty good with your Q and W and your poke is way better than hers. She also has no escape.
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This is my First guide and its going to be on Ezreal. Being honest, i am only in bronze 1 close on my way to silver. So by that fact if you find that this guide isn't credible to you then by all means you don't have to read any further. However if you give it a chance i find that you may really like/enjoy this guide. I will go over the purchase order that i buy the items in and i will talk about some basic techniques and i will try and cover everything i can about ezreal

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So for runes i take a standard ADC rune page. i go AD Marks, Armor Seals, and Magic Resist glyphs, and of course AD Quints. The quints can be changed out for Lifesteal quints for more sustain but with the new dorans blade having 3% life steal now, i like to keep with the AD quints.

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For Masteries i have the standard ADC page. I run 21-9-0 taking 3 points in Sorcery which will help you get 38% CD reduction later in the game ill explain that in the items section, then 1 point in butcher for easier CS as ezreal is kinda hard to cs with early game and a point in Feast for the sustain. Then i max Brute Force, Martial Mastery, Spell weaving, Executioner, Warlord, Devastating Strike, Frenzy, and finally Havoc. For defense i go Block, Recovery, Unyielding, Veterans Scars, and either Hardiness, or Juggernaut.

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Now for the items. With the new patch that came out recently and the new item Essence Reaver, you can now gain 2-8% mana back on basic attacks. This is an AMAZING item on Ezreal and once you get it you can sustain and spam your skills to build to your manumane. The order of the build goes like this.
1. Doran's Blade
2. Tear of the Goddess (stack it then build into Muramana )
3. Ionian Boots of Lucidity
4. Essence Reaver
5. Iceborn Gauntlet or Trinity Force (i personally love gauntlet on him)
6. Last Whisper
7. Blade of the Ruined King or Guardian Angel if your getting killed early in the fight.

Obviously once your at your last item your going to need to sell Dorans blade. These items workout perfect on ezreal especially now with the new item.With these items, after your gauntlet you will have 40% CD if you take the last point in sorcerer mastery. This will allow you to spam all your spells

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Skill Sequence

For the skill sequence i always max Mystic Shot first for the damage. Then you want to max Arcane Shift so that you can escape and have it on a low cool down. Essence Flux you max last. it doesn't do that much damage since your not building AP. Obviously at 6,11, and 16 you will always wanna max your Trueshot Barrage.

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When to pick Ezreal and his counters.

So Ezreal is one of the safest ADC in the game that you can pick. He has great poke and an escape if he gets in a sticky situation. Ezreal can really be picked against any ADC. Although early game he really has some hard counters. Probably his number 1 counter early game is Draven. His axes hurt ez really hard and he can kill you around level 4 if he can catch his axes. Some other hard counters are Caitlyn, Vayne, and Graves. These are hard counters however once you get gauntlet you can kite them away really easily especially since they don't have a lot of range (except caitlyn). Against these match ups you want to try and survive and poke as much as you can and try and slowly get them low enough for an all in. Since ezreal is such safe pick, even if someone does counter you you can still come out on top with his great poke and the late game kiting that he really excels at. You can really pick ezreal at anytime against any matchup. Your matchup will dictate how passively you will play. If you go against a hard counter, specifically draven, you really want to play passive. You can beat Draven easy in the late game when he tries chasing you jus kite away and you will make his axes go on cool down as long as you don't let him get to close to you.

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this is where i actually love Ezreal. Some people really hate ezreal because they feel that in the late game where team fights have started, he doesn't do enough damage and can't kill anyone fast like a Vayne or a Draven. However Ezreal actually does insane damage at his full build and insane kiting abilities. In a team fight you never want to use your Arcane Shift (your E that teleports you a short distance) aggressively unless its the last 2 people alive and your team has clear advantage. You should always use your Arcane Shift defensively because otherwise Ezreal could get blown up in team fights. Before the team fight breaks out, you know when both teams are kinda just walking around waiting for an initiate, you should be spamming your Mystic Shot and even Essence Flux if they are in range so that you can get some poke and damage in. But you always wanna make sure you aren't in danger trying to do that. Some dangerous initiators to watch out for would be someone like Leona, or Thresh, or Blitzcrank. If you get pulled in or stunned your gonna get deleted. Using your Arcane Shift to dodge one of these abilities is well worth it. When the fight breaks out you should be in the very back spamming every spell you can as soon as it comes off cool down. if they group you should go ahead and ult and make sure you don't miss lol. You want to be that nuisance that nobody paid attention to in the back of the fight that ends up dealing so much damage to their team. Ezreal should never be in the middle of the team fight otherwise he's useless.

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Awareness is Key

Awareness is Key. With Ezreal and really any other ADC, you have to be aware of the other team's comp. If they have an assassin such as Zed or Fizz or Kha'Zix or even Rengar, you must be aware of where these people are especially in team fights. Assassins are Ezreal worst nightmare at any point of the game simply because they can kill him fairly easily since they get right in your face and burst you down quickly depending if they are fed. Something you can do to stay alive from these assassins is to save your Arcane Shift until one of them tries to jump on you. Once that happens you should arcane shift away and then spam your spells and if you land your Mystic Shot you will be able to slow them with Iceborn Gauntlet and this will counter those pesky assassins from getting to you. This should allow enough time for your team to instakill them but if it doesn't, you should keep spamming all your spells and even your Trueshot Barrage if that means staying alive. You should also be aware of the enemies health in all lanes being as Ezreal

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Overall Ezreal is a really fun ADC that takes a lot of practice to be good with since he relies on skill shots to deal his damage. If you can't hit his skill shots theres no reason to play him. But with practice you can get really good with him and wreck a lot of other ADC with him. Overall i hope you guys enjoyed this guide. This is my first guide and i hope it was helpful and enjoyable. Any feedback would be well received for any future guides i decide to do. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide i hope you enjoyed :)


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