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Lulu Build Guide by Kammm

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kammm

Blue Lulu [The Blue Sorceress!]

Kammm Last updated on January 10, 2014
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Blue Introduction

This is my guide for building and playing Blue Lulu! Its based off of the Blue Ezreal build idea that I changed and applied to Lulu. Coincidentally, you can go Blue Bot if you lane with a Blue Ezreal, and you get some really good synergy with the two of them! I used to play Yellow Lulu but I started using Blue more recently, maybe I'll make a guide for Yellow later.

First of all, I want to point out that this is not an AP Lulu build, this build is meant to take advantage of Lulu's strong early game poke, her extremely mobile and bursty mid game, and her powerful Crowd Control and presence in late game team fights. That being said, its not entirely a gimmick build.

I've been playing this build a lot, and I'll be coming back here to edit and revise this and make it prettier and whatnot over time.

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Pros / Cons

Pros of Blue Lulu:

    - Strong poke with Glitterlance and Pix, Faerie Companion early game
    - High AP and mobility by the time mid game breaks out
    - Makes strong contributions to team fights with both presence and CC late game with the purchase of utility and tanky items
    - Great at kiting and protecting teammates with powerful slows and other CC abilities that scale with your high AP
    - Not using the same old boring support builds
Cons of Blue Lulu
    - Slightly held back by the 'Blue item' gimmick
    - Can be shut down early game against an aggressive and tanky bot lane
    - Not entirely conventional
    - Requires you to be very good at landing Glitterlance
    - Mana hungry early on until you get Tear of the Goddess
    - Can fall off late game if bad purchase decisions are made

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The first thing you might have noticed is that all these items are blue. Well- of course they are! Why do you think its called Blue Lulu?! These items all go well together, and with all the things Lulu's kit can do, they make you flow really well throughout the game.

Archangel's Staff will be your best friend, it will solve all your mana problems and amplify your damage and ability scaling- but first, grab Spellthief's Edge, some Wards, and a Trinket. You can grab either Scrying Orb or Warding Totem- I prefer Scrying Orb, but if you aren't confident in your ward conservation ability (or if your ADC didn't grab one), get Warding Totem.

Conserve mana, poke, and keep your lane under control until your first back, in which you should immediately grab Tear of the Goddess and Frostfang or Boots of Speed if you can afford one. If you're doing exceptionally well, grab both- and get Blasting Wand next time.

Later, get your Archangel's Staff and eventually your Frost Queen's Claim, and grab Mercury's Treads when Mid-game breaks out (so that you can get around faster and deal with those pesky APCs).

For late game, you're going to start building tanky and more supportive for team fights. Banshee's Veil and Frozen Heart will help keep the high attack speed targets down and keep you safe while you keep control of the whole fight with your powerful CC abilities. Also, don't forget to use your Frost Queen's Claim active!, the slow is actually quite good.

Grab Rylai's Crystal Scepter when you can. Keep in mind though, this won't be the end of your build! Make sure you sell your Frost Queen's Claim (it becomes obsolete if everyone has late-game full builds), and buy one of the Alternative items, I recommend Iceborn Gauntlet.

I would recommend against buying Sightstone. The item is obsolete with wards being cheap, trinkets being in the game, and vision wards having an infinite timer (they are still destroyable, of course). Buy wards, and use your will not need a Sightstone. If you aren't confident in yourself as a support, you can go ahead and get it- which is why I put it in the "Alternatives" section.

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I use Greater Quintessence of Ability Power and Greater Glyph of Ability Power for high AP early on to take advantage of her scalings, Greater Seal of Armor for a bit of durability, and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.

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I go 9/0/21, dipping deep into the Utility column for Scavenger , Bandit , and movement speed things like Wanderer and Fleet of Foot. I get Fury for the small increase in Attack Speed over the Cooldown Reduction so that I can attack a bit faster (Lulu's passive does a lot, yknow), and grab the bit of AP from Arcane Mastery.

This setup should give you mana regeneration, gold income, and ability power to make your early game bountiful and powerful, as well as some much-needed mobility for mid game.

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Skill Order

I max Glitterlance and Wild Growth first, then Help, Pix!, then Whimsy.

Leveling up Glitterlance early will improve your poke ability and help assert your dominance over the lane. It can be cast from some strange angles, especially when paired with Help, Pix!. Get good with aiming it and taking advantage of the slow by pairing it with a quick auto-attack, and that will make maxing it first worth it.
Maxing Help, Pix! will make your shields larger and the damage from using it on an enemy more powerful, making you more bursty and damaged-based mid game.
Since the movement speed boost from Whimsy doesn't scale with its level, I max this last- and although the polymorph half of the ability is EXTREMELY useful, I see Lulu's other abilities as a higher priority.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust are probably the best summoner spells for most situations, and this is what I would recommend, however, I often use Heal instead of Flash. I find that Heal is more useful in most situations, and although Flash is good, its mostly unnecessary because your kiting ability and initiation techniques should be enough. However, if you commonly get yourself in stupid situations and can't handle getting out without Flash, go ahead and use it.
Ghost is a semi-viable spell to use in the place of Exhaust, but I wouldn't recommend it, since it won't help you in the same way as Exhausting the enemy ADC to save you and your ADC in a bad situation would.

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Unique Skills/Tips and Tricks

Heres a few nice tricks to help you dominate Early game:

Hide in the brush so that the enemy ADC and support can't see you; when you have a chance, Q either the ADC or Support (whichever is easier) and hit them with your basic attack. This, especially early on, will deal a large amount of damage AND also grant you 7 gold (because of your Spellthief's Edge and your Bandit mastery). The procs on these have a short cooldown, but this combined with your ADC farming and getting you gold thanks to Scavenger will help you farm well without taking creeps.

Once you have Help, Pix!, you can poke the enemy ADC and/or support by attaching Pix to a minion near the enemy, then using Glitterlance to shoot them. Since Glitterlance fires a shot from both you AND Pix, you can attack from an extremely far range by just putting Pix closer to the enemy then firing from there (It slows too!). Also, you can use Help, Pix! on friendly minions as well- use your range to your advantage!

In the same way as attaching Pix to minions to damage an enemy, if a teammate is chasing down an enemy but you are too far to slow with Glitterlance, you can use Help, Pix! to put Pix on your teammate, then fire Glitterlance at the enemy they are chasing to slow them down! You can also use Whimsy to speed up the teammate for added effect!

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Team Fights

Lulu is extremely powerful in team fights, and armed with the large amount of AP from Archangel's Staff, you can do tons of damage too! Through Mid and Late game, your combo usually consists of doing something like this:

1. Wild Growth your tank (or low health fragile teammate, like the ADC)
2. Exhaust the enemy ADC (or high damage enemy).
3. Glitterlance the enemy APC from afar to stop them from escaping or repositioning (or Glitterlance the entire enemy team if they are grouped)
4. At the same time, use Help, Pix! on a teammate that needs the shield and Whimsy the most important enemy target.
5. After the fight, use Whimsy to speed up teammates and chase down enemies, and your Help, Pix! and Glitterlance combo to slow down enemies.

If you need to escape, use your abilities to save whoever you can, and don't be afraid to Whimsy yourself.

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Thank you for reading my Blue Lulu build, I find it works really well and I hope you are willing to try it out! I'll be coming back here and updating this and making it better now and then.