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Tristana Build Guide by H1gHt3K

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author H1gHt3K

Botlane AD-Carry Tristana // S3

H1gHt3K Last updated on March 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there,
my name is H1gHt3K and this is my first guide and it's about Tristana.
I'm playing her since 3 months now, and i want to tell the community my style of playing her.
Mostly I play very aggressive, just that you know.
So I wrote this guide, to tell you about my runes, mastery pages, items and I want to talk about my spells, skills and the combos.
Thank you for reading it, I hope you enjoy.

Please rate and comment.

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Pros / Cons


- High damage output
- high range
- Jump over walls
- easy escaping/chasing
- included ignite


- squishy
- very team based
- can be countered very easy

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Increases Tristana's attack range by 9 every time she levels. At level 18, Tristana has 153 bonus attack range on her autoattacks (703 total range).

This is a really useful passive. Tristana is one of the AD-Carries with the highest range in late game, so you can hit the enemies without getting hittet yourself.

Increases Tristana's attack speed for 7 seconds.
Attack speed boost: 30% / 45% / 60% / 75% / 90%

Use this ability while fighting. This will EXTREMLY increase your attack speed. You hit as fast as with 2 Phantom dancers. The enemy nearly doesn't have a chance, when you activate it once. Also it doesn't cost so much mana, so you can use it often while laning.

Tristana fires at the ground to propel herself to a target location, dealing magic damage and slowing surrounding units by 60% for 2.5 seconds when she lands. On kills or assists, Rocket Jump's cooldown resets.

This is a GREAT ability for chasing or escaping. This also can be used to jump over walls. When you play AD-Carry don't get into teamfights with this. You will get focused when you just random jump into a fight. Use it to save yourself kills or jump out of a teamfight.
For example:
You go into a teamfight and then you get low life and just jump out. If an enemy chases you, either try to kill him or try to escape with jumping over another wall.

Passive: Enemies explode when slain by Tristana's basic attacks, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.
Active: Explosive Shot rends the target enemy, reducing healing and health regeneration by 50% and dealing magic damage over 5 seconds.

You can use this ability as an ignite. When the enemy support tries to heal someone, use this ability and shoot at him, so he just heals the half of the normal.
Also can be great for saving a kill with its damage over time.
The passive is a great ability for farming. Minions will explode when you lasthit them and they will do a DoT damage to nearby enemies.
In combination with the Statikk Shiv this is great for farming and pushing.

Tristana fires a massive cannonball at an enemy unit, dealing magic damage and knocking them and surrounding units back.

This is also a great ability to save some kills. You can shoot someone away and maybe your complete team gets away without dying.
This ability kicks the enemies into a little range behind where you shoot at away, too. So for example you also can kick a wolve away, and when it "crashes" into a enemie, this one will fly back, too.

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W + R

at an own tower

Use your W to jump behind an enemy in your towers' range. Then mostly he will hit you one or two times and then you kick him right into your own tower with your ultimate, so the tower will hit the enemy low. This needs quite a bit of skill, but don't mind, after a while you will know how to do this.

Q + W + (E)

Jump into a fight with an activated Q and deal much damage with auto-attacks: that's Tristana's basic combo. Maybe use your E, too, when there is a supporter nearby, so he won't heal as much.

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Starting Items

Start with Boots of Speed for an additional movement speed, for chasing enemies or escaping. Also buy some Health Potions for healing yourself while laning and farming.

Core Items

Your first item will be the Statikk Shiv. With that one it's easy to get some more minion kills and it works in combo with the passive of Tristana's E. The minions will explode when dieing and will do an additional damage to nearby units and also the Statikk Shiv will do extra damage every few hits.
After that you should build for an Infinity Edge to deal some more critical damage and also plus 80 attack damage. This really should hurt the enemy support and AD-Carry.
Next item you should build is The Bloodthirster. You get lifesteal with what you can stay a long time at lane and farming. Also the fights will be easier because of healing while doing damage to he enemies. Also there is an additional attack damage and lifesteal when you do some farming for The Bloodthirster. But you should mind that you lose a half of the additional AD and lifesteal when dying.
Now it's time for some more attack speed. You should build Phantom Dancer now. Also there is much more critical chance now, so you do more often the 250% critical damage coming from Infinity Edge. Some movement speed is also included and you can move through minions by now what sometimes really helps when escaping.

Defense Items

When the enemy team has much AP damage, you should buy yourself a Maw of Malmortius for magic resistance, an shield that protects you from magic damage and also more AD.
Otherwise when you want you can also buy a Banshee's Veil instead. So you get a shield, which makes one ability doesn't hit you every 30 seconds when you aren't in fight.
When the enemy got both AD and AP or when the enemies focus on you, you should build Guarian Angel for armor, magic resistance and a revive every 5 minutes. This is a really amazing (and sometimes annoying) item for an AD-Carry when teamfighting very often.
When the team got tons of CC (for example Fiddlesticks) you should build Mercurial Scimitar for getting immun to every CC for 1 second (only works every 90 seconds). Also there is some magic resistance included.

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I would recommend those scaling magic resist glyphs. Because you are a bot laner, this has more sense then non-scaling ones. They are getting strong, when the teamfights begin with level 6-9.

Greater Mark of Armor PenetrationGreater Mark of Armor PenetrationGreater Mark of Armor Penetration
I play with armor penetration marks.
Also useful are attack damage marks. But I allways play AD-Carry with armor penetration runes, because they are even a little bit useful in midgame, so I would recommend those.
I use Armor Seals, so you can really survive a long time while laning. Also is good in midgame for the first teamfights.

I pick attack damage quints, so you deal more damage in early game, which really is an AMAZING help to lasthit and to harass the enemy AD-Carry.
Also you can use every other AD quint you want. All of them are good. But I even won't recommend the life-steal quints because there is just a really low lifesteal and I won't recommend the critical damage quints because I think they are quite a little bit useless when you don't have some critical chance.

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I play with a normal 21-9-0 mastery page. It's an offensive mastery page, and you can also use some more defensive pages like 9-21-0. When you know you will get a hard laning phase, you should do that.
Also Tristana can be played with a 21-0-9 mastery page, when you want some moremana or mana reg in the beginning.

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You will see Flash 10 times in higher rated ranked games. Use it for chasing, escaping,... There are just too many ways to use it, I can't tell them all. I prefer Flash on every champion.

Also I prefer Barrier because there are also very many ways to use it.
The enemy AD-Carry ignites you? - No problem, use Barrier.
Teamfight and you are nearly death? - No problem, use Barrier.
You getting chased, you know you die, but someone of your team is coming? - No problem, use Barrier.

Alternative Spells

You also can pick Ignite for saving kills for yourself. Also you can use this for getting the enemies heals lower, but I think it's quite a bit useless at Tristana because you have your E ability, what nearly does the same.

Teleport is also a great option. You can port back more often without losing much experience and go shopping some more times, which really gives you a high advantage.

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While laning, you should have you Statikk Shiv for a fast and easy pushing. You also should do as much lasthits as you can, so you also should practice it a bit. Your items later will depend on your laning phase.
You also should speak with your team very much, and in champion pick you can say which supporter you wish. Maybe someone cares about it. Good supporters for Tristana are for example Nunu or Taric.
It's important that you know how to fight against the enemy AD-Carry, and that means just harassing him with your higher range. Then get in with your W as I told above and get the kill. It needs a bit of practice of course, but if you aren't good at some matches, don't give up and try harder next time.

And remember: Last hitting is one of the most important things when you play AD-Carries. And this is for EVERY AD-Carry.

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In fact Tristana is a really heavy carry with a high damage output. Also she is a bit squishy, as most of the AD-Carries, but when having a nice laning phase, it will be a hard late game fo the enemy team.
She has some nice skills, which work a little bit like Flash (W) and Ignite (E).
With the right runes and mastery pages the fun can beginn. And it really IS fun to play Tristana.
Remember that you shouldn't run alone through the map, instead of this rather go with someone else.

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