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Brand Build Guide by oboyd

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author oboyd

Brand, OP nuker! and nice mid!

oboyd Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome! this is my first build and I hope you will like it! :)

brand is a realt fun hero to play and I hope this build can help you playing brand.

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+Awesome mid champion
+High Burst
+Awesome passive
+Awesome farmer
+Low cool downs


-Easily focused
-Useless without cooldowns up
-Many "Brand is so op" comments

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About him.

Brand is a very fun player to play and most ppl cal him op. Brands burst damage is really great in teamfights and 1 on 1. (if you want the stun) first Conflagration your aponent and then try to hit with you Sear spell (a skill shot that shots in a line in front of him and hits the first thing that passes through) and they will be stunned if you do it within 4 secounds (the time your passive Blaze is on them). after that you have 2 secound to cast your Pillar of Flame on them that is a skill shot to. if you want most dmg utput you maybe start with hitting someone with you Sear spell then Conflagration him so everyone around that target to. After that you try to hit as many as possible with Pillar of Flame and you can do you ulti Pyroclasm if you want some more dmg to.

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I always start with Boots of Speed and 2x Health Potion . After that i go with Catalyst the Protector for a great farming mid beacuse you dont need to go back cuse the hp and mana reg when you lvl up.
after that I uppgrade my boots to and my Catalyst to a .
My next item depends realy on you and who you are up against. mostly i take then i take Rabadons first cuse i want more dmg.
Next item i go for beacuse at this time most tanks and some more maybe have bought like Banshee's Veil or something with Magic Resist .
And my last item depens also on who i'm up against most time i go by so if they target me i use Zhonya's and they can't do any dmg to me for 2 sec so thats really good to stay alive.
but sometimes i just go for a

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Info About the spells

Brands Passive. it's a really nice passive that trigger if you cast any of brand abillites. It deals damage eaqual to thier's max hp and boost you other spells if you cast them within 4 secounds.

This spell is a skill shot that will shot a fire ball in a line and hit the first one that passes throught it and deal damage. if the target is blazed it will stun the target for 2 sec.

This spell is a skill shot thay deal damage to everyone that's in that target area. if the target is blazed it will deal 25% more dmg.

This spell is easy to hit. just hit a target with it and it will deal some damage. if the target is blazed conflagarate will bounce to everyone thats near the target.

This spell is a very nice dmg spell that deals a lot of dmg and it can bounce up to 5 times (realy nice in teamfights)

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How i use my spells

Brands spells depends mostly what combo you want.

This spell i mostly do to get the stun and as i wrote earlyer the target most be Blaze to be stunned.

this spell i'll try to do last or as long my target is Blaze so i can do more dmg cuse of the 25% more dmg.

I mostly use this spell to get them Blaze so i can do my stun or more dmg.

Brands ulti is realy effective in teamfights and deal allot of dmg and if the target is blazed it will boost the speed.

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This marks is best by my opinion cuse you realy need that extra Magic Pen both early game and late game :)

This seals gives you really good mana reg and that means that you can stay in lane long time and heras at the same time.

This glyphs gives you nice coldown reduction so as i sad in Pros/Cons so brand sucks with all his spells on coldown and this will help him allot

this quintessence give you some abillity power and it will help you in early game for some more dmg utput.

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About wards.

Wards is always good to buy!

early-game I always mid when i play brand i so put my wards in the bushes somewere betwen mid-bot or mid-top. so i can see if someone are going to gank me or just walk past forest we maybe can gank there jungeler :)

Mid-game At this time it's good to have wards at dragon and the monster buffs. In most mid fights all battles are in middle lane and it's good to have wards put in the bushes at the side to have more weiw of whats going on.

Late-game Now you should put your wards at dragon and baron. and if you got the advantages with towers meybe put some wards at there jungel to help you and your team if they try to backstab you or something like that.

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My Masterys is 9/0/21!

I take 9 in offensive to get the magic pen. it will really help you to get more dmg utput.

And then i take 21 in Utillity This depends on you team abit. If you should take 2 in Utility Mastery or one in Greed . if you team help you to get blue buff (this is a really great and needed buff to brand) if not just take 1 in Utility Mastery and 1 in Greed instead. I also take Awareness cuse i have mana regg runes and i buy Catalyst the Protector so I dont need the extra Maximum mana i get from Expanded Mind .

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Summoner Spells.

I always go with and .
Ignite is realy good for some extra dmg and healing reduction.
Flash is a needed spell on Brand it's realy good if you need to run from someone or just if you want to grab someone thats to far away to reach. But that's my opinion.

You could also go with that's nice to have to if you need to go back or if you have a hard time keeping your mana stable.