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Brand Build Guide by 09Red Robin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 09Red Robin

Brand : " Your so OP" QQ

09Red Robin Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide ever, and obviously its on Brand : The Burning Vengeance.
I started playing with Brand on a regular basis and ended up loving to play with him. He's so strong and he is so valuable if used correctly.

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Pros / Cons

Huge Burst
Good Passive
Great Farmer
Pretty Decent Cool Downs

Focused Down Very Frequent
Really Squishy
Slow movement

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Ignite. Flash is a great escape, also Flash allows you to get closer for a easy stun/kill. Ignite works very well with Brand's passive and you wont be pissed when someone gets away with 20 health left, and you wont be trolled by the person either :D.

Another useful Summoner spell is Clarity, it becomes very useful when you want to be in a lane for as much exp as possible. I find it very helpful with any AP Character.

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Skill Sequence

I max out Pillar of Flame first. Then Conflagration followed by Sear. Level up Pyroclasm when ever you can.
Reason i max Pillar of Flame first is because, its a great farming tool, and you can hurt multiple champions and do hella damage. Conflagration come second because it can hurt multiple enemies if the targeted enemy is Blazed. This is also a good tool to farm with. My main use of Sear is to stun the enemy. Stunning is very crucial to get an easy Pillar of Flames.

My Skill sequence if Conflagration, Sear, Pillar Of Flames and if your Pyroclasm can finish of the enemy then by all means use it :D.

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I grab Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potions to start a game.Health pots are very useful in the beginning of the game and can keep you in lane for a while.

On my first back i try to grab a Fiendish Codex and if possible, Boots of Speed. The reason i reach for codex first is because it gives you 30Ap, 7 mp/5 and cooldowns decrease by 10%. i find it useful because most people would go for Tear of the Goddess and although its useful because of its 400+ mana; it doesnt really give you much firepower.

If you did not get your Boots of Speed, now you should get it with Hextech Revolver.( Yes hextech revolver). Gives your 40AP and 15% spell vamp. This allows you to stay in your lane for a long time. On my next back i get Morello's Evil Tome Deathfire Grasp and if eough Will of Ancients. Will of Ancients give you 50ap and plus the aura it'll give you another 30ap and 25% spell vamp. while Morello's Tome gives you 75ap 12 mp/5 and a 20% cooldown reduction. Deathfire Grasp Gives you 60 ap, 10 mp/5, reduces cool downs by 15% and on top of that its active deals damage equal to 30% of the targets current health plus 3.5% for every 100ap. Have people saying your OP. ;)

Now i reach for Rabadons Deathcap, by getting Needlessly Large Rod first for its . I would then get void staff magic pen and good AP, a Zhonya's Hourglass ( Very good AP, if you need to Run away or are getting targeted in a team fight you could activate and people would just be "like wtf i was hitting you !") and lastly upgrade my boots to Sorcerer's Shoes.


Rylai's Crystal Scepter: You could get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter for its HP and slow. It is a very useful item and you wont be pissed when you cant catch up to someone.

Abyssal Mask : I've tried this on brand its actually pretty good. Gives you 57 Magic Resist, 70AP and nearby enemies Magic Resistance is reduced by 20. So you could take less damage from spells and hit people harder with yours :D Now, who wouldnt want that?

Archangel's Staff: Im not a big fan of this item because the only way you can get beastly ap with it is if you stack it. On a positive note, Its really good for Mana Supply and Mana Regen. You wont be going back to base for mana very often. On the other hand if you can use your mana wisely, you wouldnt see yourself going back to base just for mana. *Edit*: I sometimes had to turn to Archangel's Staff because i lacked mana end game, so it is really useful but depends on how mana dependent you are. Which means how often you run out of mana. I normaly do not get this item though.

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Brand is a very strong champion who excels at bursting the **** out of your enemies. If played/positioned right in team fights, plain 1v1's, and when outnumbered, you can do much damage and have other summoners looking at their screens like this O_O.

Well this is my first Guide Ever and if i need to add anything ( which i do ) , dont hesitate to tell me.
Also if you have any opinions about items, runes or anything just tell me. Im open to suggestions.