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Lulu Humor Guide by boriskodar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author boriskodar

Break the meta ! Lulu ADC

boriskodar Last updated on April 26, 2015
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Hello ! My name is boriskodar and I play on EUNE, level 30, Silver 3 - Swain's Gladiators. Today i will show you my Lulu ADC guide. I hope you will enjoy it !

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Pros / Cons

¤ Easy farm
¤ Useful spells
¤ Good mobility
¤ Good carry

¤ Hard to master
¤ Needs a good support
¤ Squishy in the firts part of the game
¤ Easy KS-ed

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Bot lane matchups
Ashe is easy beaten. A combination of basic attacks and E + W + Q will result a kill for you. Despite this, her ulti will give you headaches, so be careful
Corki is hard to beat because he uses the basic and the skills to cause damage. If you're smart and you use right your W, you will be able to defeat him.
It's very hard to beat. It will be very hard to farm because he uses his skills all time. Try to stay defend until the jungler comes
If you see this support on the enemy team stay behind the minions. When you and your support are ready, go and attack !

-This part of the giude will be uptaded weekly, so be here all the time !

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¤ Try to stay behind the minions, you will be a bit squishy at the start
¤ Buy Guardian Angel when you carry, you will need it
¤ Don't push solo, you will die quickly
¤ Use your R when you want to escape !
¤ You will be fed, but use all the time your W. It will help you in 1vs1 and 1vs2
¤ Farm all the time (until you have full set)
¤ Don't let your team to say "Lulu is only support, don't choose it", she can do more than support

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Special thanks

Thank you for reading :) ! It matters a lot for me. I will uptade weekly the guide, so if you have something to add feel free to leave a comment. Sorry for my English !


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