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Leona Build Guide by Ephedrine

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ephedrine

Bringing a New Game to the Field - AD Leona Solo Top

Ephedrine Last updated on May 12, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Guide to Confusing Letters

CC = Crowd Control
AD = Attack Damage
AS = Attack Speed
APen = Armor Penetration
AP = Ability Power
MPen = Magic Penetration
HP = Health Points
MP = Mana Points
AoE = Area of Effect
DPS = Damage per Second
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
CS = Creep Score
MS = Movement Speed

WTF = What the ****

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5/12/2012: Replaced Phantom Dancer with Trinity Force
5/11/2012: Guide created

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What's a Leona?

Leona is an extremely tanky champion that is usually turned into a support/tank character, however, this isn't the only way to build her. Basically, Alistar is her 'brother from another mother'. She has so much CC that it isn't funny. This makes her in-valuable in team-fights. However, this lowers her 1v1 potential, or even 1v5 potential. Leona has the ability to wreck teams with the AoE ultimate and her 1.75 second Shield of Daybreak will put her at an advantage. Now this guide will show you how to take these advantages, and abuse them for wins.

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Think Before you Vote

I'm Ephedrine, and this might be my first guide, but that doesn't mean this will be a bad guide, so don't down-rate just because I apparently don't have any experience, but if something you find is un-settling, go ahead and down-rate, but don't forget to tell why.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Very tanky
+ Lots of CC
+ Gap closer
+ Multi-stun ultimate
+ Can dish out massive damage
+ Won't get focused because you're the 'tank'

- Slow
- Very flashy (might be positive, I don't know)
- Not as much health as other builds
- Low early game damage
- No escape mechanisms
- No sustain

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First off, I'd like you all to know, this IS NOT a tank or support guide. The method I'm using is a tanky DPS dealer. Also note, I will not go through every single item there is. I'm pretty sure everyone will know why Boots of Speed are necessary.

Core Items

  • philosopher's stone: This is an excellent item for any character not built for sustain, even those with sustain, this is a great choice. This item practically allows anybody to out-resource and out-sustain anyone else without one (unless of course, they have ability sustain like Renekton and Garen). The gp10 is great, and after half of the game is over, it pays for itself and much more.
  • : Usually, you will mainly depend on your boots to get you around, and the CDR is great, as it lets you spam your abilities more.
  • : The reason I put this practically first, is because you need the sustain. You need to be able to stay ahead of the game, and not get behind in CS or levels.
  • : You build this right after The Bloodthirster because this is a great item. It's practically a multi-purpose, you get bonus AD when you Shield of Daybreak someone, and you also get a slow with that bonus movespeed.
  • : Last, and will drastically boost your damage. You might have been hitting 200's before, but after you buy this, you'll be constantly hitting 500's or 600's.
  • : This is your tank item. Without it, you would be brought down to the squishyness of other AD carries (not that low, but close enough).
  • : After you complete everything else, this will be your finisher item, the item that gives you what seems like 100% critical chance. Plus, it gives a hefty supply of armor.

Other Items

  • : These are great boots fit for practically any champion in need of Tenacity, or even just a little magic resist.
  • : These give a nice boost in health, give decent attack damage, and the best part, they give a perma-slow.
  • : These are great against a mostly AD composition, they reduce pretty much everything by 10%, not to mention armor on top of that.
  • : This item is simply amazing, and it's so cheap. It allows you to escape pretty much any CC.
  • : This one can give you an early boost in health, and will also stack with your philosopher's stone to give you double the money back.

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Ability Explanation

  • Sunlight: Pretty much, if you hit someone with a spell, and then someone else touches them, they get hurt.
  • Shield of Daybreak (Q): This is pretty much hard CC. Just Zenith Blade up to them, then hit them with the shield, and you get pretty much two seconds of damage right there. Use this right after you auto-attack for maximum effectiveness, as it resets your auto-attack timer.
  • Eclipse (W): This is pretty much your tanking ability. You use Eclipse early on, and then go up to them. If they're not the brightest, they will retaliate and you will get a couple hits off on them, stun them, whatever, and also with a trigger of this ability. If they are smart enough though, they will back off and pretty much, free gold denial.
  • Zenith Blade (E): This is your gap-closer and chase ability. You want to use this pretty much whenever you want to jump in and rip their faces off.
  • Solar Flare (R): Your CC for everybody, this stuns everybody in the middle, and slows everybody on the edge. If you aim this right, 90% of the time, you're going to stun someone. If you stun everyone, that's even better, but we can all dream. Use this when the enemy team is all bunched up, maybe blocking an Ace in the Hole to protect someone, you use this in the middle as they all scramble to block it, and you will stun most of them, and that gives you and your team free hits on that team.

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These Masteries follow a casual AD build, you may want to swap it with a more tanky build such as 9-21-0 if you feel every game you're getting beaten down.

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Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Lethality

The Quintessences give bonus early game health.
The Glyphs give late game MRes, as early game most likely top will not have an AP.
The Marks give APen so you dish out more damage.
The Seals give early game Armor to beef up against those annoying AD tops.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: One of the most over-used summoner spells ever, just because it's so good. Great for going in and bashing someone and have them stunned for 1.75 seconds.
Exhaust: In my opinion, this spell is much better than Ignite but that's my opinion. With this, you can slow the other person, and just beat them to death, and right when it comes off, you can stun them again.
Ignite: This is an extremely useful spell early game to get first blood, or to shut down people who have insane regeneration like Dr. Mundo or Warwick, however, it is Cleanse-able so watch out for that.

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Team Work

League of Legends is a game extremely dependent on team-work. Pretty much every game, if you're alone, you're a viable target. Don't go out alone on suicide missions, don't go out alone to '1v1' that weakling Teemo, and don't go face-checking bushes within the opposing team's jungle. However, these do not apply when you're in a group (most of the time). When you're in a group with all your team-mates, who's going to stop you from '1v1'ing that Teemo? When you're in a group, who's going to just let you get hit by that Caitlyn Ace in the Hole? With team-mates around, nobody's going to mess with you, unless a team-fight starts. When that happens, you want to be in everybody's faces, CC'ing their butts off.

Within your team composition, you are the off-tank. If there is a person tankier than you, then you will usually want to just let him do all the starting bashes. However, because Leona is a natural tank, if you're the tankiest, don't be afraid to be the one in front, if you stall too much everyone else will be dead before you can even get a hit off. Being a DPS dealer, you really want to just run in and get all up in their faces, slamming them with your stuns and then beating them to death. As an off-tank, you want to focus the one who is top priority. That, would be the AD Carry. There are some situations where the AP Carry is a bigger threat and you would want to take out that guy first though. Pretty much, your job is to run in and beat up all those puny champions that would otherwise be beating your team up.

Now, beating up their squishy champions up isn't your only priority. As the tanky damage dealer with a ton of CC, a second job is to make sure your AD Carry isn't getting their butt kicked by a Nocturne. You don't even have to do much, just stun him and you can save Exhaust for the AD Carry, who will be unable to live from your auto-attacks. Now, this doesn't mean just hit that assassin and run away, what you need to do is make sure your Carry is safe, while their Carry is in peril. This might seem like a bit of work, and it is. If you lose a team fight because your Carry was dead at the beginning, it's kind of also your fault (unless all five of them are just swarming him, then you might be at a loss of power).

Choosing which one to take priority over is a big choice. Sometimes, there are those situations where their AD Carry is running away while yours is being bashed by Warwick. Although it's kind of a moral choice, it's also affected by their role in the game. If their AD Carry is just wrecking your team, and yours is just scratching their chins, you kind of want to take theirs out over saving yours. This might be a douche move at first, but after you take out that killer, the rest of your team shouldn't have too much trouble, as nobody else should have as much constant damage, so you can easily retreat or push for the win.

TL;DR : Don't go out alone by yourself, protect your carries, and beat up the other carries.

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Well, I have to admit, like every other person, I fell onto JhoiJhoi's guide to guides, and was amazed at how helpful it was. It's just over here.

Apparently my runes section isn't properly showing up, I'll fix that in a bit. Until then, here it is.

The Quintessences give bonus early game health.
The Glyphs give late game MRes, as early game most likely top will not have an AP.
The Marks give APen so you dish out more damage.
The Seals give early game Armor to beef up against those annoying AD tops.