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Olaf Build Guide by Tesla_Fury

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tesla_Fury

BROmacia - My First Olaf Guide

Tesla_Fury Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok so here goes something. This is my first guide ever and I chose . Please bear with my complete lack of BBC and possible errors I will fix them and update this with BBC as I learn.

Olaf- Bruiser,Off-tank, DPS, True damage, Jungler. these are some of his tags and the ones I think of, also Immune to Disable. if build right he doesn't die easy, can escape ANY gank or turret dive,nuke, escape. This guide will not be a step by step as idk all the basics yet but i will give you a item/rune/mastery build, a summary on the "possible" effect and my preference.

this is a JUNGLE guide not a laning one, please if you want to try this in lane do it with friends that can help cover you if it doesnt work

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Possible stats

If you are fully built you will have 4,000+ hp, ( as high as 4.5k)
300+ AD, 1.3 attack speed, ( at full hp that means at 1/2 hp you will be at almost 2.0 attack speed allowing you to nuke them and heal) deal 8% MaxHP/S, be Immune to Disables and have 21% spell vamp + 59% lifesteal. ( I have been ganked and "dropped" to 1000 hp by them spamming everything at once on me only for me to use my Ragnarok + Vicious Strikes and melt 3 ppl and be at full hp from the next minion wave.) As you know Olaf gets a passive Attack Speed buff Berserker Rage based on his current hp meaning at 10% or less hp you get a + 90% attack speed buff( a lot). this combined with Madred's Bloodrazor means you will melt just about anyone in a 1v1 while also healing enough to survive there burst or AA.

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Runes and Masteries

i go 9-21-0 as the defensiveness will allow for maximum time to deal dmg ( what good is Ragnarok if you die in 3 seconds)
runes are 9x Greater Mark of Desolation, 9x Greater Seal of Armor, 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and 3x Greater Quintessence of Endurance OR 3x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal ( depends on prefference as I prefer the lifesteal for earlygame)

you can also do 9x Greater Seal of Defense and 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if you feel the late game use is better ( i think a combo of 5 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and 4 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist works for MR and 9 Greater Seal of Armor for armor)

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Items & Early game

The items in this guide are rather odd and subject to change based on in game meta.

The first thing i get is Cloth armor+5 pots if jungle or boots+ 3 pots for lane.

lane-Coming soon

Jungle- I start at the Enemy red and smash it with help from bot lane saving smite and instead using my Reckless Swing, after that head up to the enemy wraith and quickly kill the blue one while using Vicious Strikes ( take 2 more if they have a jungler). Pop a potion and head to your blue use a potion during the fight and keep spamming Reckless Swing until it is within 2-3 hits of Smite use Vicious Strikes and smite it gaining a small boost to health and also healing from the aa. GO GANK you should have 2 health pots left and activate them both now go gank a lane. If your lanes are doing there job and harassing a little easy FB and mayb a double kill if you hit lvl 3 from blue+wraith if all your lanes are pushed and no ganks available then IMMEDIATLY head to your red and bring it down asap spamming your Q and E till it dies. go to your golem smash it then wraith and wolves then b and get madreds. keep ganking as often as possible but don't fall behind while waiting for a gank. I tend to over cs in the jungle but thats because i like to be as fed or more than the guy im ganking and it allows them to push too far for a retreat.

Item Alternatives: GA instead of Warmogs, Spirit visage instead of Warmogs, Youmous Ghost blade instead of Warmogs

GA is a great item as it allows you to come back even if focused first and makes you much tankier.

Spirit visage grants some MR and health but the real boost is the CDR and the 15% healing buff allowing your 59% lifesteal to really be 68% lifesteal. O.O and the CDR means your ulti and other skills will be useable even more.

Youmuu's gives CDR, AD, crit chance, even more armor pen ( 60+ armor pen now making you deal true dmg to most carries and a lot to bruisers) and an active that combined with your ulti/passive and ghost will allow you to chase and kill anyone or escape almost anyone ( even yi can't escape as good as a olaf with ghost )

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Build type 2

Build 2 Dmg>hp. The items in Build 2 are cost effective and play to your strengths very well. Madred's Bloodrazor =bruiser melter and even faster kills for everyone else. Zekes herald gives an aura all your ad champs will love but most of all it helps you with more hp and lifesteal along with passive attack speed. Frozen Mallet this is a core item that will let you stick to anyone even if they flash away. Wriggle's Lantern lifesteal a ward for dragon or baron, and some decent jungle clear speed make this item core. Mercury's Treads make those CC's do a lot less when your ulti ends or is on cd and allows you to resist that ap carry while you nuke the ad carry. Youmuu's Ghostblade another cheap and useful item but you have to remember the active, it synergizes with your skills and your passive quite well and lets you melt people faster with the other items in this guide.

this build also uses Smite so those 1v1's with vlad or mundo will be harder than you care for but the jungle times even faster and allows for quicker ganks.

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Current item build.

zeke's herald ( for vlad/mundo healing people) or

runes and masteries listed above

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Mid game-late game

By now you have at least wriggles, boots, and maybe frozen mallet, start working on your Blood razor by getting the BOW first and then the razors and lastly the pick. the reason for this is the AS will greatly increase your ganking power more so than the other 2 items can. If you feel confident or you are greatly in the lead go for BT instead as getting the stacks early can lead to an even bigger lead. After several teamfights you will have the gold needed for your last item.

IMPORTANT!! Make sure you use wriggles active for dragon control until the 20 minute mark at which point IF you think them taking baron is a threat ward it instead.

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I AM BY NO MEANS A MASTER GANKER, I suffer from lag sometimes and as such my ganks can and do fail. best advice is gank a lane they DONT expect ( bot) or if your top is doing great with harassing and letting him push then top. Only gank mid IF you can very quickly kill him/he has no escape.

the gold from ganks will help but most important you help your lane by letting him free farm so even if they escape its ok.

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Team Fight

Full stats: 4k HP, 156 MR, 204 ARM, 383 AD, 2.0 AS ( at 50% hp or so) 44 Arm Pen ( that can be enough for true dmg on "glass cannon" players and will hurst just about anyone but the tank) you inflict 8% of there max hp in dmg per second ( b4 resistances and AA dmg) and have enough hp that most players will ignore you as the tank, for those AOE CC people ( Kennen i'm looking at you) your ultimate will render all CC useless for 6 seconds while making you tankier. In a teamfight you throw your axe for most dmg but keeping it close enough to grab, use your E and then fight it out using your ulti and W when you feel they are needed ( ulti early if the enemy is CC heavy as a defense) at about 40% hp i would consider using W so as to stay alive in case they suddenly burst you, focus the carry and the fight should be yours ( assuming semi competant team)

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please leave constructive comments and help me make my guide better, also remember this is my way of playing and while not perfect it is uncommon and has won many games due to the survivability + dmg combo

thanks to all the comments on how to make my guide better and also special ty to jhoijhoi for her amazing "how to make a guide" guide :D