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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kindred Build Guide by xtkx92

Bronze Mid Kindred [S7]

Bronze Mid Kindred [S7]

Updated on April 27, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xtkx92 Build Guide By xtkx92 13,302 Views 2 Comments
13,302 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xtkx92 Kindred Build Guide By xtkx92 Updated on April 27, 2017
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Hello. My name is Karambit Slash. I have never gotten higher than Bronze but I wanted to post a few guides to see what people think. I am always trying to get better at League of Legends and I like hearing peoples input. I play a lot of off meta picks and like stretching my champion pool. I used to main jungle and top lane but have always had the most success in the support role. Nevertheless, I prefer to play whatever the team needs.

I love playing League but I am not very good. I look for chances to get better at the game and would like any feedback or input in order to increase my skill and getting better.

This guide is my guide to mid Kindred. I have gotten the chance to play mid Kindred as recent as April 26th, 2017. I had a blast of a time. I was against a Swain which was surprisingly easy. I was unprepared for the ease of which I was able to kill him.
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Pros and Cons

    Hard early game
    Weak damage until third item
    Possible game losing ultimate
    No real initiation
    If your behind, you become an ult bot

    Mid/Late game destroyer
    Tank shredder
    Possible game winning ultimate
    Snowball champion if your ahead
    Always have a companion
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I've been using 18/12/0 for my mastery selection.

Ferocity Masteries

Fury: Pretty straight forward. 4% increased attack speed is a must.

Fresh Blood: This tier is a toss up. I personally like Fresh Blood over Feast but feast does have a nice sustain factor to it. Expose Weakness, in my opinion, is not worth your time.

Vampirism: I will always take Vampirism over Natural Talent. Don't get me wrong, Natural Talent is nice for the added AD at level 18, but I feel the life steal is more beneficial for a lane Kindred.

Battle Trance: This tier is probably the most difficult tier to pick from. Bounty Hunter is good on Kindred in pair with her passive. Double Edged Sword is good on any marksman. HOWEVER, in my personal opinion, I feel the added damage during combat with enemy champions is worth it.

Battering Blows: Armor penetration. I mean, do I have to explain more?

Warlord's Bloodlust: The final tier of the Ferocity tree is a little more difficult. I haven't tried Furor or Deathfire on Kindred but I like having the energized effect more so. Not to mention it heals you and adds movement speed. It's overall just a better talent in my opinion.

Cunning Masteries

Wanderer: I prefer the movement speed out of combat over an extra 5 damage. This will help you roam more and even get back to lane faster.

Assassin: Being able to deal extra damage to enemy champions while no allied champions is around is pretty beneficial, especially for your dueling potential early game.

Merciless: I put three points into Merciless. Extra 1.8% damage to enemies under 40% health is rather nice.

Meditation: The other two points put into Meditation. 0.5% of your mana gets replenished every 5 seconds. It's worth it. Kindred can be pretty mana dependent.

Bandit: I like Bandit over the other two talents for a mid lane Kindred. It just helps you get to your item spike faster then the other two talents.

However, this is just how I like to play my mid lane Kindred.
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Marks: I run 9 Lethality marks. 14.4 lethality is nice. I understand that many people would like to run AD marks, but i feel lethality is just better

Seals: 9 Armor seals. It's pretty standard.

Glyphs: 9 Magic Resist Glyphs. ESPECIALLY if you are running a mid lane Kindred.

Quintessences: 2 Life Steal Quints and an Attack Speed Quints. I love running Life Steal and Attack Speed Quints. Having added Life Steal and Attack Speed will help you sustain in lane.
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Mark of the Kindred

If you can play with her passive properly, she can snowball the game rather quickly. Target people before the fight starts. Try to dive onto people either from the back or with your team. In lane, try not to steal your junglers creeps if they are targeted by your passive, however, they tend to get mad.

Dance of Arrows

Kindred's bread and butter! Dance of Arrows is Kindred's gap closer/escape tool. Nevertheless, it's one of the abilities that makes me love her so much. The ability to kite around and dodge skill shots while skill being able to deal damage is quite incredible. Pair this with your passive stacks and you start hitting like a truck even without a lot of damage items. A good Kindred player with be able to dodge around the battle field and deal an incredible amount of damage if played properly.

Wolfs Frenzy

Wolfs Frenzy is another ability that you can pair with Dance of Arrows to make yourself extremely annoying and a lane bully. For 8.5 seconds, Wolf leaves Kindred and attacks enemies prioritizing enemies Kindred is attacking. Now, when you use Dance of Arrows inside the territory of Wolfs Frenzy, the cooldown of Dance of Arrows is cut significantly down. Even at level 1, the cooldown of Dance of Arrows cuts from 9 seconds to 4 seconds.

Mounting Dread

Ah, Kindred's crowd control and percent health ability. This ability is great for hunting down your prey and destroying them. By crippling the enemy by 50%, it gives you the ability to chase them down. On the third attack, Kindred deals 5% of the target's maximum health. This is a fantastic ability to use against tanks.

Lambs Respite

Kindred's ultimate is a game changer if used properly. It's rather difficult to use correctly without having a knockback of your own. Anyone, enemy or ally, that is in the target zone can not die. At the end of the ultimate, anyone in the zone is healed. You have to play this extremely carefully. However, if timed properly, with the help of ignite, you can turn the tides on a team fight.
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Starting Items:

I like starting Boots of Speed and four health potions. It helps to keep you in lane and avoid skill shots. Another option for a start is Doran's blade and a health potion. Doran's will help you stay in lane with a little bit of extra health and life steal. I like the Boots of Speed start.

Core Items:

Kindred has three CORE items. Runaan's Hurricane, Berserker's Greaves and Blade of the Ruined King.
Runaan's Hurricane is probably the best item to start with. The added attack speed and critical chance will help you last hit as well as dodge around due to the added movement speed.
Berserker's Greaves is basically a must on all Marksman. It adds attack speed and movement speed.
Blade of the Ruined King, or BoRK, adds some pretty nice stats that will help Kindred start to snowball the lane.

MR vs more AD:

95% of the time, you will be going against an AP mid laner. If the enemy team only has AP from their support, then you can forgo this category, however, the chances of that happening is slim to none. Pick one of these two.

Maw of Malmortius is a fantastic option against any AP champion.
Mercurial Scimitar is a wonderful item if you find yourself being caught by crowd control.

Tank Slaying Items:

Tank slaying is definitely worth having. Top laners are typically tanky and dropping supports. I suggest only picking up one of these three items.

Lord Dominiks Regards: Lord Dominiks is worth having considering Kindred is very squishy. The armor penetration on top of the added damage to champions who have higher health is a great additive to this build.

Mortal Reminder: Mortal Reminder is a wonderful item against champions who have healing capabilities, i.e. Swain. However, that is not it's only benefit, but I will get into that later.

The Black Cleaver:The Black Cleaver is a wonderful item due to the cooldown reduction, the added health and the armor reduction. The added passive from Phage does wonderful to boost Kindred a little more.

Final Items:

This section is me just divulging into a list of potential last items. I will attempt to describe the pros and cons of each item as I go. I will say the first bit of items is for more damage and destruction. I have only three potential Survivability items but I am going to update when I test more items.

Death's Dance: Death's Dance is a great item with the added damage and cooldown reduction. The unique passives of causing the bleed instead of taking the damage directly and the added life steal is quite nice.

The Bloodthirster: The Bloodthirster is a GREAT final item for life steal, damage and the added health from it's passive.

Essence Reaver: Essence Reaver is great for building more critical chance. If you are building critical chance, Essence Reaver is your item. The bonus cooldown reduction is wonderful. It will also help in keeping your mana pool stocked.

Duskblade of Draktharr: Oh my, this item is wonderful! The passives that come with this item are beyond wonderful including the added Lethality. This is a wonderful last item pickup.

Infinity Edge: I build this item more often then not as my last item. Although it's rather expensive, it is well worth the money. The added damage, critical chance and critical damage is amazing on Kindred.

Youmuus Ghostblade: Youmuus is a great item for the cooldown reduction, lethality and the active effect (20% movement speed and ignore unit collision).

Trinity Force: Trinity Force is a great item, although expensive, it adds a lot of worthy stats for Kindred. I haven't had a chance to use this a lot though, so my knowledge of how exactly this item works on Kindred is a slight mystery.

Frozen Mallet: Frozen Mallet is a rather good item on Kindred. It gives her a slightly higher health pool as well as the ability to slow enemies with auto attacks. Pair Frozen Mallet with Mounting Dread and you should be able to chase down almost any enemy.

Guardian Angel: GA. I mean. Do I really need to describe this item?

Iceborn Gauntlet: Iceborn is a pretty good survivablity item. It adds armor and cooldown reduction as well as the aoe slow after using an ability. It's a decent final item.

Wits End: Wits End is an iffy last item. It depends on the enemy team composition. If their team is 80% AP I suggest going Wits End.
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Phases of the Game

Early Game/Laning Phase:

During the early game and laning phase play safe unless you can get the kill. Focus on your creep score and try not to get ganked. Ward as often as you can. Dodge as many skill shots as you can and focus on just chunk your opponent down. It's slightly more difficult with ranged champions. Most of their abilities will have a greater range than your abilities and autos. If their jungler is coming to gank you, make sure your flash is up and your Dance of Arrows is off cool down. Try to make sure that you don't get to far behind. A Kindred who is behind turns into an ult bot and it will make your game hell.


Post-6, when your ultimate comes online, you should be able to use your ultimate to outduel anyone. However, Syndra will be your worst nightmare. Try and use your ultimate right as Scatter the Weak is on cool down. She will be able to knock you and your allies out of your own ultimate and almost instakill you.

Focus on roaming and prepare for the team fight stage. At this point you should have a couple items under your belt and you should be able to deal some damage. Try to taget the squishy targets unless you have your tank slaying item online. I do suggest that if you facing off against a Swain or Vlad, to get an early Executioner's Calling to inflict those nasty Grievous Wounds.

Late Game:

Late game you should be destroying people. Focus on chunking out and kiting enemies that can't catch up you easily. You will always have a hard time escaping a Fizz or a Nidalee due to their dashes. Shen will mess you up if you get hit by taunt. Remember to dodge with your Dance of Arrows.

With your final item purchased, you should be able to fight anyone.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xtkx92
xtkx92 Kindred Guide
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Bronze Mid Kindred [S7]

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