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Rammus Build Guide by Fenarir

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fenarir

Burning Rammus

Fenarir Last updated on January 4, 2014
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Hi everyone,
bit about myself first:
I'm in plat 1 and main support and play jungle sometimes.
This guide will show you how to create a rammus capable of outputting tons of damage whilst remaining tanky. You can also back door with it. Haven't tested this in higher elo's but you should be able to stomp your way through normal lower games very easily.

The beauty of this build is how it allows you to stay tanky whilst dishing out alot of damage, the item choices will be explained below. Warning incoming walls of text, each item is explained why its there and what it does for you in this build, you can read it to get an idea or you can just try the build out :)

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Build order

Start normal jungle rammus. Machete 5 pots and w/e trinket you want, after you upgrade the machete you should regen any lost hp running around the jungle and can farm indefinitely unless you gank.

Next get the elder lizard, this combined with your gold + summoner cdr masteries should generate a huge amount of gold as smite comes off cd so quick and you gain gold for killing large monsters.(apart of why this build still works despite how expensive it is) The elder lizard will also provide you with extra damage and improve your clear time.

Next build sunfire, this will give you alot of stats, firstly theres the benefits the item provides itself, it also provides ad due to rammus's passive. Remember the whole idea here is to either inflict alot of aoe damage in a team fight or catch a single enemy out and destroy them (more on this later).

Moving on, we build liandrys, This will provide extra health, ap (Remember your Q scales 1:1 with ap !!!) and will provide another DOT (Damage Over Time) along with your elderlizard, W and sunfire.

Next upgrade your boots, these will help you get around, increase the effectiveness of your q and help you stick to and/or catch lone targets. Homeguards are extremely useful when coupled with his Q to get you back in the jungle and earning gold.

The next item is the triforce, This will give you a heap of stats, virtually all of which are useful to rammus, the stats are easy to understand why their useful, the rage passive and proc the tri force provides might not be apparent in the beginning. The rage passive allows you to stick to enemies especially after your taunt wears off. The spell blade proc allows you to inflict HUGE dmg because of your Q(getting to the enemy) coupled with your passive.

Maybe you dont understand so i'll break it down. Your q has a 1:1 ap ratio, so this alone will hit for 400ish damage AND set your liandrys burning them, you've speed balled into them so obviously you'll get an auto atatck off, this will be tri force proc'd because of your Q and inflict a huge amount of damage because of your passive + your elderlizard burn. Remember your sunfire will be burning them the entire time and we havent even talked about the damage your ult + w will inflict (which will also set off your liandrys).

Finally build an hourglass, this will boost your ap a good bit , providing more damage aswell as armour to keep you alive and AD because of rammus's passive so although this item is meant to be a defensive item it also makes you hit harder nevermind the clutch active it provides.

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Use wards to catch lone vulnerable targets as you can melt them easily (save your ignite for this)

TL,DR : just try the build.