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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Caitlyn Build Guide by Carikeo

Caitlyn - Fire pulses into their heads

Caitlyn - Fire pulses into their heads

Updated on November 25, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Carikeo Build Guide By Carikeo 47 3 117,866 Views 2 Comments
47 3 117,866 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Carikeo Caitlyn Build Guide By Carikeo Updated on November 25, 2019
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I'm a league player since season 2, currently at Platinum. I play mostly adc and a bit of top.
I used to hate caitlyn, she doesn't look flashy or deal insane amounts of burst, but as i started climbing ranks i realized how strong cait really is, and at the moment i play only caitlyn if she's available.

I will try to update this guide if it gets some views, including items, laning, teamfights and combos.
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Why Caitlyn?

As i said before, she does not have amazing amounts of burst like Twitch or a strong disengage kit like Tristana, so why should you play her? There are many reasons!

- Amazing map and objective control with Yordle Snap Trap
- Longest range for an adc, makes her very safe, similar or even safer than Tristana depending on the enemy team composition
- Long range makes her extremely safe during teamfights
- High burst if you execute a perfect combo
- Headshot turns her into a poke machine during lane phase
- Good sustained damage
- Decent disengage with 90 Caliber Net
- The best adc to push lane and keep pressure on enemies even if they are at their tower
- Nerfs to Fleet Footwork and Heal made Caitlyn a much stronger pick
- Without the perfect combo, you deal almost no burst
- No anti-tank skill
- Ace in the Hole can be useless in some teamfights
- Mana hungry during lane phase
- Piltover Peacemaker has a cast time, which leaves you vulnerable
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The default keystone for most adc, having aditional health regeneration in lane is a must have. It will also scale with your crit and grant a small amount of movement speed, but the main reason to pick this is to get healing during the lane phase and teamfights

This rune synergises very well with Fleet Footwork and Legend: Bloodline, making sure that extra healing does not go to waste, but more importantly allows you to enter a teamfight with extra health

Extra healing is always useful, but this is specially good when paired with overheal, and even more on caitlyn who has a long range and can deal damage during teamfights while outranging the enemy

A very strong rune to finish off enemies, it is the rune i always use because the lower health the enemy has the more likely he is to try to escape, this rune helps to secure those kills

Caitlyn has an extremely long range, as far as your frontline keeps enemies away you will be dealing damage and not taking damage in return. Your precision runes will give you lifesteal, which paired with your long range makes this rune much more reliable than it would be on another adc

Cait is a lane bully, but does not usually win during the first minutes and escales very well towards the late game, this rune will make you even better at the end of the game.
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Skill explanation and tips

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Every 6 basic attacks or when an enemy is hit by Yordle Snap Trap or 90 Caliber Net your next basic attack will have extra range and deal extra damage (escales with crit). Using a basic attack while inside a bush will grant two stacks instead of one
- This is your main poke ability during lane phase, it costs no mana and you can track the charges to decide how and when to use it
- Farming while inside a bush is a good idea if you want a quick Headshot proc to poke the enemy
- You can also use this passive to help you push or secure minions
- During the late game the damage is very high, try to save it for squishy targets and watch their health melt

You channel during 1s and throw a wide shot, which hits every target on a straight line, dealing reduced damage to targets after the first. An enemy under the effect of Yordle Snap Trap will always take 100% of the damage
- The cast animation makes it easy to predict, try to aim where the enemy is moving, not where they currently are
- Take advantage of the interaction with Yordle Snap Trap, it makes your skill easy to land and deal full damage, so use Piltover Peacemaker as soon as they step on the trap, and then use your Headshot proc (it has longer range than your Q)
- The mana cost is quite high, avoid using it if it is not needed or you won't hit the enemy
- To push waves with this skill, Hit all minions with it, then kill the 3 mages and finish with the melee ones

Caitlyn places a trap, which will immobilize for 1.5s and reveal for 3s the first enemy to step on it. The amount of charges you can carry and recharge time decreases as you level up the skill, activating the trap will grant a Headshot proc on the enemy with double range
- Place the traps under immobilized enemies to chain cc, the first stun will give enough time for the trap to trigger on them, making the enemy an easy target for your other skills
- The dream combo is Yordle Snap Trap + Piltover pacifier + Headshot + 90 Caliber Net + Headshot. Try to do this specially if you have a support who can follow up the trap with more cc, or use the trap to chain cc
- There are many good spots to place traps: At the start of the enemy side of bushes during lane phase (support will face check and fall on them) or at choke points like tri-bush, inside the jungle, or between walls
- One of the most annoying things about caitlyn (and the reason i decided to play her) are trap walls. You block an entire entrance or tower with 3 to 5 traps. If the enemy wants to come in they will be trapped and take free damage. Use this to secure an entrance, it will also make them hesitate to go in even if they are ahead
- When chased, place a trap near to you and run towards it, the enemy will either move arround it or fall in it, increasing your chances of survival
- During teamfights try to drop traps near enemy tanks close to you, that will keep them from engaging and may cause them to die if they fail to spot one

Caitlyn throws a net in a straight line, which sends her back a small distance. The net will damage the first enemy hit, and will grant you a headshot proc with extra range on the target
- The net can work as a dash, allowing you to escape enemies (while also slowing them if you hit them) and it can be used to travel across some walls
- Most of the time, landing this on an enemy will mean you have a risk-free headshot on them, just hit them with the net and kite as usual
- The slow provided by the net may help you to place traps close to the enemy if used at melee range (for example, if you use 90 Caliber Net to dodge Zac's jump)
- Don't underestimate the power of Headshot procs, hitting an enemy squishy who tries to dive might be enough for them to run away scared

Caitlyn channels a long range bullet which will be shot at the marked enemy. Enemies marked by your ultimate remain revelaled for the duration, and any champion can intercept the bullet and take the damage instead
- During lane phase if you think you can win a trade use the ultimate to secure an escaping enemy, if you are not sure you may use it before fighting to reduce the enemy's health
- The indicator is very clear and enemies won't have trouble intercepting the bullet, save it for when an enemy is very low on hp and alone, or when the shot would cause the enemy to use a flash in order to incercept it
- If you think you won't need it soon, use it to get assists. For example if your team is two versus one enemy, you can use your ultimate, there's a chance you get the kill, otherwise you get the assist. If the bullet doesn't hit the CD is reduced to 5s

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Carikeo
Carikeo Caitlyn Guide
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Caitlyn - Fire pulses into their heads

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